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  • Memory Game: FruitsMemory Game: FruitsSharpen your memory with these sappy singles who all want to be pears!

    Fruits Select your level of difficulty, and then click 2 cards at a time to flip them over to find matches. Find all the matches in as few clicks as possible to get the highest score!

  • Retro PingRetro PingTry to get the paddle on the right to miss the ball by hitting it back with cleverly-angled shots!
  • Vinnie’s RampageVinnie’s RampageWhen Vinnie\\’s at the wheel, the streets ain\\’t safe for any thug up on his grill.
  • CatherineCatherine Use the items over table as buttons. move doll as you wish.
  • Emo ManiaEmo ManiaEmo fashion does no longer mean dark colors and aggressive clothes, now it's all about eccentric outfits and bright colored hair. The essence of this trend is to express your originality through your looks and to be yourself. So, what Emo outfit would fit best with your personality? Take a look at Emo Mania dress up game and create the perfect look! Enjoy!
  • Star Fighter: Dragon's TerritoryStar Fighter: Dragon's TerritoryFly through space in this graphically superior spaceship shooter. Watch out for big enemies!

  • Koi KingKoi KingEvery year in a little Japanese village, there is a very prestigious title every fisherman vies for: Koi King. To win the competition, you must raise the largest Koi by feeding them as much food as you can. It is time to achieve a Zen-like state and harness your Chi!
  • Love in My HeartLove in My HeartFind five differences on two pictures. Interesting game, the beautiful images, great hanging in your free time.
  • Swanky MakeoverSwanky MakeoverDo you like Girl Makeover! This girl has hired you as a new stylist and you want to show your makeup skills. Give her a proper makeover and accessories.
  • Moonlight SonataMoonlight Sonata Survive 14 days defending your safeplace against the attacks of the wolfs. At day repair your defenses and look for new weapons. Improve your weapons with the score.
  • Viking QuestViking QuestWhat should a small viking-girl do when she lives among the vikings? Why not sit at home and wait until everybody is back? No sea voyages, no battles, even no pets! Oh no! After all, you can start an adventure, go on a voyage and even adopt an unusual pet, and it's all by yourself!
  • ManthuManthu Help Manthu to escape from this dangerous Space.
  • Command SoldiersCommand Soldiers Command soldiers to victory in various battles on defense and offense.
  • Ht83 style for summerHt83 style for summerGirl is enjoying her summer vacation by taking long walks on the promenade. Help her choose a beautiful summer dress and some cool accessories to complete the outfit.
  • School Bus LicenseSchool Bus LicenseDeliver all the pupils to school on time, without crashing into anything! Do well, and you'll be a full-blown bus driver!

  • Survive CrisisSurvive CrisisAs an experienced sniper, you have successfully managed to penetrate into enemy territory. Now it's up to you to eliminate all of your foes, causing confussion amidst their lines, thus helping your fellow soldiers to survive the enemy threat. Play all 10 exciting missions and prove that you are capable of helping your allies to survive the crisis!
  • Hill BlazerHill BlazerPush the boundaries and feel that rush of adrenaline...
  • Mr Looney AdventureMr Looney AdventureFind items in each scene and use them to ward off baddies and fix objects to continue to progress.

  • Taylor KissTaylor Kiss Taylor swift and Taylor lautner laced up their track shoes on the set and ready for romance. Make Taylor lautner to kiss Taylor swift by overcoming the hurdles splendidly.
  • Little Timmy Big AdventureLittle Timmy Big AdventureLittle Timmy is a young little kid! In this game you need to help him to find all the differences! Can you help Timmy?
  • Making Berry ParfaitsMaking Berry Parfaits Follow the instructions and prepare a nice meal. Enjoy your meal! Follow the instructions and prepare a nice meal. Enjoy your meal!
  • No CommentNo Comment Avoid reporters - they'll embrace you in a live interview! Fend them off by throwing pies.
  • Mario Bubble BoomMario Bubble Boom Help Super Mario destroy his enemies. Click on Super Mario to form a bubble,as the enemies should be brought within the bubble to get them destroyed.
  • Ocean MatchesOcean MatchesMake your ocean friends do the seaside shuffle!
  • KakuroKakuroIn this game there will be a grid of randomly placed blank squares, a series of squares connected horizontally or vertically form a group, before each group is a block with a number on it. The object of this game is to fill in the squares with numbers from 1 to 9 so that the numbers in the groups do not repeat and that the numbers sum up to the number before the group. The faster you finish the game, the higher your score. When you are stuck, you can click the hint button to get some hints, but you will suffer a time penalty.
  • The Candy TrapThe Candy TrapThe siblings were foraging for food when they fell into the witch's trap... Find all 5 differences between each pair of images before the timer runs out to progress through the story. If you need a clue, click Hint. Using a hint or making a wrong guess will cost 25 points.
  • Bubba TimeBubba Time Create boxes to get around, kill enemies, and solve puzzles. Puzzles get complicated.
  • Giraffe with Kids XmasGiraffe with Kids Xmas Do you think this is like a Card for Christmas day? It's time for all of us to design Xmas Card and send your friends and relatives best wishes for a Merry Christmas and happy New year. Your gift will bring you good luck in the coming year.
  • Acorn FactoryAcorn FactoryHelp get the acorn to the goal.

  • Michigan HawkMichigan Hawk Grab the gold and gems, break vases to find treasure. Don't run out of health and avoid monsters.
  • No Pants Ned Dude Wheres My PantsNo Pants Ned Dude Wheres My Pants Don't let No-Pants Ned get caught with his pants down in this game. Help him make it through town without being seen in his underwear.
  • Swine Flu SalvationSwine Flu Salvation Take on the role of the governator as he defends America from swine flu epidemic.
  • Friendly DragonFriendly Dragon Spot the difference between the 2 identical dragon image.
  • Garbage TruckGarbage TruckCollect the wastes and haul them to the treatment facility. The faster you do the run, the more you get paid. It's as simple as that! Upgrade your trash truck or even change you truck for a bigger one to collect more waste and drive faster to the destination.
  • Gulliup Keep It UpGulliup Keep It UpA funny ball keep up game in which you have to keep the ball high without letting it touch the ground. Try to make special combos by making combinations between the head,chest and the feet.

  • Colorado Mountain StylingColorado Mountain StylingLiving in a cabin up in the mountains is a wonderful lifestyle because it is so beautiful! This girl just moved to Colorado and wants a makeover so her fashion and styling are as beautiful as her new surroundings. Go through all the different items to find the things that look good together until you make a full outfit. Once you are done you can see how she looks.
  • Funda Photo PuzzleFunda Photo PuzzleClick on the pictures to arrange and find whose photo is hidden in the puzzle. Have Fun.

  • Dog Walking Dress UpDog Walking Dress UpMarnie's no slouch at dressing, even when walking the pooches.

  • Max Takes A BreathMax Takes A BreathWooz World invites you to an underwater world on Deaf Planet!

  • Matt LanterMatt LanterCome over to 90210 and Dress Up the Movie Star Matt Lanter! He is waiting for you to make him look cute today!
  • Sort My Tiles Ultimate HumanSort My Tiles Ultimate Human An American comic book limited series published by Marvel Comics. The limited series set in the Ultimate Universe, is written by Warren Ellis and pencilled by Cary Nord.
  • Duck Pond PuzzleDuck Pond PuzzleWith your animal love, the duck pond will truly be the perfect place for all your virtual pets!
  • KAROKAROFind minimum 3 connect in a minimum time.
  • Killer EggsKiller Eggs Your village is under attack from an alien queen, dropping her eggs. Destroy the eggs before they hatch