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  • SteppenWolf Chapter 3 Episode 1SteppenWolf Chapter 3 Episode 1 Trap in the elevator, McAllister is shot! His dying words speak of a "red drawer". Help Meg find the mysterious drawer which contains the mini-disc and fight Donovan's henchman!
  • Aladdin (1994)Aladdin (1994)Full version (but 1 player only) of Aladdin. SNES emulated with JAVA.
  • Naughty Boy 2Naughty Boy 2 Just enjoy being naughty to win the game.
  • Majesty of ColorsMajesty of ColorsStrange and original story based game where you take on the role of a mysterious sea creature which resembles a giant tentacle. Make choices on how you interact with people who venture into your grasp to become either friends or enemies with the human race. Great pixalated artwork adds to the imaginative story line and five different endings creates replay value.
  • Spy TruckSpy Truck Your planet has been attacked by aliens and its time for you to show some action and get back your planet. Destroy all the aliens, Get weapon upgrades and take back what is yours.
  • Back To School MemoryBack To School MemoryTry to find matching school kits and remove them from the game.

  • SqueezedSqueezedYou are a star trying to avoid other stars!

  • Snow White - Dark CurseSnow White - Dark CurseBeat the crap out of cuddly creatures that have transformed into monsters with your dark powers.

  • Word Search-5Word Search-5 Search and find the listed word from the jumbled alphabets. Listed words are in horizontal, vertical or diagonal direction in the grid. Sooner you complete every level more score you will get.
  • Spot the 5 DifferencesSpot the 5 DifferencesLook at the pictures and try to spot all the 5 differences!
  • Hidden Numbers PinocchioHidden Numbers Pinocchio Examine your observing skill by finding the listed numbers which are in different forms.
  • Grave Of The Fire Flies - Hidden ObjectsGrave Of The Fire Flies - Hidden ObjectsFind out the objects displayed below, which are hidden in the image. Find them in short time to score more.

  • Naked SantaNaked Santa Throw the snow ball and hit naked Santa, bit of a weird one this game.
  • Peanut Butter CookiesPeanut Butter CookiesGo nuts for these classic American treats! Follow Sara\’s expert instructions to whip up a batch of these crunchy crowd-pleasers.
  • Hummer Football 2Hummer Football 2 A brand new Hummer soccer game!

    This time the computer opponents are a lot more intelligent. The pitch is viewed from a different perspective and it 3 vs. 3 cars now.
  • Johnny DeepJohnny Deep Think diving is easy? Think again! Play as Johnny Deep and try reaching the deepest parts of the ocean. Collect bonuses, buy upgrades, battle exotic fish and complete all achievements on your way to become the new diving record holder!
  • The RobbersThe Robbers Guide the gang of three robbers through 20 levels. Try to beat the clock and avoid getting caught! Each of the robbers has a unique skill: Claws can hang from walls, Froggy can bounce from wall to wall, and Brute can stun guards and push boxes. Earn silver and gold medals to unlock the later levels.
  • Glassez2Glassez2 This game is the 2nd addition of the famous puzzle Glassez! Play over 180 absolutely new fascinating levels designed entirely by our users!
  • Winnie The Pooh Balloon TrailWinnie The Pooh Balloon TrailHelp Pooh and Piglet follow the balloon trail! Clear the way by pushing the empty honey pots.

