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  • Dreamland Differences 2Dreamland Differences 2Welcome back to the land of dreams. Try to find all the differences in these works of art. Try not to make mistakes; with every wrong click, you will lose 5 seconds. For each level you have 3 minutes, and in case you run out of time, the game ends.
  • Endless MigrationEndless Migration Endless Migration is a bird\’s eye view survival epic that lets you play as a bird! I created the game for the Stride competition, applying the theme of endurance to a day in the life of a lone Canadian goose, who must reunite with his flock and guide them safely through a maelstrom of aircraft, obstacles, and inclement weather conditions. How long can you last, in this endless migration?
  • Peppy s Pink Dress UpPeppy s Pink Dress Up Help our rock and roll chic get ready for her album debut.
  • Posy Teens-Celebrate Thanksgiving DayPosy Teens-Celebrate Thanksgiving DayOur Posy Teens welcome their thanksgiving day, what clothes should to dress? Help them to choose and they will celebrate their thanksgiving day soon!
  • Hidden FrogsHidden FrogsFrogs are hidden all around the place! Shoot the Frogs with archer's bow and arrows.

  • Princess Make Up 2Princess Make Up 2Choose for her a princess-worthy make-up and jewelry!
  • Panzo FishingPanzo Fishing Rod Fishing game. Help panda catch the largest fish you can.
  • Neverending BubblesNeverending BubblesDestroy groups of two or more bubbles to get points. You lose if there are no more bubbles to destroy.
  • Vexation 2Vexation 2Swing your way back into the incredibly vexing platformer with an agile twist!
  • Fish HookFish Hook Just as every time when it gets really hungry, this skillful kitty will go fishing. With just a stick, a thread and a hook, the kitty can get all the fish it needs for the day! Help the cat to grab fish as fast as possible.
  • Lost in SpaceLost in SpaceYou find yourself lost in space with limited fuel and oxygen. You must have your wits above you if you plan to survive. Start matching the tiles and charge your ship so that you can make it to the nearest check point and hopefully find your way back home.
  • Puzzle Madness - Ninja MutantPuzzle Madness - Ninja MutantFix the pieces exactly on the picture frame.

  • MaradonaMaradonaPractice kicking the ball with Maradona himself!
  • Bridge TacticsBridge TacticsCut them off at the bridge! Click to place the dynamite, then hit Ready to send in the enemy troops. While they're crossing, click the sticks of dynamite to set off explosions. Destroy as much of the bridge as possible while killing enemy units. Reach the target score (shown in the top right) to complete a level.
  • Royal PainRoyal PainCan you get a reaction out of this stolid British guard before his shift change?
  • Atomic PlayAtomic PlaySelect the spheres by clicking and dragging your mouse. Make an atom to appear by turning all of the sphere area into pink.Longer the link, higher will be your score. Make the atom to reach the end, in the sphere's path. Longer links can be formed with the help of special spheres.

  • Emma\\’s Recipes: Chocola...Emma\\’s Recipes: Chocola...Bake a batch for a welcome whiff of grandma`s kitchen!
  • RoadiesRoadiesGet the Roadies to the gig on time, avoiding the perils of bouncers, big falls and of course every Roadies biggest fear: musicians.

    Guide them to the exit of each level by dragging the objects from the panel at the bottom of the screen onto the play area. some objects block the Roadies, while others bounce them upwards or sideways.

    Experiment with each object to see what it does.To get to the next level, save the needed quota of Roadies before the time runs out. the number of Roadies saved, needed and still on stage is displayed at the bottom of the screen, along with the amount of lives and time you have left before the gig starts.

