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  • Swap The EggsSwap The Eggsswap adjacent eggs, when four or more eggs line up, those eggs will disappear.
  • Park KissPark KissKiss your girl while at the park. Don't get caught by people beside you.

  • Gravity Ball 2Gravity Ball 2Control the paddle and break all the bricks with your ball!
  • Ponkey BongPonkey Bong Funny version of the game Donkey Kong. Rescue your friend and watch those barrels.
  • Wanko Soba TowerWanko Soba TowerKeep a good balance and build a tower with soba cup

  • Square AdventureSquare AdventureSeparate blocks and jump on and over platforms. Watch out for sharp spikes.
  • valentine-fortune-cookiesvalentine-fortune-cookies Make fortune cookies for the Valentines day before you ran out of time.
  • Contexture 14Contexture 14 Arrange the scrambled pieces on the grid to form a contexture.
  • Hidden HeartsHidden HeartsHearts are hidden all around the place! Shoot the Hearts with archer's bow and arrows.

  • Wrap AttackWrap Attack Some bad guy has captured Santa and all his gifts. But Tommy is going to save Christmas. It you hit the Z key, you turn bad toys good, and with the X key you create ice bridges.
  • My Sweet Baby 2My Sweet Baby 2 In this game you will take care of a nice baby. You have to play with the baby, feed her, bathe her and much more. If you click on the baby you can see if she is healthy and happy. You can earn money by taking good care of the baby. With the money you can buy new things for the babt. This way you can make your baby the happiest child on the planet! In level two and up, there are more babies to take care of. I'm sure you can manage this job, too.
  • Xeno Space SurvivorXeno Space Survivor In this game you must guide the scientists to one of the nearest underground tunnel. Keep an eye on your Scientist Monitor to see how many of them you still have to rescue. Hurry before the critters kill him, and keep an eye on the scientist's life bar.
  • Toon Town Town ShootToon Town Town Shoot Help the dog to shoot the enemy with the correct icon.
  • Crazy DartsCrazy Darts This is a somewhat unusual darts game. You need to catch a horizontal position and then the vertical one. However, the aim is not moving straight, but in zigzag and the target is spinning. Probably that's why these darts are called Crazy.
  • StringyStringyDrive Stringy through 40 levels avoiding walls, rotating barriers and lasers, and collect red and yellow stars. Beat levels quickly to gain White Stars, try to get them all!!
  • 2112 Cooperation Chapter 32112 Cooperation Chapter 3 Back to the guns, guys! Here comes chapter 3 of the almost movie-like 3D ego shooter game '2112 Cooperation', a bit harder and more interactive.
  • Barnville MassacreBarnville Massacre Farmers should be spending their days milking cows and chewing hay. Not shooting mutant chickens! Fortunately, there\\’s a sweet gun store to handle your anti-livestock needs!
  • OnonminOnonminOnly One Minute. To shoot the ball on longest possible path.
  • Blast Billiards HustlerBlast Billiards Hustler To celebrate the launch of Blast Billiards on the iPhone and iPod touch, which is the No.1 sports game on the UK iTunes App Store, here is Blast Billiards Hustler for you to download. This game is all about speed and skill, can you pot all the bombs before the time runs out?Do your best, pool shark!
  • Holiday CleanupHoliday CleanupOh no! Christmas is almost here, and the house is all dirty but nobody wants their house to look messy when they decorate the tree, or when they carol for Santa, so get ready, and let the holiday cleanup begin! Have fun!
  • Natassia Malthe Dress UpNatassia Malthe Dress Up Natassia has been providing cinematic eye candy since 1998 when she made her big-screen debut in Disturbing Behavior. She has since appeared (albeit far too briefly) in over a dozen films including 40 Days and 40 Nights (2002), Stark Raving Mad (2002), Halloween: Resurrection (2002), A Guy Thing (2003), and Elektra (2005). A versatile talent, Natassia has also made the small screen sizzle with roles in hit programs like Dark Angel, Andromeda, The Chris Isaak Show, and Confessions of a Sociopathic Social Climber.

