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  • Book WormBook Worm In this game your aim is to guide the little worm in reaching his book successfully and in least possible attempts through various levels to highest score. To clear a level, you need to avoid the walls and boundaries otherwise you will lose an attempt which eventually lost the game.
  • Chaos War 2Chaos War 2Fight Your Way Through The CHAOS WAR To Survive!

  • MustelandMustelandThere is trouble in musteland! Can you help santa to clean up the mess and match up all the toys in groups of three? Merry christmas everyone and have fun!
  • Witch Castle DefenceWitch Castle DefenceProtect the witch by defending her castle from incoming waves of the enemies. Use power ups and unlock achievements.

  • Soccer 2Soccer 2Learn some nice tricks to become a pro in soccer!
  • Sailor Girl Dressup 2Sailor Girl Dressup 2The girl's going on her first trip through the oceans but doesn't know what clothes she should wear.

  • Cherry Cup CakesCherry Cup CakesThese light-as-a-feather cupcakes make a stunning tea-time treat. Present them on their own mini doilies for a special occasion.

  • Underground GameUnderground Game Pick up boxes to use to trap the evil robot by surrounding him. But don't let him or any bombs touch you.
  • The Match Right!The Match Right!It is high quality matching game. Contains many levels and two game modes: single player and two players.
  • Real Love 5 DifferencesReal Love 5 DifferencesFind the five differences between the two pictures. Good art work, relaxing effect.
  • Uphill RushUphill RushBike, truck, quad, or skateboard… Race over hills and obstacles, but be careful not to fall!
  • Alexander the GreatAlexander the GreatConquer the ancient world in this real time strategy warfare game. Go through the in-game instructions! The are long and detailed. So if you really don't feel like it, then just experiment - you may fail at first, but you will eventually figure out a good strategy to win the game.
  • Let It Glow 2Let It Glow 2Connect the energy source to bulbs and let it glow in over 20 levels! Too much fun!
  • Sola RolaSola RolaYou have to navigate 2 balls through the maze to reach your goal.
  • The Dating ShowThe Dating ShowDress up Lilly as best as you can, her date will depends on it!!! Hint: press the hint button in the upper corner to get started.

  • Buzz Lightyear Practice TargetBuzz Lightyear Practice Target Practice your target shooting. Shoot the villains to score points.
  • RodentatedRodentatedGuide a mouse through tons of levels in the platform game Rodentated

  • Hack and SlayHack and Slay Guide a damn huge hero sprite through this hilarious picture action game.
  • Peppy s Josh Stone Dress UpPeppy s Josh Stone Dress Up Help this European diva get it down in the red carpet.
  • BoomerpopBoomerpopThis is a challenging skill game where your goal is hit all the flying birds and other objects with your trusty boomerang before your time runs out. Remember Watch out for objects that can help or hurt your progress. Try not to lose your boomerang off the side of the screen. Practice controlling the flight of the boomerang.Press go to start. Mouse click where you want it to go. Mouse click hold to have boomerang rotate around where you have clicked. Release mouse button when you want boomerang to fly in the direction it is currently pointing. You can only click a certain distance away from the boomerang.
  • Tony Hawks Underground 2Tony Hawks Underground 2 Spray the tag areas. Get graffiti on as many tag points as possible.
  • MossMossUse all your escaping skills to get out of this mossy maze!
  • Charlies Angels CodebreakerCharlies Angels Codebreaker Your mission is to prove that you have what it takes to get past the ultimate security system. You are faced with a walls of code blocks, which you must break through. Clear them all and you are one step closer to gaining full access to the main computer system.
  • Hit The Road 2Hit The Road 2 Control the busy street traffic switching the lights on or off. Keep an eye out for pedestrians crossing the road and don't let any cars accidentally run them over.
  • Stranded VikingStranded VikingSet sail for a Viking adventure riddled with hidden details...
  • Mr and Mrs SmithMr and Mrs Smith The Smith's house is under attack and it will a killing spree.

    Always aim the head to get points.
  • Rose Party Dress UpRose Party Dress UpShe will join a rose party tonight. A rose party, yeah! So cool, right? There are lots of roses over the party and she must dress up beautifully as a rose flower. Will you help her?
  • Alien Guard 2Alien Guard 2 Shoot the little aliens and dock to avoid the missiles.
  • Tweety's Cage HopTweety's Cage HopHelp Tweety avoid the claws of Sylvester! Hop from one peg to another until they are all the same color. But watch out for the cat and make sure you don't fall off!

  • HT83 shopping girl dress upHT83 shopping girl dress upHer eyes are on the move she calling you? Come to help her to choose fashion.
  • Zombie Cute: Art running version 1Zombie Cute: Art running version 1Today is contest hurdler in "Zombie Cute: Art running" version 1.Fatty zombie Sam join this game.He want show everyone that he so fatty,slowly,Miss Bean but he can do something like other cute zombie.Can you help him? To jump over the fence,you must be attention by press the corresponding arrow keys order appears on the screen then click Space button to jump. You need to press correct time for at least an arrow before jump. Get real focus to help Sam win without falling!
  • Pearl ExploderPearl ExploderYou must destroy the incoming pearls. To eliminate pearls you must shoot and form a group of 3 or more same color pearls.
  • Romeo Wherefore Art Tho...Romeo Wherefore Art Tho...Can Romeo win over Juliet's heart, or will this story end in tragedy?
  • Circus Make UpCircus Make Up This lady works for the circus and she is a very talented person. She loves her job and she likes traveling around the world to show her magic numbers to the public. She can do acrobatic shows, she can train animal to do very funny shows and she can also do funny numbers dressed up as a clown. Right now she needs your help to get dressed for a new show. Check out her costumes and choose the one you like best to dress her up. You will also have to choose her makeup and accessories. Enjoy!
  • Jewel SwapJewel SwapSwap out gems until there are no moves left.
  • Wizard LandWizard Land This is a match three game where you can't change positions of the objects, but need to look for groups of 3 or more adjacent equal objects and click on them. Once you do it, the objects disappear and the free space is filled by other objects that fall from above. If there were any tiles under the disappearing gems, the tiles will be broken. When all tiles on the screen are broken a key and a key hole appear. You need to eliminate all gems between the key and the hole to make it fall there.
  • MoneyshotMoneyshotFun-to-play flipper game with the capability to perform some nice tricks!
  • Year One - Save The PrincessYear One - Save The PrincessLaunch out of the cave as you flap your arms to stay afloat. Grab coins and fruit, then upgrade.

  • Noodleboro Log RideNoodleboro Log RideRide the log and collect all coins while dodging obstacles along the way.

  • It's Gonna BlowIt's Gonna BlowKeep your eyes on the prize for an explosive finish!
  • Blackjack 2000Blackjack 2000Place a bet and play against the computer in this well-known casino game!
  • Dragon VectorDragon VectorTake down mythical space enemies with the 5 elements...or dragon snot.
  • Paper TossPaper TossPaper Toss is a simple but addictive Flash game where you have to catch a scrunched up piece of paper and try to fling it in the bin.
  • Rock Band Rockin RoadieRock Band Rockin RoadiePick your bike, and control your bikes balance, tilt, and lean. Grab those turbo arrows!