  • Halloween StarsHalloween StarsHalloween Stars is another point and click hidden objects game from Stars are hidden everywhere in the Halloween picture.Find them and hit it. Unwanted clicks will reduce target time.
  • Holly Hobbie Water Balloon BlastHolly Hobbie Water Balloon Blast Robby and Kyle are at it again. Instead of doing their chores they decided to challenge Holly to a water balloon fight. Help Holly take them on by launching as many water balloons at them as you can before time runs out. Score a point each time you soak Robby or Kyle. Be careful not to hit Doodles or Cheddar or you'll lose a point.
  • Maze Game Game Play 3Maze Game Game Play 3 Help the sheep to find the fence.
  • Bow ChiefBow Chief Shoot 50 arrows and get as far as possible as you try to hit the computer or a 2nd player.
  • Push Push Push the blocks to clear the map, design your own levels and share them anywhere!
  • Japanese Snacks MatchJapanese Snacks MatchTasty Japanese Traditional Snacks Match game! Tako-yaki, Tempura, Yaki-Ika....the list goes on!!
  • Batter Fried FishBatter Fried FishDo you want to surprise your family with a surprise dinner? Learn to prepare this delicious fish by just following the instructions of this easy recipe and mix the ingredients.

  • SpaceGateSpaceGateA vertical scrolling shoot-em-up inspired by the NES era of shooters such as Astro Warrior and bullet hell games like Xenon 2 and Cave.

  • Trouble In Pixie HollowTrouble In Pixie HollowHelp Fawn, Rosetta and Tinker Bell free their friends!

  • Rock it RacerRock it Racer Grab music note by touching them with your character. you may need to jum to get some of them.
  • Eggs In PotEggs In PotPut the eggs into the moving pots.
  • Stars and StripesStars and StripesStephanie is a very patriotic girl and wants to show it this independence day by wearing stars and stripes! Just because you go with a theme doesn't mean you can't be fashionable. Choose some red, white and blue for Stephanie to wear!
  • Overlord II Glorious Empire TossOverlord II Glorious Empire Toss Grab and toss the people before they reach your empire doors. Use goblins to help!
  • More ZombiesMore Zombies Evade the hordes of zombies attacking as you unlock new weapons to kill them with.
  • Flat TrackFlat TrackMotorcycle racing. Step on the gas and be the first to cross the finish line!
  • Nebula Warriors GameNebula Warriors GamePlace your cards to combat the enemy forces. Be careful not to run out of cards before the enemy.
  • Mr DonMr Don Guide Don, a brave pig through the dangerous levels and rescue the princess. Collect food and gifts along the way to earn points but avoid the creatures and traps.The game is timed so hurry up.
  • Sara's Cooking Class: B...Sara's Cooking Class: B...There's nothing more satisfying than baking a beautiful homemade cake!
  • FlashouletteFlashouletteGreat roulette game with classic rules and a highscore table, where you can compete with players from all over the world! Play more great Highscore Games.Classic roulette rules! Play with your mouse!
  • White JumpingWhite JumpingHit the snowy slopes—but don't wipe out in the white!
  • Celebrity Memory GameCelebrity Memory GameMany people can remember faces. But how many people can remember faces when they appear just for a few microseconds on the computer screen? The answer is just a few. Check out this game and see whether you are one of those exceptional few.
  •  cyrus cyrusFantastic game of fashion and cosmetics for the idol of teenagers all over the world! Dress and do the hair and make-up of the beautiful Miley Cyrus, who's also becoming a movie star: she'll be the protagonist of Wings, a movie based on the homonym novel by Aprilynne Pike!ssssss
  • Flying CrittersFlying CrittersLaunch furry critters angry birds style into portals.
  • Stewardess dress up Stewardess dress up This beautiful girl is a stewardess at a very important flight company. She loves her job and she is crazy about the uniforms she has to wear at work.
  • Casual Fashion DressupCasual Fashion DressupCasual street wear and elegant chothes are present in this girl's wardrobe. Have fun with this interactive fashion dress up game.

  • Protect The CastleProtect The Castle Your castle is under attack. Protect your castle from incoming enemies, Destroy them and earn money to buy upgrades.