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  • Cover Model Dress Up: JuneCover Model Dress Up: JuneThe weather is heating up, so your cover model's fashion better too!

  • Memory TrainerMemory TrainerMemory Trainer is a card game in which all of the cards laid face down on a surface and two cards are flipped face up over each turn one after another. The object of the game is to turn over pairs of matching cards.
  • Dolphin PopDolphin PopPop this porpoise's pesky problems away!
  • Cafe Swap PuzzleCafe Swap PuzzleSwap the objects to bring a line of 3 or more identical objects. In every level reach the target before time ends to swap objects in tougher levels. If you feel it hard to swap use hint option to know the swappable objects but using the hint option once will reduce 50 points from your score.

  • Naughty Pets CareNaughty Pets CareA pet Shop puts you in charge of many naughty pets. You have to care for the strays as they arrive and nurse them back to good health. Earn the pet`s trust by playing with toys and carefully grooming them . Its hard work, but the love in return is worth the effort!

  • Alien GameAlien GameGo up and away take the Alien to Freedom, you can take his soul but you can't take his freedom.

  • South Park TokugawaSouth Park Tokugawa Here's your chance to kill Kenny,

    Note: This game size is 10mb. Patience is a virtue.
  • Top Gear Office DriveTop Gear Office Drive Get Clarkson to work on time! Find your way to the lift to move to the next floor.
  • A Blob’s TaleA Blob’s TaleYou are the magical shadow land's last (and cutest) hope for containing the power of the falling star.
  • Fruit Dude 2Fruit Dude 2A game about skills, where you have to help a fruit dude avoid the obstacles and get to the finish line without being caught by the god of the fruit.
  • Cocktail DressesCocktail DressesIf there's fancy cocktail party written in her busy social agenda, then it means that it's time for a ladylike, elegant gowns parade, for rummaging through her gorgeous diamond jewelry collection and for deciding upon the perfect, sophisticated hairdo to flaunt at the party.
  • Action DrivingAction DrivingSkid and swerve your way to the Eiffel Tower in a tricked-out ride.

    Dodge obstacles and collect bags of money as you head down the highway. After 5 collisions, it's game over.

  • Robot ArenaRobot ArenaHelp the robots score as many goals as possible and win the match!
  • Sea of FireSea of FireBuild your base and destroy you opponents base!

  • Ball BreakerBall BreakerControl your paddle and break the wall with your ball!
  • Save the PlantSave the Plant Assemble all the pieces of the pipeline in such a way that it connects the water tank with the plant.Once you have assembled correctly, the water from the tank will reach the plant saving its life.Complete the task within the time limit to go through all the 5 levels.After arranging the pipes, click GO button.
  • Christmas BallsChristmas BallsMatch Christmas balls by creating lines of 3 or more balls of the same kind.
  • Ben 10 Speedy RunnerBen 10 Speedy RunnerHelp Ben 10 to collect crystals. You must reach finish before time is up.

  • Diving for LoveDiving for LoveHow deep is your love?
  • Winezilla Attack of the 100ft High AmyWinezilla Attack of the 100ft High Amy Destroy everything in your path and free your husband from jail!
  • Apple CatchApple CatchA memory + hidden object + skill game where you have to keep your eyes sharp to find apples, great memory for knowing the exact object, and unbeatable skill for clicking on the object as soon as possible.
  • Feed ‘n FrenzyFeed ‘n FrenzyIt's eat or be eaten in this world of chomping fish!
  • T-Bo's Smoothie SliderT-Bo's Smoothie SliderHelp T-Bo serve his Groovy Smoothie customers!

  • Squirt ManSquirt Man A nuclear war has destroyed your lovely planet. Everyone and everything has turned into awful, hideous creatures. You have also been turned into a mutant, but with one main difference, you have big guns and a funky jetpack fuelled by slime. Conquer all your enemies in order to move on to the next level.
  • Ultimate Street Car RacerUltimate Street Car RacerChoose one of three modified road cars to race down the drag strip and see if you have got what it takes in the Ultimate Street Car challenge.

  • Bubble Eraser 3Bubble Eraser 3Erase the groups of bubble by targeting with mouse. When the screen is filled the bubbles, You can change the layout with slide. and Some new tools has been added.
  • Paul OctopusPaul OctopusWow what a surprise! Now Mr. Paul Octopus is here to predict your loved one, just try this fun game.

  • Illogical RoomIllogical RoomIllogical Room is Korean point and click type room escape game. Use the coin on the wall in the blue room to get the code on the wall.
  • Gimme 5 HorsesGimme 5 HorsesCompare 2 images based on cute horses and find 5 differences.You are given one minute per imagepair and 5 jokers per game.
  • Fashion FrenzyFashion Frenzy In this game you're working in a fashion shop. Clients will enter and ask for products of a specific type. Your goal is to take them to the corresponding departments. Once a client is done shopping, take her to the cash register.
  • XGOLF Miniature GolfXGOLF Miniature Golf Have the golfer sink the putt for each green in the fewest number of shots!
  • Jelly PopJelly PopSwap the jelly to make it pop anywhere on the line, either horizontally or vertically. Try to create groups of 3 or more. There are four, fun games modes.Click a jelly to select it. Swap it with any other jelly in line with it either horizontally or vertically.
  • Free FallFree Fall Make your descent and avoid the mines!
  • Dora's Do-Together Food PyramidDora's Do-Together Food PyramidPrepare picnic by choosing one item from each food group.

  • five star hotels children poolfive star hotels children poolAre you ready to meet the challenge? Just treat yourself as a creative designer and then design and decorate a five star hotel children swimming pool. Make sure the visitors specially the families with young children who just waiting to play in the swimming pool water must appreciate your decoration and enjoy the environment too.
  • Monkey King GameMonkey King GameThe Monkey King of legend return to save the world from total devastation.

  • F1 Tiny RacerF1 Tiny Racer Finish all 10 races in the quickest time possible. Position is very important, good positions are rewarded well. 1st position will be given an upgrade, 2nd position will allow you to proceed to the next level without upgrades. If you finish 3rd you will have to restart the race, this time will be added to your overall time. Avoid this at all cost, this is the biggest time penalty.Upgrades include speed, acceleration and steering. You will need to try different combinations to suite your style to win the game.
  • Musteland - The Gift ShopMusteland - The Gift ShopAlign and create rows and columns or 3 of the same symboled blocks.
  • Grandma's Kitchen 6Grandma's Kitchen 6Grandma expects her special guests for tonight. Why don't you get in the kitchen to help her for a quick and elegant table?

  • Butterfly Fields GameButterfly Fields Game Help the butterfly to fly for as far as you can while dodging obstacles along the way.
  • Pierce Brosnan KissingPierce Brosnan Kissing Make Pierce Brosnan to flirt and kiss Halle Berry romantically, by triggering the possible events. Use the objects found in the environment to trigger the possible events.
  • Logo MatchLogo MatchGuide the Logos into their matching holes.

  • Otis Chopper ChallengeOtis Chopper Challenge Play as Otis and put the pedal to the metal to catch up to the picup truck they're riding in. Avoid obstacle to gain speed.
  • Marine TreasuresMarine Treasures Bounce the ball back and forth against the blocks under the water in a 3D Breakout-like game.