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  • Halloween Treat - Caramel ApplesHalloween Treat - Caramel ApplesTrick or Treat! Well, here is one Halloween treat you might want most - Caramel Apples! It's easy to make and perfect for Halloween party! Let's learn to make caramel apples right now!
  • Word Search Gamepaly 11Word Search Gamepaly 11 Find all colors that given on the board.
  • Fast TrackFast TrackMany Flash games are starting to look more like the 16-bit games for the Genesis or SNES, with complex backgrounds, better graphics, accurate physics, and fast full-stage movement. Fast Track is a great example of this evolution in the form of a fast-paced 3D racing game. Race against computer opponents on a wide range of tracks which need to be unlocked. Earn money by winning races to upgrade your car with new tires, engine, suspension and more.
  • Cat DiverCat Diver Eat all fish while running away from all dangers in the sea.
  • Hidden Object GameHidden Object GameAmongst the objects being lined up in a complicated way in the warehouse we are trying to find the seven items being claimed from us. The game consists of four different parts and you will be able to see your total score at the end of the game.
  • Beautiful Gal MakeoverBeautiful Gal MakeoverYou happen to be on of the only stylists in your area so naturally you are going to get many different clients. This beautiful gal has especially come to your for your skills in styling. Help her to choose what clothes and accessories to wear to look fashionable. Once you are done with her clothes and accessories move onto her makeup. Be sure to get it perfect so that you can keep her as a long standing client.
  • WinterbellsWinterbells You play as a bunny who bounces on bells to go higher. The higher you go, the more you score. Make your highscore.
  • Pilchard's MayhemPilchard's MayhemWhile chasing a fly, Pilchard the cat knocks over all kinds of vases and pots. Can you help Bob glue all the pieces together?

  • Go Away FlyGo Away FlyShoot the flies without getting hit.
  • Caveman FootballCaveman FootballSoccer fever's back and even the caveman can't resist to kick a ball. Try to shoot the ball as far as possible and achieve a monster score!

  • Alladin Wild RideAlladin Wild Ride Using your magic carpet, race over dangerous lava pits to escape the Cave of Wonders.
  • Happy BikeHappy BikeNice bike racing game Happy Bike. Relax, drive your bike and be happy!

  • Photo Hunt Game AlicePhoto Hunt Game Alice Try to take pictures of characters from Alice in the Wonderland as they scroll by quickly and score as many points as you can! Take the best set of photos and get the highest score.
  • Castle BattleCastle BattleShoot your cannonball at the castle to knock the treasure outside!
  • Professor SpelunkingtonProfessor SpelunkingtonHelp Professor Spelunkington run and jump and collect treasure.

  • Colour RobotsColour RobotsDrop down robots and create groups of 3 or more of the same robots. Buy upgrades and use them wisely. You can move and drop the robots either with the mouse and mousebutton or with the arrow keys and spacebar.
  • PuffyGirls In SpacePuffyGirls In SpaceUse rocket packs to help the girls launch themselves from one platform to the next.

  • The Last VillageThe Last VillageYour peace-loving tribe has had enough misery from these palefaces. Now you'll fight to the death if you must.
  • Cutie Dress Up 6Cutie Dress Up 6You're on for another mission of styling this young lady to be the most fashionable babe ever. Enjoy!

  • Arctic AscentArctic AscentTake control of our wacky snowman jumping from platform to platform to see how high can you fly into the sky! Collect rockets and other bonuses along the way to help you reach higher altitudes!
  • SkullsSkulls Throw your bones and pop as many skulls as possible. Similar to the Bloons series.
  • Spongebob's Counting GameSpongebob's Counting GamePlay a counting game with Spongebob Squarepants.

  • Power Rangers Ninja StormPower Rangers Ninja Storm Help Red Ranger to collect ninja storm icons and move his way to the exit.
  • BoksBoks Box your way to victory and knock him out.
  • Crusher TankCrusher Tank Drive your crusher tank and crush everything along the way.
  • Seaquest RemakeSeaquest RemakeHas you controlling a submarine as you race to retrieve stranded divers at the bottom of the ocean floor. Once you submerge, you\’ll have to contend 0with killer sharks and enemy subs trying to stop you. Fortunately, your sub is equipped with torpedoes that can be fired continuously by holding down the fire button. You\’ll also have to keep a watchful eye on the oxygen tank, because if your ship doesn\’t get to the surface in time, it will explode and you\’ll lose one divers.
  • It's A MonsterIt's A MonsterEat children, Beat cops, and punch out boxers! You're a mad, mean monster on the prowl for some low down no goodness with your beanie cap and razor sharp teeth. Eat motor bikes for energy and throw garbage at anyone who tries to stop you!

  • Rockys Biscuit BreakoutRockys Biscuit Breakout Help Rocky to get some biscuits by bouncing to a trampoline!
  • Death Penalty Zombie Fo...Death Penalty Zombie Fo...This competition is really killer! Sometimes soccer really is a zombie-eat-forward world...
  • BubblelettersBubblelettersPop the bubbles by creating as many words as you can before the bubble meter runs out! Link your bubbly creations to score even more!
  • Pigeons RevengePigeons Revenge Take control of a bird and try to poof on the heads of the passers by.
  • Prawn of the DeadPrawn of the Dead Shoot the deadly shrimp coming towards you.
  • Victoria JusticeVictoria Justice Victoria Justice is an actress and model who was born in Hollywood, Florida. You may know her for her role on Zoey 101 as Lola Martínez.
  • Halloween Candy ShopHalloween Candy ShopIt's Halloween festival season! You have renovated the candy shop to attract Halloween-costumed kids with the seasonal candies. Earn money by serving the candies according to kids wish.
  • Flat TrackFlat TrackMotorcycle racing. Step on the gas and be the first to cross the finish line!
  • Car Make UpCar Make Up You are in a hurry to go and see all of your best friends. You are going to have to put all of you makeup on in the car. Try to get it all on perfectly but be warned as the car swerves and hits bumps you may end up with makeup in the wrong places. Try it
  • Rolfs Pizza Making GameRolfs Pizza Making Game Drag on the toppings to 1/2 or both sides of the pizza, drag it into the oven and remove it before it burns. 5 mistakes, burnt pizzas, or too big a back-up of orders will get you fired! With the pizza parlor in your hands, will you get the promotion or the sack??
  • TechnoSuffTechnoSuff Go surfing through the world of techno!
  • Puzzle Madness - Ninja MutantPuzzle Madness - Ninja MutantFix the pieces exactly on the picture frame.

  • Santa Rockstar 4Santa Rockstar 4Rock out as Santa as you play metal Christmas songs in this "Guitar Hero" like game.
  • Babe RescueBabe RescueSomebody's nabbed your babes. NOBODY nabs your babes.
  • Hitz!Hitz!Shoot the balls into space and destroy the moon and the stars.
  • Wild Snake(1994)Wild Snake(1994)WildSnake is a puzzle game in which the player must manage falling snakes in a confined space and keep the snakes from reaching the top of the space. Snakes fall and slither until they reach a resting spot on the floor of the space. A snake will destroy any other snakes of the same color and pattern that it touches with its head on the way down, which often has the chain effect of loosening the pile of snakes so that all the snakes slither into new positions, possibly eliminating even more snakes.
  • Vanessas Naughty PicsVanessas Naughty Pics Follow superstar Vanessa around the world and try to get the best selling pictures.

    Do your part to feed America´s obsession with pop culture and celebrity.