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  • Baby BlimpBaby Blimp Where do babies come from? From the baby factory of course, and you're in charge!
  • Tony Hawks Underground 2Tony Hawks Underground 2 Spray the tag areas. Get graffiti on as many tag points as possible.
  • Choose your Weapon 2Choose your Weapon 2Glow Monkey is on the loose and wreaking havoc. Choose the best weapon to do the most damage.
  • Jungle ShooterJungle ShooterShoot down a fruity bounty with a little help from your pets!
  • GoosplosionGoosplosionCreate chain reactions as you fire your ball to touch the others. Upgrade to cause better explosions.
  • Nanny In SpaceNanny In SpaceAim of this game is to get to the bottom and find the blue magic diamond. It is said that the one that finds it will grow 2 inches taller.
    Control Nanny by moving your mouse left and right. Get to the end of each space rock, then click to make him jump using the power meter, move your mouse up and down while you click to change the power of his jump. Press "cancel" if you changed your mind. Hint: If the next rock is right below you just double click on that rock and Nanny will jump there without the power meter.

  • Neverland Treasure HuntNeverland Treasure HuntCollect for as many treasure before time runs out.

  • Justin Bieber Pizza PastaJustin Bieber Pizza Pastaustin Bieber just got back from touring and he is in the mood for his favorite dish, Pizza Pasta. You have all the ingredients and he is waiting to eat. Try to make your best pizza pasta for Justin.
  • Peppy Scorpio GirlPeppy Scorpio GirlDon't let her sting fool. Dress her up a see her inner beauty.

  • Jinx And Minx: Tower EscapeJinx And Minx: Tower EscapeUndead bunnies Jinx and Minx are stuck in a spooky tower--help them escape their prisons!

    Sneak through the tower's dark corridors, solving puzzles to find keys. Unlock doors by clicking the key, then the door.

  • Whooly 2 Ranco and the Spaceship to MoonylandWhooly 2 Ranco and the Spaceship to Moonyland Whooly must rescue the spaceship from certain destruction.
  • Mina Loves SisiMina Loves SisiEnjoy this lovely pet-caring game where you get the chance to cater to Sisi's every need. Feed, bath, play and tuck into bad the purring cat.
  • Muffin MatchMuffin MatchSwap muffins to match 3 or more in any direction. The muffin you choose is your next muffin.
  • SPRING FLOWERSSPRING FLOWERS March and April showers bring May flowers. Try to find the differences between these two pictures that look so much alike. If you are having trouble then click on Hint.
  • Charming Hilton  Charming Hilton Shop for hot trendy outfits and fashion accessories with Paris Hilton! When you’re done just print your result.
  • Cyber Mice Party 2Cyber Mice Party 2Guide them to the cheese wheel. Make sure they don't all get hurt by mouse traps or sucked into holes!
  • Capital CavemanCapital Caveman Fight against the other caveman tribe bosses.
  • Last MissionLast MissionSteer your plane and rescue all of the people waiting for your help!
  • Traditional Christmas SwapTraditional Christmas SwapIn the game there are a grid of traditional Christmas items, you have to match the traditional Christmas items by swapping them. The traditional Christmas items will be matched if a line of 3 or more traditional Christmas items of the same kind are there. When some traditional Christmas items are matched, new traditional Christmas items will be created to take their place. You need to match traditional Christmas items as quickly as possible in order to advance to the next level.
  • Crazy MustangCrazy MustangSometimes it takes a monster to do a Mustang's job.
  • Valentine RallyValentine RallyMoto-racing game with couples riding and racing against each other.
  • Lilly Allen in Escape the FearLilly Allen in Escape the Fear The singer Lily Allen plays an adventurer to promote her new CD. Look for the letters that make up her name and then leave through the exit. Go up to where there is water and try to avoid the monsters.
  • Marionette MadnessMarionette Madness This chef isn't very good but the mouse is a big help. You can help too by gathering the ingredients so they can get cooking.
  • Monster High Spectra VondergeistMonster High Spectra VondergeistMeet Spectra Vondergeist, the daughter of Ghosts.Wicked cool 16-year old Spectra von Hauntigton has a special power: floating through walls and the ability to overhear school gossip. This purple girl, daughter of royalty has a very forceful personality and an amazing sense of fashion.Her favorite accessory is the chain.So Spectra has a chain with a metal ball for earrings, her favorites. After her outfit is decided she chooses the perfect accessory: a purple purse. Spectra's favorite freaky outfit is the purple mini dress with a chain pattern, some fancy chain-rimmed sunglasses, a purple ball chain accessory that could be also a belt, and silver wedges with chains wrapped around them. She is inseparable from silver iPad like device that looks like a tombstone. Today she is heading on her first date with Billy. Give her a total makeover and don't forget to change her hairstyle and add colorful high-lights! Enjoy this makeover game!
  • WinkWinkSave the princes in the castle nearby the dragon!
  • The Archer's Time TravelThe Archer's Time TravelShoot your arrows to the birds and other things that fly over head. Reach your quota to move on.

