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  • Red CrossRed CrossRide your bike slowly and carefully as you manage the terrain. Gun the gas too much and your dead.

  • Sugeh in the Bamboo ForestSugeh in the Bamboo Forest Help Sugeh to reach the top of the bamboo forest.
  • Miley Cyrus Celebrity MakeoverMiley Cyrus Celebrity MakeoverThe Hannah Montana fame Miley Cyrus is not only a celebrity pop singer and actress, but also a fashion designer. Look into her makeup kit and see what all stuff she has collected for the coming Halloween Party makeover.
  • Turkey Burger-2Turkey Burger-2For this year Thanksgiving Day celebration, you have introduced new turkey burgers in your shop. Now, your task is to prepare & serve the new burgers to the customers according to their wish by which your collection box gets filled. Keep in mind! If the customer waiting time exceeds, the customer will move away from shop.
  • Nanny In SpaceNanny In SpaceAim of this game is to get to the bottom and find the blue magic diamond. It is said that the one that finds it will grow 2 inches taller.
    Control Nanny by moving your mouse left and right. Get to the end of each space rock, then click to make him jump using the power meter, move your mouse up and down while you click to change the power of his jump. Press "cancel" if you changed your mind. Hint: If the next rock is right below you just double click on that rock and Nanny will jump there without the power meter.

  • Ribertium WarRibertium War Shoot the enemy vehicles that are trying to steal your green crystals. Gain money and buy upgrades.
  • Dancing AnimalsDancing AnimalsDance along with cute animals as you spot the differences.
  • Adventures Of The Little BooAdventures Of The Little Booyou need to help a little pirate called Boo escape from a futuristic island. You need to direct your flying ship avoiding various dangers. Every level starts when you place your mouse cursor over the white dot. Then you'll need to move the cursor by the white path never crossing the edges of the white area.

  • EnvoyEnvoyYour goal is to deliver the order to start the riot to the local branch of the Resistance.
  • Japanese fashionable kimono dress up - Flash GamesJapanese fashionable kimono dress up - Flash GamesYou have this sweet looking Japanese girl waiting to be dressed up in some super hot Japanese clothes.
  • Barbie Care and CureBarbie Care and CurePlay this cool Barbie game in which you will be a wildlife doctor who has to save and cure cute animals. Go in expeditions to find the animals in their natural habitat, take them with you and make them better. You can travel to India to save snow leopards, go to Greenland to heal baby polar bears, or to China where the little panda bears need your help. After you find all the animals you will have to take care of them in the nursery, cure their injuries and make them feel healthy and happy. Enjoy!

  • PizzarellaPizzarella You need to put certain toppings onto a pizza following the clients' orders. The weird thing is the choice of toppings. There's a lot of crazy stuff there, like hats, cookies and even socks.
  • A Child Actor AuditionA Child Actor Audition Get her ready for an audition of a lifetime.
  • Operation Rescue CandyOperation Rescue CandyDave, the barbarian must save Candy. There are three ways to save her. On the first stage you will see pieces of the pictures of a characters, so you have to figure out which character it is before the time runs out. On the second stage you must copy the same movements that Chuckles does, you have two flags, one red and other white, use R key to raise red flag, F kay to lower red flag, I key to raise white flag and K key to lower white flag. On the third stage you have to remember the order wich characters appear. If you complete all the floors of all stage, you will rescue Candy.

  • Natalie Brooks - The Treasures Of The Lost KingdomNatalie Brooks - The Treasures Of The Lost KingdomFollow the story and read the dialog as you find the hidden items in each new scene.

  • Cheesecake CookingCheesecake CookingThis recipe is about cheesecake, a delicious dessert consisting of a topping made of soft, fresh cheese. Because it contains chocolate, the cake is required for every kid`s energy. Make the popular dessert and don`t forget to share this recipe with all the beloved people. Good luck!
  • Lets DanceLets Dance Follow the fruits selected to act the dance steps.
  • Aquarium PoolAquarium PoolPop all the fish into the pockets. Use the mouse to control the direction and the speed of the white ball.
  • Feedn Frenzy Blue CustomFeedn Frenzy Blue Custom This is a pretty strange, yet cool game. Try to get bigger and not eaten by things that are larger than you.
  • Being Fashion DesignerBeing Fashion DesignerThe Latest Fashion Show is coming. Come to design several pretty and stylish dresses for your model. Choose faddish dress style, paint beautiful pattern and dress up the model. Tonight you are the most excellent fashioin designer!
  • Ready For SchoolReady For SchoolIt's time to go back to school and you have to dress Lisa for his first day of class of the year.
  • Puzzle Mania Little MermaidPuzzle Mania Little MermaidJoin Ariel and her Prince to there lovely story.