  • Tunnel DriveTunnel Drive Play this Tunnel Drive game where you can feel the tunnel swirling as you maneuver you car to both the sides. You will have to achieve the target denoted for the Dollars, Stars and Diamonds to proceed to the next stage. While Driving avoid the dynamites and traffic cones, as they reduce speed. Avoid getting to the extreme ends, as the game gets over. Collecting dollars(200) , stars (600 points) and diamond (350 points) increases the points, and the bonus card (500 points) that come in the way also boosts up your points. To increase speed, grab the speed booster as and when you are Driving.
  • New Year's NightNew Year's NightChinese New Year is all about happiness and lanterns and fireworks and…fire-breathing dragons.
  • Space OdditySpace Oddity Explore the spaceship halls and gather items for your inventory to help get into new areas.
  • Three Kingdoms- Legend of Huang ZongThree Kingdoms- Legend of Huang ZongHuang Zhong (died 220[1]) was a military general serving under the warlord Liu Bei during the late Han Dynasty period of Chinese history. He was most noted for his victory in the Battle of Mount Dingjun, in which his force routed that of Xiahou Yuan, who was slain during battle. For his merits, Huang Zhong was ranked among the five leading generals of Shu Han, also known as the Five Tiger Generals in popular culture.
  • Queens Wedding SolitaireQueens Wedding SolitaireQueens Wedding Solitaire is a classic solitaire variation by The object of the game is to move all of the cards from the tableau to the foundation. The foundation may be built up or down regardless of suit. For example, if the Foundation is showing a 5, then a 4 or 6 may be played onto it. When you're unable to make any more moves, turn over the top of the stock and place it face-up on top of the foundation pile, then once again make any moves available on the tableau. There are 20 levels and nice graphics.
  • Hungry ShapesHungry ShapesAn innovative puzzle where one has to feed the Hungry Shapes so that, at the end of the level, none of the shapes is left hungry and all the shapes remain on screen.

  • Recycle ShootingRecycle ShootingCatapult the rubbish into the correct recycling chutes.

  • Canpop 2Canpop 2 Once you pop, you won't wanna stop!
  • Fairy Tale KissingFairy Tale KissingEvery girl has dreamed of living in a fairy tale where she meets her prince charming. This time you are a fairy and your crush is a male fairy. See if you can win his heart.
  • Zombeast StampedeZombeast StampedeZombified animals are on the loose and ready to rampage. Eliminate them before they eliminate you!

  • Memory InstrumentsMemory InstrumentsClick cards to turn it over, find the two same cards the cards will show once at the beginning of a stage, try to memory them!
  • Bumble Bee AdventuresBumble Bee AdventuresHelp this hungry bumble bee find its way to the delicious honey. Make sure to get enough to that you can feed the family, they are hungry too! Use your moues to guide the bumble bee and find the honey! The more honey you collect, the bigger you will get. Be careful not to bump into any walls because sometimes it can be very narrow and tricky!
  • Paneer RollPaneer RollYour goal is to follow the steps of cooking to make a perfect paneer roll.

  • AmidaAmidaHelp this little ladybug get to his objective going from branch to branch avoiding the spiders. Guide it clicking with the mouse.

  • Xmas StarsXmas StarsCollect all the golden stars of Xmas with your little snowflake helpers! Aim with the mouse, launch a snowflake with the left mouse button. Collect all the golden stars on the level to advance. You have limited amount of snowflakes - if one leaves the screen at the bottom that snowflakes is lost. However, if a snowflake lands in the gift box, it can be launched again.
  • Maze Game Game Play 9Maze Game Game Play 9 Guide the bee to find its hive.
  • Jake's Inferno PinballJake's Inferno PinballHelp Jack master pinball as part of his dragon training.

  • Leaving the CountryLeaving the CountryHelp Sarah and Douglas find new lives and friends in their new hotel in the French countryside!
  • Tripeaks ManiaTripeaks ManiaStack cards on a pile that are 1 away from the card pile.
  • Hidden Letters Gipsy CampHidden Letters Gipsy Camp Find the hidden letters in this gypsy party.
  • Sponge Bob Square Pants Delivery DilemmaSponge Bob Square Pants Delivery Dilemma Help Spongebob deliver ingredients to the Krusty Krab without getting out off the road.
  • Super Santa ShooterSuper Santa ShooterSanta's scared of heights: help him get up on the rooftop!
  • My Sweet HamsterMy Sweet Hamster This game is about hamsters. Do you like these cute little animals? The hamsters live in a beautiful pet home. In the first level you have to take care of 1 hamster. You can pick up the hamster and put it wherever you want it to be. Feed it, give it something to drink, let it run in its hamster wheel to get some exercise and stay healthy, and so on. Pay special attention to its teeth: if they grow too long, it will escape! In this game there are several levels. In every level you get one more hamster to take care of.
  • Spin N Set Super SonicSpin N Set Super Sonic Arrange the pieces correctly to figure out the image.
  • Dress The OlsensDress The Olsens The NGO called PETA has launched a campaign against the twins because they wear so many furs and skins