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  • Bouncin Bop Episode 1Bouncin Bop Episode 1 The evil baddies are trying to stop Bouncin Bop from his care free life of bouncin around. Guide Bouncin Bop past all the baddies and outlandish obstacles to the goal on each level.
  • Night Sky DefenderNight Sky Defender Help Batman recharge his wings!
  • Chinese Gem QuestChinese Gem QuestCreate matched of 3 or more gems of the same color to destroy them. Make sure to stop the gems from entering the Beacon tower. Move Chinese pot with the mouse. Click left mouse button to shoot.
  • SwuffleSwuffleMove the red square and rotate the faces till 4 equal ones are trapped in it!
  • Monolith GuardiansMonolith GuardiansDestroy all the enemy Driods and improve your spaceship with the money earned. Use the mouse to fly. Make click to throw a nuclear bomb.

  • Catscratch Cat FightCatscratch Cat Fight Blik, ever-mad for power is on the hunt for the remaining parts of the magical Swork. The parts he already has have give him the power to fly. Squirt at Gordon and Waffle to get their Swork parts. Be sure to grab Swork pieces before they reach the ground or your opponent will get a shiny new plane and come after you again. If you hesitate in grabbing the Swork pieces, Grizzled will come puttering after you. Squirt him to stop his attacks.
  • Nick ToldyNick ToldyA chivalrous tale of dragon-slaying, princess-rescuing, and applying for a knight permits. Nick Toldy wants to slay a dragon, rescue a princess, and live happily ever after—but first things first: paperwork and problem solving.
  • Hairstyle Make OverHairstyle Make OverChoose a model and make him and your boyfriend alike.
  • Hidden GrasshopperHidden GrasshopperGrasshopper are hidden everywhere in the place. Find them and explode it using archer's bow and arrow. Unwanted clicks will reduce target time.

  • Larry and Friends Egg o ManiaLarry and Friends Egg o Mania Catch as many eggs as you can.
  • Chicken JumpChicken JumpLaunch this chicken into the sky with a hop, skip, and flap!
  • Evil KneivelEvil KneivelGive birth to a stunt devil.

  • Voodoo Doll dress-upVoodoo Doll dress-upAre you ready to celebrate Halloween in big style? Halloween fun doesn't stop at trick or treating or wearing creepy costumes, it goes further than that with house decorating and many other activities. If you're looking for scary Halloween decorations you must be looking for the original ones that's why this year DressUpWho comes with an amazing suggestion that will ensure a truly unique decoration for Halloween - the Voodoo Doll. Why make a voodoo doll? Because it's easy and so much fun! All you need to do is to drape the doll in some old clothes to give her a ragged look, and then pick out some stitch marks or scars and even some bits of red color on her face and body to dramatize the effect. Spooky huh?
  • Gear TowerGear Tower Use multiple mouse cursors to click on objects to help later cursors grab the gear and progress.
  • Crazy DartsCrazy Darts This is a somewhat unusual darts game. You need to catch a horizontal position and then the vertical one. However, the aim is not moving straight, but in zigzag and the target is spinning. Probably that's why these darts are called Crazy.
  • Level Editor 2Level Editor 2This little stickman punches in above his wimpy weight.
  • Greater Than SudokuGreater Than SudokuThis game is similar to Sudoku except that there are extra hints given by the ordinal relationship between the numbers in the blocks. In this game there will be a grid of 9 x 9 squares, the grid will further be divided into 9 subgroups of 3 x 3 squares each. Between two blocks in a subgroup, there will be a greater than or less than sign indicating the order of the numbers in the squares. The object of this game is to fill in all the squares with numbers 1 - 9 where the numbers in each row or column or subgroup must not repeat, and that the numbers must obey the relationship given by the signs. The faster you finish this game, the higher your score. If you are stuck, you can click the hint button to get some hint, but a time penalty will be applied.
  • Naan Bread CookingNaan Bread CookingThis recipe makes the best naan I have ever tasted outside of an Indian restaurant. Make enough of it for you and your family because I am sure they are going to love it. Have fun cooking Naan bread in a very special place!
  • Robin Hood - Twisted TaleRobin Hood - Twisted TaleFollow Robin Hood & the gang through this twisted version of the classis story.