  • El FuaaaEl FuaaaEl fua is on the streets beating up random zombies and you can join the fun. El fua is some random drunken spanish guy who like to scream El fuaaa!
  • SqueeSqueeFly around inside an octopus ship collecting strange items in this rigidly timed nonsense game!
  • White Room EscapeWhite Room EscapeWhite Room Escape is another new point and click room escape game from You are trapped inside in a white room. The door of the room is locked. You want to escape from there by finding useful object, and hints. Find the right way to escape from the white room. Good Luck and Have fun!
  • Bow AdventureBow AdventureSave Princess Yaya from Grizwald's evil clutches and destroy his minions on the way.
  • Delivery ManDelivery ManAn action-packed defense game in post-apocalyptic wasteland with tons of upgrades and guns! Even after an apocalypse this delivery man still keeps trucking. Upgrade your truck and your guns so you can survive the waves of enemy attacks.
  • Undead HighwayUndead HighwayThere you were, watching television and minding your own business when BAM! -undead apocalypse comes smashing right through your front door. But don\\\’t go feeling sorry for yourself, there\\\’s some survivors holding down a fortress at a place called Haven Island. Fortunately, you\\\’ve got a brain for making gadgets. Send those creeps back to the smelly world they came from by finding junk and assembling it into devastating weapons. Keep an eye out for car keys, some of those zombies carry them around. Once you have them, find a car and drive the hell out of there.

  • Zoo Disorder GameZoo Disorder GameThe animals are out! Put them in their places before anyone gets hurt.
  • Andy The AthleteAndy The AthleteYour mission is to help Andy the Athlete win the gold medal by using your point and click skills. You have to compete in the ultimate "Sixathlon" which includes gymnastics, hurdle race, shooting, swimming and long jumping. See if you are good enough to be the very best. Good luck!
  • Virtual Band 2000Virtual Band 2000Jam and have fun with this virtual band where you get to control all the instruments to make a very rockin' good session. Enjoy!

  • Disney RacersDisney Racers Help the Disney character drive around an obstacle filled circuit.
  • Snoring 2: Wild WestSnoring 2: Wild WestSnoring in the Wild West is a punishable offense!
  • The Dress QuizThe Dress QuizFrom polkadots to plaid, discover your daring designer identity.
  • Tigress JumpTigress Jump Soar sky high as Tigress! Leap from one lantern to another without falling, and collect as many points as you can. But be careful! Careful footing is the key to soaring high.
  • Sports LiuxSports LiuxIn Sports Liux, try and combine the like balls to make them disappear. Make sure the balls don't reach the top or it's game over. Click quick before the timer runs down, because another row of balls will come up from the bottom.Left click combinations, of at least 2, of similar balls to make them disappear. Be quick because the balls will soon fill up the playing area.
  • TowerburgTowerburgBuild your king his frontier settlement one tower at a time. Your kingdom is depending on you!

  • Pathways 2Pathways 2Try solving this math puzzle.
  • Jingle BallisticsJingle BallisticsChoose your character and beat your opponent!
  • Money TruckMoney TruckYou have been given a mission to deliver money and other goods to your destination safely.Try not to lose your load along the way while driving.
  • ShockwingsShockwings See how good a dogfighter you are in this flight simulator. Pick where you want to fly, the time of day, and the cloud density.
  • Pixel PurgePixel PurgeFly your pixelated ship, fight off pixelated enemies, shoot your pixelated weapons, and grab pixels.

  • Junkyard FrenzyJunkyard Frenzy Blast your way through various useless items of junk that are being thrown your way! Try not to miss too much, as this negatively affects your game score at the end.
  • Justin Bieber Celebrity MakeoverJustin Bieber Celebrity MakeoverJustin Bieber is a pop icon with his own style of baseball cap, coolers n sneakers, he gets a little bit jittery when it comes to dressing for parties, Help him here with his makeup to get dressed for a celebrity dinner.