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  • Flip CardFlip CardThrow your cards into the hat.
  • Code Lyoko Monster SwarmCode Lyoko Monster Swarm Swarms had infiltrated the jungle and it's up to Lyoko to stop the all.
  • Christmas Love TarotChristmas Love Tarot What will 2010 bring? In this fun game you will discover your future in the year to come using Tarot.
  • Cool CreamsCool CreamsYou have to serve the needs of customer. Earn score for every correct servings. Serve them before their time level runs out

  • Universe FieldUniverse FieldHouston, we have a problem—meteor shower ahead!
  • Hit SquadHit Squad Forging passports AND killing bad guys? Win!
  • Showbiz Britney Kevin OverprotectionShowbiz Britney Kevin Overprotection Help Brit catch the stuffs that value to her the most.
  • RecycleRecycleSort the waste into the right bins and try to earn as many points as you can.
  • Stitch Tiki BowlStitch Tiki BowlYou decide where Stitch bowls from, what angle and what power, then strike the pins. Gets harder.

  • Perfect DetonationPerfect DetonationClick to remove objects and make the two items touch to explode in this somewhat repetitive game.

  • Amateur Surgeon Christmas EditionAmateur Surgeon Christmas Edition Help fix up Santa's elves as you sow them back up with the right tools.
  • Pacman JunglePacman JungleHelp Pacman find his missing car parts.
  • Extreme StuntsExtreme StuntsPerform extreme stunts with your bike in this challenging game. Cross all the vehicles to pass the exciting level. collect points to score high.
  • War of the AncientsWar of the AncientsMan the walls—the peasants are revolting!
  • Pimp My LamborghiniPimp My LamborghiniThis is a car game for those who love super cars and car tuning. Choose your favorite body kits and alloy wheels. Pimp this Lambo!

  • Wedding in spring Dress UpWedding in spring Dress Upspring season of love, of resurrection, the beginning, going to a wedding but the bride has chosen costumes that appropriate help her become the magnificent wedding day, dress up games, girl dress up, fashion dress up, collection dress up, beauty dress up, beauty girls, spring dress up, wedding dress up
  • Real Flamenco Dress UpReal Flamenco Dress UpFantastic flamenco game in which you'll be able to play with the typical dresses of the dancers from Andalusia. In this flamenco fashion game you'll be able to feel the emotion of the traditional dancing and singing thanks to which Spain became famous throughout the whole world.
  • Moto X JumpMoto X JumpThe most jumpy and dirty moto-x racing game on the internet. It is fast, full of action on many tracks and with multiple different motocross bikes. Step on that motor bike.
  • Cutes Riddle GameCutes Riddle Game Cute will be asking you several questions in the forms of riddles and you will have to answer by choosing what you think is the right icon from the list you're given.
  • Blast UpBlast UpClick to move the soccer ball and knock objects around to complete levels. A unique physics game.
  • Hard Bikes MemoryHard Bikes MemoryHeavy machines are best ridden as pairs. Find the missing motorbike and burn some rubber!!!
  • Glam Girl MakeupGlam Girl MakeupThey have invited Lisa to a party and she doesn't know what to wear. She needs you help in deciding the perfect make-up and accessories.

  • Hottest Looks For Girls SummerHottest Looks For Girls SummerEnjoy dressing cute girl in this summer.

  • Maze Game Game Play 8Maze Game Game Play 8 Help the treasure hunter to navigate through the maze. Collect objects in the path that will help you to get the treasure.
  • Chaotic Room EscapeChaotic Room EscapeThis room is a complete mess and now you have to sift through the chaos to find clues and escape.
  • Smurphin For BrooklynSmurphin For BrooklynSmurph gangster has had enough and wants vengeance. Time to kill some blue scum!
  • Superman Metropolis DefenderSuperman Metropolis Defender The daily planet has gotten news that meteors are going to hit Metropolis! Your mission is to help Superman smash the meteors before they hit the ground. For each missed meteor, the danger bar goes up. Be careful, some meteors are made of Kryptonite and can only be destroyed with your heat vision.

    Hit meteors to destroy them before they hit the ground. Touching Kryptonite meteors drains Supermans's energy.Use your heat vision to destroy them.
  • Magical BroomMagical Broom Help the little girl to clean each level.
  • Bubble QuestBubble Quest Collect air bubbles as you inflate and deflate yourself to reach new areas and finish missions.
  • Shaun White Will Eat YouShaun White Will Eat You Push it to the limit with this intense snowboard racer and gain serious points with airs and grabs. But be sure to watch Shaun White and his insatiable hunger or you might be on the menu yourself!
  • Spongebob Squarepants - Burger BonanzaSpongebob Squarepants - Burger Bonanzacollect all the different ingredients to make a hamburger.

  • Bling Bling ManicureBling Bling ManicurePut some bling in tip of her fingers.

  • Rusty RacerRusty RacerUsing your Rusty Truck, make backflips to pass the level.
  • Hot Dog ContestHot Dog ContestGet ready for the Hot Dog Contest! You should examine the hot dog sandwich on the top of the game screen and then make exactly the same. The fastest chef will be rewarded! Are you good enough?
  • Rockfort Buoy AhoyRockfort Buoy Ahoy Sail against the clock, collect all the buoys whilst avoiding the rocks, watch out for the wind.
  • The Eyeballing GameThe Eyeballing GameTest your mathematical mind in this challenging test.
  • Hamster RestaurantHamster RestaurantToday, we're going to work as a waiter or waitress in a restaurant full of hamsters. Hamsters are tiny animals, but they have a huge appetite! Choose a place for them in your restaurant, and bring them the food or drinks they ordered. If you serve them quickly and if the food's all right, your restaurant will be a big success. In that case, you can even expand in the next levels. Make your restaurant the most successful of the whole hamster country!

  • Little Red Cap DifferencesLittle Red Cap Differences Help our Little Red-Cap find the difference between the 2 rooms.
  • Cutie CubeCutie Cube match 2 or more groups of the same icon to make them disappear.
  • Jungle DaveJungle Dave Help Mario find the key to his house and make his way to the top of
    the trees.
  • Image Disorder Beyonce KnowlesImage Disorder Beyonce Knowles This goddess possesses almost every great feature imaginable; one can stare awestruck at her angelic face, dangerously curvaceous body, booty that goes on for days, and her long, shapely legs. Greatest of all is that Beyonce knows how to work it, wearing clothing that complements her curves and dancing in her videos as if she knew just what men wanted to see. For this, she was voted's No. 1 Most Desirable Woman in 2007. In the past she has said: ''I'm very conscious of being a curvy woman, and I\’m very happy that I am a curvy woman.'' That's what we like to hear.
  • Scribble 2Scribble 2Connect the dots in numerical order, starting from 1.
  • Pair Mania - JapanesePair Mania - JapaneseA fun paired cards game. match up the picture pairs together in the least amount of guesses possible to gain the top score.
  • Darkness Springs Haunted Prison ColonyDarkness Springs Haunted Prison Colony Click around the world to move and go on side missions as you the fight skeleton armies.