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  • Bubble Cannon 2Bubble Cannon 2Can you bounce, reflect and pop your way through 10 levels to achieve a state of Zen? This game is intentionally hard - make every shot count!
  • Eat The FishEat The FishThree cute kittens are very hungry. Feed\’em all! The cannon helps you to get the tasty fish for your cat! Move the cannon and solve the puzzles!
  • Seal GrowingSeal GrowingEat fish that are smaller to your size.

  • Hidden SeahorsesHidden SeahorsesFind and click on seahorses. Your goal is to find all 10 per image. Use the hint button if you need help.
  • Lover in UniverseLover in UniverseUse your crossbow to grab gold and other treasures out of the sky. Once it has grabbled something it will pull it up. Heavy objects like rocks and large love nuggets will be harder to pull up. Between levels you can buy items that can help you.
    Fill your love meter by the end of the level or it's game over. Your extra love points at the end of a level will carries over to the next level.
    If you accidentally blow up everything on a level or you just feel like going on, you can press the "end level" button. If you haven't met your level goal it will be game over.
  • MorbidMorbidThe Black Death stalks the land—but is it a plague, or something more sinister??
  • Bob N BergsBob N BergsHelp Spongebob to cross over the icebergs as fast as you can.

  • Jessica Alba Celebrity MakeoverJessica Alba Celebrity MakeoverThe movie career of Jessica Alba isn't on par with her incredible beauty, as can be deduced from the many nominations she's gotten for the Razzie awards. In this fashion game you'll be able to dress her in an elegant way for an important occasion.
  • Medieval GunpowderMedieval GunpowderFire your cannon and slow time as you knock the castles down. New cannons introduced later on.

  • Hiddden Objects Christmas EditionHiddden Objects Christmas EditionIt?s the month for Christmas and old lady Judith needs help to set her house ready for Christmas. The whole year went by and she was unable to clean her house since she cannot walk much, most of her things are distorted in and out of her house. She has written a letter and asked her nephew to come and help her set up the house. Will you also help old lady Judith to find all the objects and make the house ready for Christmas?
  • Powerpuff Girls The TownsvillainsPowerpuff Girls The Townsvillains Help the Power puffs shoot down all the obstacles and rescue Mayor!
  • Park My Limo GamePark My Limo GameAre you cut out to be a super chauffeur?
  • Girl Dressup 26Girl Dressup 26 Design a perfect sweet look for the girl with new wonderful animated backgrounds.
  • Marshmallow Mania Pebbles The Great Gazoo Space ChaseMarshmallow Mania Pebbles The Great Gazoo Space Chase Avoid obstacles. Zap boulders, crates asteroids and thieves. Pick up Flinstones marshmallows to fill your M-meter. Collect all 6 gems to win the game.
  • Thing Thing 1Thing Thing 1 This is the first installment to the very successful series of Thing Thing. Watch how he evolves to be a true legend. Enjoy!
  • Sweet Potato PieSweet Potato PieSweet potato pie is a very popular dish and dessert in the Southern United States. It is most commonly served during the Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. This dessert pie is very popular at "Thanksgiving". The dish is similar in many ways to pumpkin pie, but many Southerners prefer sweet potato pie to pumpkin pie during the holidays. It is actually very easy to make. Learn how to make this amazing sweet potato pie recipe here.
  • Flower fairy dresupFlower fairy dresupThis cute flower fairy was invited to a party the little angels at a house in the forest. She has the clothes and accessories made from many kinds of beautiful flowers. She loves shiny wings and magical wands- Can you help her choose the most beautiful costume for the party? You can also take photos of hers and save them in your camara or mobile phones to send your friends or your close relatives. Especially, you can print this lovely image just by clicking your mouse to print!
  • Medieval MahjongMedieval MahjongNew free online variation of addictive puzzle Mahjong game by Click at the identical unlocked tiles to delete them. The tile is unlocked when there is no tile above and there are no tiles either to the left or to the right from it. 4 seasons stones match even if they are not identical. The flower stones also match even if they are not identical. You win when all tiles are removed.
  • Ragdoll RicochetRagdoll RicochetMove your Rag doll around the screen trying to stay alive. Saw blades fly by and chop of arms and legs