    As a model, Natassia has appeared in memorable ads for Axe deodorant and Johnson & Johnson\’s pH 5.5 body wash, as well as sexy pictorials for magazines such as Maxim, Stuff, Candy, and Mega.
  • Spy-Vs-SpySpy-Vs-Spy Two dangerous operative looking some style as disguise.
  • Sock DyeSock DyeCan you change all the socks to the same color? Click on a dye color below the pile of socks to change the top left sock - and all similar adjacent socks - to a new color. You have 25 moves to dye the entire pile the same color. It starts out easy, but becomes more and more difficult!
  • Lisa Raye Dress UpLisa Raye Dress Up Lisa Raye built a career in black ensemble movies, such as The Players Club (1998), The Wood (1999), Civil Brand (2002), and Gang of Roses (2003). Now she stars on TV's All of Us, the sitcom created and produced by Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith.
  • C A M A T I SC A M A T I S Shoot all the flying tomatoes and catch them with the shopping cart.
  • Star GrabberStar Grabber Grab all the stars with similar color by changing the white star’s color into the color of the stars which you collect. If the main star’s color doesn’t match with the color of the star which you are collect , you will lose a life.
  • Choco MuseumChoco MuseumFind the bags of Choco and click items to make your way through the museum.

  • Save The Birds 2Save The Birds 2Second part of the game Save The Birds. Again, throw foods at the bird and save them.

  • Dralion ElementsDralion ElementsSuspended in time between the past and the future, Dralion is a celebration of life and the four elements that maintain the natural order: air, water, fire and earth. Your challenge is to unite the four elements by conquering the challenges set by the Gods of Fire, Water, Earth and Air.

  • Powerpool 2Powerpool 2Powerpool returns with 3 new tables and one new powerup! Play with unlimited cue balls or test yourself against the best through 20 levels of Powerpool mayhem.
  • BM REXBM REX Get set for the T-Rex effect: these BMX trix are all leg power!
  • My Superb LasagnaMy Superb LasagnaYou are having friends over tonight, and you must cook lasagna for them all! Do your best and then see how they liked your cooking at the end!

  • Halloween ShopHalloween ShopHalloween Shopping: Every year, when Halloween comes, all the Halloween shops in which sell Halloween stuff such as: decorations, costumes are very crowded. You have an idea to run such a Halloween shop this year. You must manage to serve as much customers as you can to earn money. Hope you can satisfy all the customers and have a Happy Halloween!!

  • Peppy s Janet Jackson Dress UpPeppy s Janet Jackson Dress Up Get her all dress up for album debut.
  • Ice Skating PrincessIce Skating PrincessAfter a flawless routine comes the shower of adoration!
  • Clear Green CityClear Green CityStart to drive from house to house and collect garbage!
  • SweetsSweets Shoot the same icons to eliminate them on the board.
  • No BrakesNo Brakes How fast can you get to the finish line!
  • Larva DreamLarva DreamLarva Marv is a little caterpillar and kind of a scientist. Help him find all the things he needs to build a helicopter. Enjoy this cute funny game. Use only your mouse to point and click causing a chain of actions and reactions.
  • Flying MonkeyFlying Monkey This mischievous monkey flies on the balloons. It collects bananas and pineapples. You should avoid enemies, flying pelican, giraffes, comets, electric power station lets the electro-charge out.
  • Airfield MayhemAirfield Mayhem Flight controller get ready! Your job is to help land the planes safely on their respective airfields.
  • Diner Dash Hometown HeroDiner Dash Hometown Hero On a visit to her hometown, Flo and her Grandma Florence take a stroll down memory lane. Bring five restaurants back to life, and meet new customers like the Hungry Man and the Celebrity. Take special care of customers with reservations and place flowers at tables in order to make diners happier. Stuck with a 4-person group and no 4-person tables? Now you can move tables together to create a larger table. Help restore Flo`s hometown now!

    Keep customers happy by serving them as fast as you can! The happier they are, the more points you'll earn. Reach the target number of points to win a level. If the customer wait too long. They'll get upset and leave. Click and drag a customer group to clean table.
  • Strawberry Bannana MuffinsStrawberry Bannana MuffinsTried of the boring blueberry muffins? Create a colorful and fruity breakfast treat with this strawberry banana muffin recipe! It's simple to make, just follow along with this easy recipe! Not sure what you're mixing together? Don't worry! Hover over the mouse to see what ingredients you'll need to prepare these delicious baked goods!
  • Puppet WarsPuppet Wars Fight and defeat all your enemy puppets.