  • Breakout Evolution GameBreakout Evolution GameA complete reinvention of the classic breakout game with realistic physics and 50 fun levels. Whatever you like to call it Breakout, Paranoid, Arkanoid or DX Ball, this game combines it all!

  • Bambi and Friends Online ColoringBambi and Friends Online Coloring Paint your Bambi and Friends Online Coloring Page with your favorite colors.
  • Smiley MatchSmiley MatchSmiley Match is a fun paired cards game. match up the picture pairs together in the least amount of guesses possible to gain the top score.
  • PorcupyrePorcupyreMake this plucky porcupine's pyromaniac dreams come true..Click to strategically set fire to the platforms, fry up the members of the croc gang, and solve each puzzle in this physics game. Just be careful—don't let the flames touch the porcupines or you'll have to start over!
  • Four DriveFour DriveChase Kangaroo Jack, collect money, and grab as many green canteens as you can!
  • PwongPwongBreak out the lightning reflexes—it\\’s raining balls!
  • PC RoomPC RoomServe the clients at the cybercafe, give them cards to connect to internet, serve them what they order, then charge them and clean the seat.

  • Horse Show JumpingHorse Show JumpingJump cleanly over the course of obstacles within a time allowed.
  • Warfare Tower DefenseWarfare Tower DefenseKnives, clubs, grenades, soldiers, generals, marines?They?l send you all they got.

  • Angle ShotAngle Shot Goal of this game is to pocket the balls in their appropriate buckets. You'll get an arrow mark when you go near the ball, which will help you to set Angle. Pocket all the balls successfully and complete all the levels.
  • Halloween Sugar RushHalloween Sugar RushDefend your position as you throw candy to the waves of trick or treaters as they come at you.

  • The King Of SlingshotThe King Of SlingshotShow your slingshot skill by knocking down all the boxes in this addicting physics based game. The game features 18 challenging levels.
  • Dont Kill kennyDont Kill kenny You can kill anybody except kenny.
  • Peppy s Gisele B ndchen Dress UpPeppy s Gisele B ndchen Dress Up Try and show this Supermodel what fashion is all about.
  • Avatar Ashes in the AirAvatar Ashes in the Air Help Aang and katara save the town by stopping the fire from burning to ashes.
  • Mademoiselle Dress UpMademoiselle Dress Up This gorgeous mademoiselle is an actress and today she'll step on stage for the play she's in. All the costumes are ready, one more amazing then the other one and she will have to change many times during the play for each act. Help her change into the gorgeous and elegant dresses and have her look amazing for the audience. Try them all on and at the end choose the one you like best and have her appear for the applauses in that outfit. Do her hair too and choose maybe a hat or other head pieces and of course some amazing jewelry. Enjoy dressing up this beautiful actress for her theater play!
  • HoloHolo IslandHoloHolo IslandShoot at group of bubbles of the same color and clear the board to complete every level.
  • GemClix BlitzGemClix BlitzFast action arcade style Gem matching game. This version of the popular GemClix game is faster than ever! More action, more power-ups and more eye candy then ever before.