  • Mecha Dress UpMecha Dress UpCreate your ideal destructive robot.
  • Yeti Sports Part 4 Albatros OverloadYeti Sports Part 4 Albatros Overload Transport pingu as far as possible. Flapping wings near ground (sand) is more efficient than flapping wings high in the sky.
  • Rugby Ruckus 6 Nations ConfrontationRugby Ruckus 6 Nations Confrontation All those out there who are fans of the egg shaped ball, time to put your skills to the test. Tackle and try your way through 16 tough challenges. Can you pass them all?
  • ZwingoZwingoSwing the ball, hit the black balls away, and don't let the big ball leave the boundary.
  • Speedys Pyramid RescueSpeedys Pyramid Rescue Collapse each pyramid by activating all blocks.
  • Bricks BreakingBricks BreakingThere is a grid of bricks of different colours. When you click on a grid, all the bricks that are connected to this brick by the same colour will be destroyed. The bricks on top of the destroyed bricks will collapse and the columns of bricks will merge. If you want to remove a single brick, you must use a magic wand. The game ends when you run out of magic wands and you can no longer destroy bricks by groups.
  • Runway Gown Dress UpRunway Gown Dress UpChoose which dress to send your model down the runway in!
  • Office ChimpOffice Chimp Can you make it from Peon to CEO in 50 days?
  • Battle of GondorBattle of GondorTake control of parts of the army to protect Gondor from the orc invasion!
  • Trap A TunaTrap A Tuna Trap-a-Tuna a game where you will learn how to fish. Once learned you will be employed by a very big company which will request tons of fish from you, so you must be good at it, right? Complete the 25 levels of this awesome game.
  • Winter DifferencesWinter DifferencesFind the five differences between the two pictures. Good art work, relaxing effect.Click on the 5 things you find different between the two images to advance to the next level.
  • FlourishFlourishClick around as your flourish the scene. Similar to the Grow genre.

  • Chicken NuggetsChicken NuggetsIt's been a while since you've never cooked anything. Why wait for nothing when you can cook the crispy chicken nuggets. Even if you`re not an expert in the culinary art you can easily achieve this goal for yourself by cooking the chicken nuggets. Everybody will enjoy the food especially the kids because they all love chicken meat. Appreciate our Chicken Nuggets recipe.
  • MorbidusMorbidus You have to eliminate viruses through skilled use of the right pills. Similar to the old Nintendo classic "Dr. Mario". All viruses have to be eliminated. If there are at least 4 pills and/or viruses in one vertical row, they are eliminated. Mind the live monitor! All viruses have to be destroyed before the monitor shows a complete infection of the body.
  • californian-sushi-rollcalifornian-sushi-roll a kind of sushi roll, usually made inside-out, containing cucumber, imitation crab stick, and avocado. In some countries it is made with mango instead of avocado. Sometimes crab salad is substituted for the crab stick, and often the outer layer of rice (in an inside-out roll) is sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds or tobiko.
  • Pool PracticePool PracticeIn this game there will be a pool table with 10 randomly placed red balls. First you need to decide the position of the white ball, then you need to hit the white ball with the cue and let the white ball hit the red balls into the pockets. You score higher when you can pop in red balls for consecutive cues. Use the mouse to control the direction and speed of the white ball.
  • Nacho Libre Andale Nacho AndaleNacho Libre Andale Nacho Andale Take first place to advance to the next round.
  • SubstituteSubstitute Another turret game for your enjoyment. Setup turrets and more powerful firing. Shop and more!
  • 20 Warriors20 WarriorsControl 20 warriors as you fight off enemies and make it through the puzzles. Can you pass the cat?

  • Egg Salad SandwichEgg Salad SandwichIn this recipe game we have to cook an Egg Salad Sandwich. Follow the instructions and combine the ingredients to cook Egg Salad Sandwich. Hopefully this recipe will provide you with a tasty food. Enjoy!

  • Hidden GrasshopperHidden GrasshopperGrasshopper are hidden everywhere in the place. Find them and explode it using archer's bow and arrow. Unwanted clicks will reduce target time.

  • Spin N Set - ThorSpin N Set - ThorArrange the pieces correctly to figure out the Thor image.

  • Red Carpet Dress Up GameRed Carpet Dress Up Game Pick thew nice clothes before you ramp your way on the red carpet.
  • Burger JamBurger JamBusiness is booming, but can you keep up with all the customers??
  • Boom BoxBoom Box Boom Box is a stylish Tetris-like puzzle game.