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  • J'aime MahjongJ'aime MahjongBeautifully designed Mahjong game with 80 different solvable levels. Match 2 of the same stones to remove them from the game. You can only select stones that have at least one side (left or right) free and have no other tiles placed on top. The aim of the game is to clear the layout by pairing up all tiles. You can select which layout you want to play and choose your own background.
  • CrawlCrawlShoot all the creepy crawly things coming from around you. Upgrade yourself to try and defeat them.

  • Remind the FashionRemind the Fashion Dress Up Your Favorite Girls with your Favorite Costumes.
  • Holy War InvasionHoly War Invasion You are an engineer seized by enemy invasion during ultramodern arms testing of the armoured scaphander.

    Adversaries are everywhere. There is nothing left for you to do but beat off the numerous enemies.

    You will discover that your opponent is not so straightforward and is operating with somebody\’s help...
  • Happy WashingHappy WashingHelp a young girl do the laundry in this fun and exciting Match 3 game! Earn Power ups to delete specific tiles and win this exciting game. Can you make it to the end of the game?
  • Danger DungeonDanger DungeonDeep in the Dungeon hide creatures and treasures! Rescue your friends to build an unstoppable team as you rampage through the darkness below…
  • Hidden HintsHidden HintsHidden Hints is a new type of point click game developed by games2dress. Every week new Hidden Hints game will be released. Find the hidden paper pieces in each level and arrange them correctly to get the clue for further levels. At the final level you will find a valuable hint with its information.

  • Bow Master GameBow Master Game Help Robinson Crusoe to hit the target by shooting arrows with your bow.
  • Britains Best BrainBritains Best Brain Train all the areas in your brain with different types of exercises such as calculations, memory, coordination
  • Final Test CricketFinal Test CricketPlay this nice game of cricket and hit a six!
  • Fish For FoodFish For Food Meet Freddie the Fish! He lives deep in the ocean, and he is on a mission to become the biggest fish in the sea! Eat fish smaller than yourself, but avoid the bigger ones! Can you make it all the way?
  • Halloween Scene! Colori...Halloween Scene! Colori...Under the light of a full harvest moon, everything is more colorful and exciting!
  • DnB X005DnB X005 Drum Machine Drum 'n' Bass loop mixer. Tons of options and sounds, be sure to check out the LOAD button.
  • Evil KnevilEvil KnevilHelp Evil Knevil Jump Over the gaps and land on the ramps at the right speed, if not he will fail and burn to ashes

  • Panzo GamePanzo Game The alien fleet of strange UFOs have launched a massive attack on the valuable forests of our planet to ransack its hidden treasures. But a brave panda takes charge against them to safeguard our natural resources.
    Help the panda knock down the aliens by throwing a magical ball at them before they succeed in their evil plans. As the aliens fall they leave behind the treasure, grab the coins and also the health packs to keep up your stamina. Avoid the bullets fired by the aliens and also stay away when they fall down.
  • Crystal RunnerCrystal RunnerMaster the maze to save mankind from the Crystal World!
  • Brick ItBrick It Arcade game remake of Arkanoid.
  • Pick UP Adam and EvePick UP Adam and Eve Travel the levels of this top down game while figuring out the puzzles to reach Adam or Eve.
  • Triplets at the picnicTriplets at the picnicThis happy family plan to go for a picnic along with triplets. Help the mother to collect the essential things before times runs out and start the journey. In the picnic you have to make the triplets happy other wise you will be the loser. So be alert always.
  • Audrina Lusha Dress UpAudrina Lusha Dress Up Dress one of the hottest supermodel of this generation.
  • Jessy\’s Party PrepJessy\’s Party Prep
  • Power ForcePower ForceShoot all incoming enemies in this cool action shoot em up games.

  • TideturnerTideturnerRide and control the waves at the same time! Avoid obstacles while taking out sunbathers for extra points.

