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  • September 12th A toy worldSeptember 12th A toy world You can't win or lose. This is a simulation. It has no ending and it has already begun. The rules are simple, you can shoot or not. This is a simple model you can use to explore some aspects of the war on terror.
  • SteppenWolf Chapter 3 Episode 4SteppenWolf Chapter 3 Episode 4 Slain bodies of scientist, collection of human blood! SteppenWolf must fight the Heruka, and find out the truth behind the disappearance of his scientist wife!
  • Ancient Egypt MahjongAncient Egypt MahjongYou have a possibility to play the Egypt variation of the ancient Chinese patience game Mahjong. Click at the identical unlocked items to delete them. The item is unlocked when its two adjacent sides are opened. You win when all items are deleted.
  • Stop The LeakStop The LeakStop the oil leak as you remove objects to get the ball to roll and plug the leak.

  • Mass Mayhem 4Mass Mayhem 4Go on crazy killing sprees and destroy everything on your path. Upgrade your weapons and create total havoc!
  • Peppy s Hilary Duff Dress UpPeppy s Hilary Duff Dress Up Hilary has new movie, help her get dress up for her new film.
  • Deadly NeighboursDeadly NeighboursEquip your team with weapons and the look you want. Fight neighbor teams in turn-based attacks.

  • The Classroom 2The Classroom 2Cheat off of your companions without getting caught by the teacher.
  • Britains Best BrainBritains Best Brain Train all the areas in your brain with different types of exercises such as calculations, memory, coordination
  • Stone Age Girl Dress UpStone Age Girl Dress Up The best fashion works in any era!
  • RecycleRecycleSort the waste into the right bins and try to earn as many points as you can.
  • Snow Big DealSnow Big DealIt's no big deal: just ski downhill so fast that trees are flying past you faster than you can see them.
  • Pixel GuysPixel GuysHelp out the pixel guy in this brand new awesome adventure

  • Apple OrchardApple OrchardEnjoy nature's finest: apples in a basket!
  • Congestion ChaosCongestion ChaosAs a delivery boy, you hate traffic and try to avoid congestions…
  • The Escape GameThe Escape Game Get to the escape area in as few clicks of the mouse as possible without being caught in a chase with the security guard.
  • Ball AtrackBall AtrackFollow the track as far as you can!
  • Zacks HardwareZacks Hardware Tower defense game. The toys of a crazy inventor came to life. Build defense towers to stop them.
  • Mahjong Animal ConnectMahjong Animal ConnectThe object of the game is to match tiles. to make a match you must select two matching tiles that are not blocked from the right or the left. If you can't select a tile, then it is blocked. When you make a match the two tiles will be removed. Most matches are made by selecting tiles with the exact same image on them. However, any fruit will match with any other fruit and any flower will match with any other flower. Remove all the tiles from the game board to win.
  • Nina Dobrev MakeoverNina Dobrev MakeoverWith sweet-cute looks like that, a gorgeous smile like hers and with a little bit of help from you, the talented celebrity make up artist, this rising big screen diva is ready to hit the red carpet and steal the spotlight! Play the Nina Dobrev makeover game and use your expert eye to pick the right lipstick hue, eyeshadow color, hairstyle and stylish outfit to put together that jaw-dropping celebrity look!

  • Pirate's MindPirate's MindAye, a true pirate's treasure: lots 'n' lots o' dubloons...
  • Bride and Groom Season KissBride and Groom Season Kiss Make the Bride and groom to kiss each other in two pleasant romantic locations. At the first state make the couples kiss each other when its not rainy, else you lose the game.At the second state make them kiss only during the night location when snow stars falling.
  • Too Many TanksToo Many TanksDestroy various enemies in your upgradeable tank. See how many waves you can survive.

    Control your tanks direction by moving the mouse. Collect stars to earn extra money for upgrades.

  • The Torture GameThe Torture Game Ways to torture a person
  • Planet 51 - Hidden ObjectsPlanet 51 - Hidden ObjectsFind out the objects displayed below, which are hidden in the image. Find them in short time duration to score more.

  • Street Speed KongStreet Speed KongStreet Speed Kong, Pick a car, pick a color, then thrill to high octane, no apology style racing in this old school campaign based race fun for all.

  • The Annoying Little GameThe Annoying Little GameStay alive in this side scroller game as you remember and avoid all the traps trying to kill you.

  • Leg SurgeryLeg SurgerySurgery saves lives...if you can handle the heat!
  • Angel TennisAngel TennisIt\’s time for the biggest tennis competition in history! Pick your girl and defeat all of your enemies to get higher an higher in this competition! Do you have what it takes to become the champion?
  • Squirrel BlastSquirrel BlastStrap on a jetpack and blast your way to acorn heaven!
  • HUGO: Total DefenderHUGO: Total DefenderThe enemy's on the move—and headed for your encampment!
  • Ice Skating Beauty Dres...Ice Skating Beauty Dres...Doll this ice dancer up in dazzling designer clothes!
  • Naruto Great Wall ChampionshipNaruto Great Wall ChampionshipPlay and as Naruto and race on your bike, on the great wall of china, Reach the end of the level at 1st place and unlock new levels.
  • Monster Poolside SumoMonster Poolside SumoKnock your opponent out of the circle area in the pool.
  • Space ChaosSpace Chaos Epic space shooter with lots of levels and weapon upgrades. Destroy the enemy space stations.
  • Harry Potter ColoringHarry Potter ColoringHarry Potter Coloring: Play this online coloring game with 3 beautiful pictures from the movie: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince This is already the sixth movie with Harry Potter and his friends Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley. The film is based on the the novel of the same name by J. K. Rowling.You can color Harry, Ron and Hermione in a lot of different ways. Have fun with these online coloring pages of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
  • Pop PiesPop PiesPut on your oven mitts and blast shield and prepare for fun, matching and detonating pastries in this explosive puzzle game! Click to highlight groups of like colored pies and click them again to blow them to blow them to smithereens! Collect huge bonuses by clearing entire files of pies as you attempt to vaporize the entire board. Add a cup of excitement to your gaming life with Pop Pies!

  • Poker StarPoker StarPoker Star is wonderful game of gambling that you ever played!
  • Must Eat BirdsMust Eat Birds Eat as many birds as you can to move on to the next round. Eat yourself to grow bigger and more powerful.
  • Pebbles Big Barney ChasePebbles Big Barney Chase Play a Flinstone board game.
  • Snowball 2008Snowball 2008Roll your snowball and hit smaller objects to get bigger, avoiding trees and cabins.
  • SwerveSwerve An obstacle-avoidance timed racing challenge! Race to collect cash, gems, and special bonuses. A variety of accessories and upgrades are available in the game, each affecting your vehicle\’s racing performance differently.
  • Storm the HouseStorm the HouseWhat, you want some kind of story? Just shoot!
  • Roly Poly EliminatorRoly Poly EliminatorEliminate all evil roly polys. Try not to hurt the friendly roly-polys. The puzzles can get quite tough later on, so think logically and try to complete all 30 levels.