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  • Tree House BuildingTree House BuildingDesign your own tree house!
  • AlkoWorldAlkoWorld Use your long sticky arms to attach to the cave walls, clouds, and more as you move forward.
  • Tweety's Cage HopTweety's Cage HopHelp Tweety avoid the claws of Sylvester! Hop from one peg to another until they are all the same color. But watch out for the cat and make sure you don't fall off!

  • Firefly ShotsFirefly Shots Lets go on a hunt..! Spot out the Firefly to see its beauty.
  • Adair Tishler Bomb EvadeAdair Tishler Bomb Evade Avoid the bombs explosions as they blast craters into the surface your standing on. Survive!
  • On The Toys TrailOn The Toys Trail Help Kubus to find all toys spread over the factory and send them to the children who are eagerly waiting for them.
  • High VoltageHigh Voltage Guide a kind of angledozer through dangerous levels.
  • Card LalalaCard LalalaMix up your memorizing and matching skills with this memory game with a twist!
  • ShrubberyShrubbery Your goal is to recover the forest! Avoid the baddies and plant as many seeds as you can before time runs out. The more forest you recover, the more skills you gain.
  • how to make cheese cake and apple icecreamhow to make cheese cake and apple icecream Cheesecakes are creamy, and smooth, and rich, and dense, and absolutely delicious. Combine with Apple Ice cream makes it irresistible.
  • Toms Trap o maticToms Trap o matic Pick a room and try to catch Jerry. You will start with the mouse trap and work your way to catch Jerry by choosing the different devices from the library and planning your trap carefully. A well executed trap is the only way to finally catch Jerry. Good luck!
  • Hexagram 2Hexagram 2Hexagram 2 is the sequel of the popular match three game Hexagram. Many players gave different ideas and this is the final result of this. The game still has the same rules but now you can make power ups and use them.
  • Romantic Wedding at SeasideRomantic Wedding at SeasideChoose from various beautiful wedding gowns and accessories for that special day. Print and share your creation with friends.
  • Island Tribe 3Island Tribe 3Having made a wish in front of the Altar of Wishes, the settlers find themselves back at their home island again! The great volcano no longer threatens their well-being, bright future lies ahead and the dream of everlasting peace seems to have come true. New life on the home island also brings new feelings along with it. The leader of the settlers falls in love with one of the girls in the tribe and decides to marry her. The wedding should take place in an ancient temple the doors of which are locked. In order to open them, the islanders have to find the pieces of magic runes scattered all around the island. On top of everything the bride gets stolen by an evil shaman. Help the leader of the tribe find his beloved one and open the doors of the ancient temple! Let's make their honey moon dream come true!
  • Naruto Bomb 2Naruto Bomb 2Part 2 of the cool game Naruto theme Bomberman game.

  • Fairy TreasureFairy TreasureIn this gorgeous brick-busting game you will discover lots of new fun bricks and amazing power ups never seen before! May the fairies be with you as your quest for the Fairy Treasure begins!
  • We Are PiratesWe Are Pirates Feeling Piratey? Want to make a career out of your thievery and bloodthirst? Ok then! Join a pirate crew and strategize your every move as you capture islands, kill enemies, and, naturally, upgrade that sweet ship of yours!
  • Panasonic Ski RunPanasonic Ski Run Do your best and win the gold for you and your country.
  • SpongeBob Ship O GhoulsSpongeBob Ship O Ghouls SpongeBob is trapped in the Flying Dutchman's haunted wreck! Slime him with sea slugs and squeeze through tight passages. Jack-o-lanterns disguise him from enemies!
  • Ht83 special night partyHt83 special night partyYou love party and funny. Having a special night party in this Summer again.Help her choose the most beautiful dresses to become the Queen of this night party
  • searchthroughthechaossearchthroughthechaos Search your stuff inside this chaos.
  • Playtime DecorationPlaytime DecorationChoose animals, homes, plants and flowers that you will like to have in the playland.