  • Christmas Gingerbread HouseChristmas Gingerbread HouseI want to decorate a gingerbread house as a Christmas gift for my best friend. Would you like to join me? Here we have enough cookies, cakes, candies, icing and other fun stuff. Let's have fun!
  • Letter TwistLetter Twist Switch the letters between the two rows to make both lines real words.
  • RampsRamps Click, drag and rotate the ramps to construct a pathway to safely guide the spheres into the goal. Click the dispenser to unleash a sphere. Clicking the trashcan will reset ramps and spheres. Points are awarded based on amount of spheres lost, time taken to solve the level and difficulty of the level.
  • Prehistoric ArcherPrehistoric ArcherWho is faster the bubble or the caveman? To get a proper answer to this prehistoric question you have to play this physic-driven bow shooting game.

  • Hidden Objects-GardenHidden Objects-GardenIt's the time to use your observing skills to discover the hidden objects in the house.Find the hidden objects in short duration to get high score. Avoid clicking wrongly,as otherwise you will lose 20 seconds in given time duration.

  • Hidden Numbers MerryGoRoundHidden Numbers MerryGoRoundFind the numbers hidden in the MerryGoAround.A correct hit adds 100 points whereas a wrong guess deducts 100 points
  • Crumbled 2Crumbled 2 Draw a line to roll and bounce your ball on as you avoid obstacles and make it to the flag.
  • Dynomite OfficialDynomite OfficialWelcome to Dynomite, a fast-paced prehistoric puzzle game! Your job is to shoot dinosaur eggs into the puzzle to create groups of 3 or more of the same color... they'll get blasted off the screen! Launch dino eggs to solve the puzzle, but watch out for Mama brontosaurus! This new PC game is a spectacular action puzzler for everyone.
  • Rudolfs RevengeRudolfs Revenge Finally Rudolf's revenge time has come. Throw Santa as high as possible and collect as many presents as you can.
  • Hot Rims 3D RacingHot Rims 3D RacingFast and furious 3D racing action. Play a tournament or Time Attack for a quick game.
  • Clever FrogClever FrogThis frog isn't just clever, he's a hopping genius!
  • Look for HamstersLook for HamstersSearch the room and find all 16 hamsters!
  • Women Superhero DressupWomen Superhero DressupMy beautiful heroine Lara is living in a really angel city. Unfortunately, gian monsters is destroying her peaceful city in Halloween night and her city is buring now. She is on the way to kill them and find the ice miracle for her burning city. When her task is fulfilled,do not forger to dress her up beautiful for this unforgettable Halloween.
  • Muffin MatchMuffin MatchSwap muffins to match 3 or more in any direction. The muffin you choose is your next muffin.
  • Snow Christmas 5 DifferencesSnow Christmas 5 DifferencesFind the five differences between the two pictures. Good art work, relaxing effect.Click on the 5 things you find different between the two images to advance to the next level.
  • Owners ProposalOwners Proposal Here is a doctor, a thief, a Kid and a detective waiting to get their car modeled as per their taste and desire.Each one of them have different ideas on modeling their car. All you have to do is to design cars individually for each one of them according to their desire and taste. Get them satisfied by your design and win their appreciation.
  • Ella at the beachElla at the beachElla is going on a nice beach trip today and would like to see you come along. Would you like to experience her story and spot her on the pictures?
  • KSIZKSIZRubik's Cube in 2D. Construct this, if you can!
  • Little Timmy Big AdventureLittle Timmy Big AdventureLittle Timmy is a young little kid! In this game you need to help him to find all the differences! Can you help Timmy?
  • Hongkong MahjongHongkong MahjongFlowers Updated!! The only 3D Flash Mahjong on the web. Mahjong is a Chinese game of skill, which involves four players. Although the game play in general is similar in all of the versions of mahjong, the game pieces and scoring, however, slightly differ depending on the regional variations. Almost similar to gin rummy, the object of mahjong is to build sets, as well as get the highest point value. In order to do this, each player selects and discards tiles (the game pieces, bearing different designs) until an entire set of combinations has been made. There are still scoring variations to be corrected for this HK edition.
  • Maze Game Game Play 28Maze Game Game Play 28 Help mickey mouse to reach the Walt Disney world.