  • Dreams 5 DifferencesDreams 5 DifferencesFind the five differences between the two pictures. Good art work, relaxing effect.Click on the 5 things you find different between the two images to advance to the next level.
  • Galaxy City GetawayGalaxy City GetawayYou control a space police ship and need to shoot the criminals.

  • Lola MakeoverLola MakeoverGet this country girl ready for a night out in the city!
  • BubblessBubblessMatch the bubbles by three and shoots to complete to go the next level. Your goal is to fill the left side bubble.
  • Armor Games DefenseArmor Games Defense Setup turrets and defend your castle on multiple levels. Prepare for multiple enemy pathways.
    Tribal Artifacts Flash Game Description
  • IPL Cricket 2012IPL Cricket 2012Welcome to Indian Premier League Cricket 2012! Choose your favorite team and lead to batting and bowling glory in this fun cricket game.
  • 3 Foot Ninja I The Lost Scrolls3 Foot Ninja I The Lost Scrolls On your quest to find your destiny, you'll face many obstacles and many enemies. Use the power of your sword wisely and swiftly, for your enemies are numerous and deadly. Find the 5 lost scrolls of the elders. Beware of the many tricks of your opponents and be quick to counter their attacks. May good fortune be with you!
  • Footbal South Africa 2010Footbal South Africa 2010Two teams, Brasil and Italia. Which country will win the Football Soccer World Cup 2010 in South Africa? It's a simple game where you have to score 6 goals in 1 minute while avoiding opposition football players which increase in each level.

  • SpaceCraftSpaceCraftHoly mother of all space ships: dive into this deep-space power struggle!
  • Funnel CakeFunnel CakeHave fun baking you funnel cake for the festival. Everyone will want to taste it so make sure it is delicious.
  • CubiumCubiumThese cubes have just one destination: the ground.
  • Modelled IceModelled Ice Serve the right ice cream at your customers.
  • Blocky BuddiesBlocky BuddiesBlocky Buddies is a nice puzzle game where your goal is to clear all the Blocky Buddies from the screen and get all key balls on the bottom in a row. You can achieve this by letting two or more Blocky with the same color touch each other and click your mouse to remove them from the screen.Click your mouse to remove all the Blocky Buddies from the screen and get all key balls on the bottom in a row.
  • Nail StudioNail Studio Get a nail makeover and apply the artificial nails to the girl's hands.
  • Cheeky Worm HuntCheeky Worm HuntCollect the worm by moving towards the hole by using the direction keys in the keyboard. Use space bar to pick up the worm when it peeps out of the hole. You lose your life if you fail to be away from the hole when the snake appears. Your score and the worm count increases with respect to the worms that you collect. Complete the task within 60 seconds and to collect 25 warm, else you lose your life.

  • TBATBAFire a ball from canon to canon at point blank range and find the quickest combination to the exit.

    The targets will be moving around, so you’ll need some fast reflexes and proper timing if you want to make it on time.

    Find the quickest route to the red exit portal.

  • Hip Hop Girl Dress UpHip Hop Girl Dress UpA beautiful collection of hip hop style dresses are about to amaze you in this cool dress up game. Have fun choosing the best dress!
  • Whooly 2Whooly 2Whooly must rescue the spaceship from certain destruction…
  • Rebecca Parchment  Miss Cayman 2007 Dress UpRebecca Parchment Miss Cayman 2007 Dress UpDress her to victory.

  • Magic TouchMagic Touch In this game you will have to avoid the robots from breaking into your castle. Destroy the robots draw the signs from the balloons.
  • Granny Strikes BackGranny Strikes BackAn epic shooter with time management, tower defence and RPG elements. Help Granny with special agent skills to clean her forest from hordes of extraterrestrial snowmen trying to steal Granny\’s most beloved raspberry jam.
  • Circus GirlCircus Girl Swing and make sure that the monkey can catch you.
  • Di Gata DefendersDi Gata Defenders Avoid all enemies while dodging obstacles.
  • Happy SpaceballHappy Spaceball Aliens are after you! Collect as much popcorn and then disappear through the ring to the next level.
  • AnticristumAnticristumPick your side as you defend your tower by sending out different units. Yay for lots of blood!