  • Hard Ball BoyHard Ball Boy This is like hard ball but with only one brick, hit it until it breaks.
  • Stick AnimatorStick Animator Now it's easy to animate your own stick movie and share your work with others. Just move your stick figure at the joints provided, then hit next frame, and move him some more. A fun simple way to get into animating.
  • Seabed AdventuresSeabed AdventuresNew grandy spot difference game of the seabed with random differences and bonus items.Use mouse and left click to locate the differences between 2 images. Click "Hint" for help. Find the bonus item at each level, which will help to increase your score and "Hint" times once.
  • Gem Swap DeluxeGem Swap DeluxeDestroy gems by creating lines of 3 or more gems if the same kind. You can move the gems by using the mouse to click and swap adjacent gems.
  • Street SpeedStreet SpeedIt's midnight the streets of miami are filled with cool cars and beautiful girls and its time to earn some cash in evenings street racing. To achieve a cash high score bu qualifying in 3 street races whilst smashing into rival cars as much as you can.

  • Space Ball Cosmo DudeSpace Ball Cosmo Dude Shoot the basketball into the hoop as you try to make all the different angled shots you're given.
  • Bubble BlasterBubble BlasterClear the screen of bubbles by matching three or more together. Beware of the pole.
  • Sort My Tiles 101 DalmatiansSort My Tiles 101 Dalmatians Sort all these spotted mutts out.
  • Santa Christmas Nightmare 3Santa Christmas Nightmare 3Having returned from the Badlands, Santa brought back the zombie virus. Soon, the North Pole is overrun by mindless zombie elves and Santa must rescue his reindeer to escape or Christmas is over this year.
  • Soda Pop Girls Bottle HuntSoda Pop Girls Bottle Hunt Find the missing bottle caps.
  • Red FluxionRed FluxionA challenging shoot-em-up bullet hell game with epic boss battles and many power ups.

  • Capricho Ice CreamCapricho Ice CreamCapricho Ice Cream game: Collect for as many ice cream as you can while dodging obstacles.
  • Spacemen Vs Medieval ZombiesSpacemen Vs Medieval ZombiesRescue all the princess, kill the zombies and gather all the possible golden coins.

  • School LockersSchool LockersDecorate the interior of your school locker with lights, mirrors, bags, umbrella and many more items. Write notes or short messages on the white board!
  • Turtle BreakTurtle BreakA turtle's shell is a great source of protection. But it also makes a great paddle for a breakout game!
  • Right DressRight DressChoose the right dress, wig, shoe and makeup and the score will tell if you did well on choosing her style.

  • Release The HeroesRelease The HeroesGather the Powers to release the Super Heroes. To release the Super Heroes, just replace the Powers from their position to align three or more similar food stuff in horizontal or vertical lines On reaching 30 numbers, the Power Indicator on the left side shows a tick Mark over the respective Super heroes Your score increases with the Powers you align. Release the super Heroes to move to next level.

  • Red Carpet Dress Up GameRed Carpet Dress Up Game Pick thew nice clothes before you ramp your way on the red carpet.
  • Beautiful Nail DesignBeautiful Nail DesignDo you notice the nails and hands of models while they walk on ramp shows? If you are mostly diverted by their dresses and graceful walking, then this game will cheer you up. You can bring out plenty of combination of nail color rings, tattoos and bracelets.
  • Funny HitterFunny Hitter Activate the characters those who are standing behind the fatty guy and beat him. Activate both the characters consecutively to beat the fatty guy when he gets distracted. Click on the character that you want to activate. If the fatty guy finds out wrongdoer, the game comes to an end.
  • Hairdressing GirlHairdressing GirlGive her the perfect hairstyle she deserves.

  • Quick DrawQuick Draw Shoot Buster before he shoots you. Click on the revolver to reload.
    Shoot the bonus items that fly by for additional points.