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  • Puppy FetchPuppy FetchFind the stick, bring it back and beware of the cat.
  • Garden of FlowersGarden of FlowersCute match two game with flowers.
  • Show girls Perfect Dres...Show girls Perfect Dres...There\’s no business like show business—and showbiz is all about frills!
  • Seal GrowingSeal GrowingEat fish that are smaller to your size.

  • FroggerFroggerHelp the frog avoid obstacles and get to the other side of the river!
  • Zombie Slaughter Turbo EditionZombie Slaughter Turbo EditionBlast your way through 18 levels of intense zombie carnage.

  • Rooftop RushRooftop RushWhile Santa picks up some last minute bargains at the warehouse, his reindeers get bored and leave without him. Help Santa jump from rooftop to rooftop as he chases his sleigh – but watch out for any weather vanes, TV antennae or sleeping cats that might slow him down!
  • Building Intrusion 1Building Intrusion 1 Enter a Building and clear out all the enemies.
  • The SniperThe SniperSweep all the areas and clear them of enemy troops! Watch out for the enemy sniper!
  • Rock N LoadRock N LoadShoot lowering platforms & monsters to keep them from popping your balloons.
  • Drunk MoDrunk MoCollect all rum bottles to pass the level.

  • Adair Tishler Bomb EvadeAdair Tishler Bomb Evade Avoid the bombs explosions as they blast craters into the surface your standing on. Survive!
  • Hidden Objects House 2Hidden Objects House 2 Hidden Objects House 2 is another point and click hidden object game. Search the room and find all objects given on the screen.
  • Girl Makeover 14Girl Makeover 14Help this girl get a beauty make over, choose the right dress, new hair style and beauty kit combination for her to achieve the beautiful new look.

  • My My "Dear" BossShow them who\’s boss.
  • OctopusOctopusTake risks greatly in the space that helps the lovely octopus to carry on her, don't touch the space shark ship and space aerolite carefully, the small stars can enrich the blood.

  • Horse Power RacingHorse Power RacingIt's not the car that wins the race, but the skill behind the wheel.
  • Wicket Keeping VoltWicket Keeping VoltWaste your opponent with your wicked wicketkeeping skills!
  • Zombie Balloon HeadsZombie Balloon HeadsZombies are invading Johnny's math notes!
  • RanzadromeRanzadromeRanzadrome – a secret military testing ground, which made testing of new types of tanks. On this test site has been tested a new design of light amphibious tank ET-1347/87a “Lake”. At the landfill site to be operating base, where you can make minor repairs. Your task is to go around the polygon, go safely minefields, armored protection to try and collect 10 pieces of secret weapon. The tank can take a just a stock up, and then must deliver it to the base.
  • Ben 10 Statue FixBen 10 Statue FixPlace the pieces of Ben10 in the exact position, within the given time limit, to go to the next level.

  • Drop CrashDrop CrashClick touching colours and stop from touching the top! Although watch out, blocks come from below! The longer you survive for you will face extra colours and faster speeds.
  • Escape from the CubeEscape from the CubeEscape from prison, one corridor at a time. In each level, one guard will have a key icon over his head. Take him down and swipe his key to unlock the exit, then make your way to the door.
  • Super WalklandSuper Walkland The evil robot clones have stolen the globe's music and are holding it ransom. It's up to Aura to destroy the robots and return the music to the world's populace. But she needs help, and that's where you come in!
  • Bride and Groom KissingBride and Groom Kissing Make the Bride and the Groom to kiss each other without getting noticed by others. If anyone stares, while the couple kisses, the game gets over. In each level, fill the kissing loader as soon as possible to move on to higher levels.
  • W B Deadly StrategiesW B Deadly Strategies Setup your base, defend it with towers, train units and crush the enemy base!
  • Flowers MatchFlowers MatchMatch 3 flowers or more to get the most points in 2 minutes! Addictive game with nice looking visual! Sit, relax and have fun!
  • Funny Turkey ServesFunny Turkey ServesA challenging job at the Thanksgiving Party! Here help the turkey to serve food to other turkeys. Catch the hanging food item and serve it to the turkeys. To serve the food item to a turkey, click on the food item and then click on the turkey. Reach the goal in each level within the given time duration to play higher levels.
  • Fluffy BirdiesFluffy BirdiesLisa and Mina have to match up pairs of three birdies to make them twitter and jump over in their basket. A fun, skills game perfect for any day!

  • FarmlandFarmlandHate farming? Play this game! Plow the soil, plant crops, raise chickens and cows, and collect those fat farmer profits!

  • Street Fighter World Warrior 2Street Fighter World Warrior 2The second installment Street Fighter World Warrior with more characters to choose from.

  • Robin To The RescueRobin To The Rescue Similar to Gibbets, fire your arrow to loose the noose. Don't hit those that are being hung.
  • DynoDyno Avoid pink bubbles and collect all stars.
  • Justice League Training Academy HawkgirlJustice League Training Academy Hawkgirl Help the Hawk girl to fly as long as you can following the wind.
  • 10 Minutes Challenge10 Minutes ChallengeCan you survive for 10 minutes or more to fight against viruses?

  • Sexy BilliardSexy Billiard Play against the computer as a sexy pool player and get in more balls than the CPU.
  • Bubble Blast 3Bubble Blast 3Destroy the bubbles using strategy and speed.
  • Elven MistsElven Mists Connect nodes with tiles of the same color. Cover the flower buds with the tiles, to free the elves trapped within.
  • Turret PongTurret PongShoot the red ball and score goals against the opposing turret.
  • Agent B10 2Agent B10 2 Welcome back agent! Your help is needed for a special corporate clean out. Show off your sniper skills as you kill them all!
  • Wolverine M.R.D. EscapeWolverine M.R.D. EscapeWhat fool thinks he can keep Wolverine in a cage?
  • Alpine Skiing SQRL StyleAlpine Skiing SQRL Style Go down slope and hit the flags and earn bonus points.
  • TwilightTwilightDress the hottest fiction couple of 08. We so want to see part II!

  • Venice Carnival Dress UpVenice Carnival Dress Up How to play Venice Carnival Dress Up: Click the categories to see all the costumes on the carnival