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  • Samis Spa ShopSamis Spa Shop Sami's spa shop is a great success! Can you handle all the customers and give them some relaxing moments in their stressful lives?
  • Stupidance 2Stupidance 2 Your aim is to choreograph the hero's dance moves perfectly to create awesome dance sequences and also help him win the dance competition. You have the option to select from different dance moves and music. In the edit mode you can arrange the dance steps synchronizing with the music and make the hero dance accordingly. In the competition mode you have to make the hero dance perfectly to proceed further and finally win the competition. Good Luck!
  • Littlest Pet Shop - Skyride CollectionLittlest Pet Shop - Skyride CollectionCollect all kibble along the way.

  • Construction Yard BikeConstruction Yard BikeThe turmoil of construction is the perfect playground for stunt-bike action!
  • Smart Dungeon Escape 2Smart Dungeon Escape 2It's not easy being a criminal, once again you find yourself from the dungeon. This time you really need to hurry...
  • Burger MasterBurger MasterCongratulations! A famous restaurant discovered your cooking talent and they offer you a new job.You must find a brand-new recipe to increase the number of costumers.After each successful work, you'll be hired by other restaurants.
  • Block DistractionBlock DistractionDestroying blocks is not as easy as you think if you are distracted enough... Click on at least 3 connected blocks to destroy them. You'll face various distractions during the game and they will hinder you from playing!

  • Confuse BoxConfuse BoxTwist the wires to light up this puzzle…
  • Deep VoyageDeep VoyageThink you can finish these underwater matching games before time runs out? Don't hold your breath!
  • Maggie's Germy RoundupMaggie's Germy RoundupMaggie has been sent on a slimey mission - to round up all the germs, running loose in her neighborhood. All you need to do is help her lasso them in. Collect the lightening and shield bonuses. Stay away from the flying bugs!

  • Intergalactic RumbleIntergalactic RumbleYour objective in this arcade flash game is to join Lirpa as he takes his revenge on enemies who ravaged his planet. Take them down one planet after another. Let them feel your wrath.

  • Tunnel MazeTunnel MazeHelp this robot get through the end of the tunnel by avoiding the obstacles on his way.

  • Treasure Seekers The Enchanted CanvasesTreasure Seekers The Enchanted Canvases Nelly has just arrived home from Guatemala to find a letter from her brother, Tom. He has invited her to join him at a castle in Romania to solve a mystery, just like when they were kids. When she arrives at the castle, however, Tom has disappeared! The story of the siblings takes a backseat once Nelly arrives and begins to struggle through a series of enchanted paintings, solving problems for the inhabitants as she goes along. Fans of Azada: Ancient Magic will recognize this familiar set-up, but Treasure Seekers 2 goes a step further with more tasks and mini-puzzles to solve in each painting.
  • Summer Camp TrekkerSummer Camp TrekkerYour a fashionable girl so why not take the fashion with you on a camping trip to the forest. Choose the best style for your trip and show off your styles
  • Jenny's Circus ShowJenny's Circus ShowJenny has got a chance to perform in the circus. She has always dreamt to be a great circus performer, just like her mom. Jenny is little afraid because it's her first show, also she wants to prove herself and give her best performance. So it's your task to help this cute girl to prove that she is best in the show. Avoid different types of difficulties during the game and collect different power ups to get extra bonus points. Make less mistakes to make Jenny popular.

  • Burger GirlyBurger Girly Burger Girly is a pretty waitress! Make delicious burgers!
  • Blackjack GoldBlackjack GoldChoose your bet, deal, and see if you need to hit or stand to win.
  • Customize Your WatchCustomize Your Watch Design and create the watch of your dreams.
  • Baby Hidden ToysBaby Hidden ToysAlbert's has many funny toys. He often makes them in disorder. Come to his room, find his favorite hidden toys, and you can get score. Take action quickly, try your best to help him. You can compete with your friends. To be No. 1!
  • AethelredaAethelredaCan you help her to choose what she wear for today??

  • Swappers-Thanksgiving 2011Swappers-Thanksgiving 2011Swap the pieces to form the given Thanksgiving pictures. To score more set the picture as quick as possible. Use hint button to know correct number arrangement of pieces. The hint button's life span is 10 seconds only. Click on the piece and then, click on the place where you want to swap that piece.
  • Marie's Block PartyMarie's Block PartyMarie's family loves playing with blocks! Help them get a high score by putting blocks of the same color together to make them disappear! But beware of Edgar's blocks. as they get in the way!

