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  • Mahjong Connect 3Mahjong Connect 3Select two tiles with matching pattern that aren't blocked from the right or left to remove them. More instructions in the game.
  • Tank AssaultTank Assault Enemy panzers have broken our lines and occupied a city of strategic importance. As an anti-tank cannon commander you received the order to destroy the enemy whatever it takes.
  • Maggies Rainy RideMaggies Rainy Ride Help Maggie surf through the rain water and get her back home safely!
  • Jennifer Lopez MakeoverJennifer Lopez MakeoverShe is a real superstar and we all know her from movies and music videos that are being broadcasted all around the world. She had won a lot of prizes for her performance and not just that. She won some prizes for her beauty when she was a little younger than now but she remained as beautiful as before and she is back in business with a new hot song. Dress her up for the upcoming music video and let your imagination romp to get something really majestic.
  • Dolls At HomeDolls At HomeHelp Dolls to move into their fabulous new house! Arrange the rooms nicely with all the available items and furniture!

  • Scooby Doo and the Hollywood Horror 2Scooby Doo and the Hollywood Horror 2 The Hollywood horror, A ghost straight from the silver scream has kidnapped Daphne's uncle Maxwell. The famous director! It's up to Shaggy and Scooby to solve this one.
  • Hiding n KissingHiding n Kissing Kiss your partner but be careful so that you don't get caught by the people nearby you.
  • Miss Dynamite Kiss Eva DollMiss Dynamite Kiss Eva Doll Miss Dynamite has also it's own game. Have fun dressing up Eva but I know she won't have fun as you do.
  • Great MahjongGreat MahjongYour goal is to maximize your score while completing your puzzle!
  • FoolyooFoolyoo Slice your way through men with dragon masks on in this Japanese game for maximum points but be aware if you delay in this matter they will kill you.
  • High Dive HeroHigh Dive HeroDive from the 5m, 10m, and 15m boards. Score points for positions and entering the water vertically!
  • Toys For Boys And GirlsToys For Boys And GirlsJust imagine that you're a sort of modern good fairy who renders lots and lots of adorable little kids super happy with just a few mouse clicks! Now, you can actually bring huge smiles on these cute little faces, playing the toys for boys and girls management game! Let your computer mouse be your magical wand and start making these sweetie's toys fantasies come true! Select their favorite teddy bears or car toys, candies and colorful cool notebooks from the shelves or hangers that you have there, take them to your cute tiny clients waiting on the sofa, then quick, go to the counter and receive your money! There are 4 levels for you to test your magical powers in and lost of children to cheer up selling them your great toys and sugared goodies, so get the toys for boys and girls management game started and make your toy store the most popular one in town!
  • Fortress Guardian 2Fortress Guardian 2 Double the enemies, twice the adventure and two headed monsters everywhere! In the sequel to the epic 'Fortress Guardian' you'll face off against werewolves, ogres, flying ghouls and more! Use gold to upgrade your armory and strike back with Fire and Ice arrows or a Mighty Darkness Axe and let not these demons take your castle.
  • Drinking Cup DesignerDrinking Cup Designer Create the kind of cup you'd want to use every day! Choose from lots of colors, designs, and funny sayings!
  • Stack AttackStack AttackMatch similar colored blocks while collecting power ups.
  • Fantasy GemsFantasy GemsSwap gems to match three or more in row or in column.
  • Lovele Luvlee StyleLovele Luvlee Style A new breed of fashion has come out and its Luvlee.
  • Swan RoomSwan RoomFind objects that will help you escape from the room.
  • absolute Madnessabsolute Madness Prepare yourself for a nice round of uncomplicated annihilation. Wave after wave of assassins are send your way, so it\’s time to draw your favorite weapon en start firing away.

    Don\’t care about your ammunition or any other pleasure reducing factors, it\’s all about total destruction in this game.
  • Pit WalkerPit WalkerGun down the attackers as you grab keys to open the portal. Upgrade weapons, and get new ones.

  • Ether of Magic CardsEther of Magic Cards Fight enemies in turns as you attack them and heal yourself with the best magic cards you have.
  • Moth StaplerMoth Stapler Your goal is to staple the moths to the wall.
  • Stick Figure Penalty Chamber 2Stick Figure Penalty Chamber 2 The most anticipated sequel of stickman's greatest torture is here! The chamber is now filled with more ways to end up the so-called life of this stick. Enjoy those ways and have fun!
  • AliceAliceA difference game inspired by the story of Alice in Wonderland. Spot all differences, use the hint button if you are stuck.
  • Pimp my MonstertruckPimp my MonstertruckChange your truck in a way you like.
  • Stack CardsStack CardsDeal 'em out fast to create some Black Jack stacks!
  • Bird's-Eye View Hidden NumbersBird's-Eye View Hidden NumbersThere are 36 different numbers that you have to discover. Some of these numbers are visible permanently at all times and some of them become visible temporarily by the movement of certain objects. A magnifying glass will be your best tool for locating the numbers.
  • Farm HustleFarm HustleLike Bejeweled only harder. You need to clear every square at least once before time runs out.
  • Mario Jungle AdventureMario Jungle AdventureAre you ready to enjoy a jungle adventure with Mario? Help him to collect fruits. You must watch out the enemies.
  • Rat AttackRat AttackAim and shoot. Destroy the crates to get ammo and activate traps. Defend the island from the evil pirate rats.
  • Cave ExplorerCave ExplorerExplore this huge 16bit cave and find all the treasures and secrets while upgrading your digger!
  • Pokemon - Patch The PixelsPokemon - Patch The PixelsArrange the scrambled pieces on the grid to form a contexture.

  • Picking BananaPicking Banana Help the monkey to pick all the bananas and deliver them safely to home. Draw your own path and drive your own path! Be careful not to let monkey fall down, that would hurt.
  • Colorful Kids RoomColorful Kids RoomFind hidden objects by using your observing skills
  • Knight Tactics 2Knight Tactics 2 Move your units into position and attack the CPU enemy players. Don't let all your soliders die!
  • MofroMofroHelp MoFro save Phatmen from Dr AntiKoan by finding the right item in the maze!
  • City GuardianCity GuardianProtect the city from an alien invasion! Get experience points and become stronger! You are the legendary hero who fights against aliens. Your city has been attacked and this is the time of your fight. Fly as long as you can and use special powers to clean your way!
  • Kitty's CandiesKitty's CandiesKitty's candy kingdom is being invaded by paratrooping mice who hope to steal her sweet treasure!
  • Casual SpaceCasual SpaceSmall water creature tries its best to collect all the star pieces and save the sun of his home planet.

  • Jeep RacerJeep Racer Stay balanced as you go off jumps grabbing all the stars, then touching the flag to progress.
  • Elvis WolfElvis WolfMake the Elvis-wolf reach the expensive gifts with the hook and save them in its box.

  • Snooker 2036Snooker 2036You have to make a perfect line between the white ball and other balls, then you can make play very well in pool.

  • Wacky Ballz BlastWacky Ballz Blast Give your ball the best angle and power possible to get as far as possible as you grab powerups.
  • Pair Mania - MedievalPair Mania - MedievalA Medieval pairs game whereby you must match the paired cards together in the least amount of guesses possible.