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  • Bounty Hunter ScratchBounty Hunter Scratch Fight baddies and collect coins along the way. Dodge all obstacles.
  • Acorn FactoryAcorn FactoryHelp get the acorn to the goal.

  • The Toy ShopThe Toy ShopCreate toys in the proper order before the clock cuckoos to become a master toymaker!
  • Are You a RepublicanAre You a RepublicanA fun and political quiz game but not too serious. Politics are a major topic in the world. Today you can find out if you belong to the republicans. Play the quiz and find out what todays outcome brings you! Start the game.
  • Flash Trek Broken MirrorFlash Trek Broken Mirror Flash Trek is a very complex Star Trek based strategy space game. Colonize planets, trade and combat but first of all you will have to read the tutorial!
  • Little LokiLittle LokiEscape hell by jumping upwards and avoiding the raging lava below and also collecting skulls before finally reaching for the flag.

  • Code Lyoko Monster SwarmCode Lyoko Monster Swarm Swarms had infiltrated the jungle and it's up to Lyoko to stop the all.
  • Gravity TangramGravity TangramYour goal is simple: just put all the pieces together to fill the shape on the screen. Solving this puzzle is not always as simple, though. It will take some time to figure out the right positions of the different pieces. Good luck!
  • Mission at DawnMission at Dawn Fly the helicopter and rescue the survivors of the storm
  • Magical worlds Little FriendMagical worlds Little Friend Magical world's Little Friend: Dress up this little girl who is a friend of all strange animals such as pink cats, purple rabbits and mermaids in a magical world. You will discover many interesting things in this game....
  • Executive Shootout 08Executive Shootout 08 Shoot as many people as you want but be careful on the security guards those guys shoot back.
  • Smiley PopperSmiley PopperClick 2 or more neighboring smiley that have the same color to pop them don't bother his cute attribute, just see their color Have fun!
  • Stunt Dirt Bike 2Stunt Dirt Bike 2 Can't get enough muddy airborne action? Like the odd characters and vehicles? Yeah. Us too.
  • Bomb It ManBomb It ManA cool ninja-like Bomberman game.

  • Furiko NekoFuriko NekoDrag the background to smash all the gems with your pendulum and go to the next stage.
  • Word Search Gameplay 13Word Search Gameplay 13 Find all given animals on the right board.
  • Battalion VengeanceBattalion Vengeance A turn based strategy game that simulates tank battles. You have your units and the enemy has his ones. You give commands to your units one by one. They execute your commands and when they're all done the enemy begins his turn.
  • gorgeous-megan-foxgorgeous-megan-fox Megan Fox is awesome.
  • Lovele Satin SkirtLovele Satin Skirt Try assorted designs of satin skirts.
  • TurtiTropTurtiTrop When these turtles stick to their own kind, it's a match made in paradise!
  • Angry Face PearlAngry Face PearlAngry face loves pearls, but they are so fragile?Help him keep it up in the air!

  • Frogs KissingFrogs KissingA pleasant location.. A lovable pair.. But different disturbances.. Help this pair to express their love, without getting noticed by other characters. Stay alert or else you will get into trouble.

  • Scooby-Doo Love QuestScooby-Doo Love QuestHelp Scooby Doo to transfer the hearts from the girl to the boy, try not to get hit in the way
  • Winx Club CouplesWinx Club CouplesGet ready to step into the colorful fantasy world and meet the sweetest cartoon couple: Winx Couple! They are waiting for a super talented stylista to change their ordinary looks with an unique and super original one. Show off your fashion skills by selecting and pairing some funky outfits, then looking for the perfect hairstyles and some matching shoes. Enjoy your fantastic staying in this glittery cartoon world!
  • PuzzlenautsPuzzlenautsIf you're gonna get off this crazy planet, you've gotta rely on Major Tom, your wits, and your exoskeleton!
  • Fashion Shopping GirlFashion Shopping GirlFashion is not change all the time. Girls love shopping and always want to buy more new fashion clothes. Look, the fashion girl comes from a mall and with so many things. She must be a fashion shopping girl!
  • Happy FeetHappy FeetHelp the little penguin to reach the target place by jumping and avoiding the holes and also by laying down from the snowman.
  • The Color Make Up Which it Shakes OffThe Color Make Up Which it Shakes OffGive this girl a big makeover

  • Hong Kong Pooey Reservoir RescueHong Kong Pooey Reservoir Rescue You must fight the henchman sent by the big boss and collect the bottles of water for extra time. If you reach the end of the game before the time runs out, Phooey will be able to save the day.
  • Girl Dressup Makeover36Girl Dressup Makeover36 Design a perfect look for this sweet girl,try on different types of hairstyles and clothes!
  • StackleStackleStack up blocks as high as you can, but there is a twist! You can only use the blocks you have, so make sure you have a strong base!
  • Kids Leisure Room DecorKids Leisure Room DecorIt is your task to make the room in it's old state. You can get a hint 5 times, but after that you'll have to do it your own. So use them wisely.
  • Sara\’s Cooking Class: P...Sara\’s Cooking Class: P...Tangy, fresh, and satisfying—perfect for your next BBQ!
  • CheaterCheaterCaught cheating? Maybe you just need more practice...
  • Girls TeamGirls TeamTry to help the ladies several levels up!
  • Field Command 3Field Command 3You are the chief of an Indian tribe in the late 1900's lead your people to freedom by choosing the best possible strategy.

  • Romanius 2Romanius 2 In the last installement - Romanius took on the might of the youngest Cyclops brother Trollypheus, slaying him to avenge the deaths of many. But, the battle had only begun. There were dark and cruel times ahead. The two remaining Cyclops brothers, Groydonamus and Ograleus have extended their bloody reign by conquering Ceasers Acropolis. They had become an unstoppable force - - and there was only one man who could bring the evil Cyclops brothers to their knees, ending their evil reign forever - - Romanius!

    Slaughter armies and don't stop until you've slayed the evil cyclops brothers...
  • Pair Them UpPair Them UpCan you differentiate the faces and memorize them. Pair them up as fast as possible!
  • Finders Keepers: Money SearchFinders Keepers: Money SearchThere\’s money scattered everywhere, its up to you to scavenge and find it all. So, how much will you earn? If you\’re quick and observant you could become a millionaire!
  • Derby RacingDerby RacingPlay this great horse racing game in which you have to make it to the finish as fast as you can without falling! Good luck! Play this great horse racing game in which you have to make it to the finish as fast as you can without falling! Good luck!

  • Scooter AceScooter Ace You're late for work! Get to work or face the sack. It's your choice.
  • Ben 10 Top GunBen 10 Top Gun Vigax has captured Grandpa, he demanded the Omnitrix or he will kill Grandpa... Only you can save him.
  • Penguin Rescue GamePenguin Rescue GameTime to rescue these little baby penguins! Click to drag the tiles and line up three ice blocks of the same colour.
  • Porche RacePorche RaceHit the race course in your brand new porche, see how fast you can complete 10 laps, show us what you've got, give them your everything