  • Verti Golf 2Verti Golf 2 Verti-golf 2 will test your golfing skills to the max with spinning discs and travelators and a variety of mechanical obstacles that either knock you off or help move you around the courses...
  • Help SANTAHelp SANTASanta Claus has run out of the money for presents,help him raise some money...
  • Chocolate CakeChocolate CakeChocolate Cake is a cake flavored with melted chocolate or cocoa powder. The recipe that we suggest to you is a classic one and it`s not difficult to prepare it. Give your best and make the most delicious chocolate cake ever. Your friends will be impressed and I am sure they will love it. Good luck
  • Princess and The Magical FruitPrincess and The Magical Fruit Collect enough fruits before time runs out.
  • Colo Math GameColo Math Game Use your math skills to get the right color.
  • Venus Williams Dress upVenus Williams Dress upThis is a chance to dress up the famous tennis player Venus Williams style clothes, accessories, etc of your own choice. She is here for a stylish dressup. An amazing Celebrity dressup game you can play and have a great fun. Lots of dress and accessories are available.
  • Picos Cousin 2Picos Cousin 2 Otis visits his grandma but she and his father disappear, leaving him in the retirement home.
  • Hidden Objects Store RoomHidden Objects Store RoomIt s the time to use your observing skills to discover the hidden objects in the Store Room.Find the hidden objects in short duration to get high score. Avoid clicking wrongly as otherwise you will lose 20 seconds in given time duration.

  • CloudyCloudySet your paper air-o-plane to sail with the wind!
  • Hexagram Time AttackHexagram Time AttackHexagram with time limit! Now swap stones against the clock in this popular and addicting match three game. Chains bring you extra time and points.
  • Star Stylin 5Star Stylin 5Style Evanna by choosing her outfit and accessories as well as her makeup and hairstyle. She will then be ready to be judged by Muse Magazine.

  • Magic TouchMagic Touch In this game you will have to avoid the robots from breaking into your castle. Destroy the robots draw the signs from the balloons.
  • Pacman Platform 2Pacman Platform 2Eat all the yellow balls, but watch out for ghosts!
  • Nature Photography - Find the NumbersNature Photography - Find the NumbersAnalyze your power of observation by finding out the numbers which are hidden in the picture. For each accurate click, score will get increased and for wrong click, score will get reduced.
  • Angry Birds Ice CreamAngry Birds Ice CreamThis is the latest game in the series on Angry Birds. In the world of Angry Birds have a lot of ice cream. But all ice cream stay in the sky, They must figure it out themselves.
  • StandeStande You are super commandos who have secret mission. True mission information you'll get only when you cut your way through the jungles.
  • Hannah Montana Rockstar ChallengeHannah Montana Rockstar Challenge See Hannah Montana's intended costume and then dress her up to match. To dress Miley, simply find an item in the bedroom or closet and click on it to pick it up. Drag the item onto Miley (seen on the right of the screen) Release the mouse over Miley to see her wear it. It's that simple!

    Note: To change an item she's wearing, just choose another one and place it on her in the same way. The old item will simply reappear where you found it.
  • Raptor RageRaptor RageRicky the Raptor lived a good life surrounded by lush forests and green open spaces. Then the farm animals came! With the roar of chainsaws they felled his forest and shattered his peaceful existence. Help Ricky fight back and overthrow the animals. It won\’t be easy. Nothing worth fighting for ever is. You must destroy the six tyrannical animal leaders – Raging Bull, Black Sheep, Blu-Ba-Boon, KillaGorilla, Top Croc, and last, but definitely not least, the mighty Swamp Lord.
  • gorgeous-megan-foxgorgeous-megan-fox Megan Fox is awesome.
  • Mini Bike CrazeMini Bike CrazeRide your mini bike over the bumpy terrain , collect all the stars and try to complete all of the levels.

  • Stadium SneakoutStadium SneakoutYou blew the game, and no one gets angry like sports fans…
  • Alien TruckAlien TruckSee if you have what it takes to be an Alien Truck driver. This Alien planet is filled with radio active stones and these little aliens are trying to get enough stones to make energy at their plant.