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  • GrayGrayIn a black-and-white world, sometimes the only escape is through the power of gray...
  • Lost World DifferenceLost World Difference Here is another difference game for you to test your attention and concentration abilities. Little Sadie has lost her way through a maze of worlds. As you discover all the differences in each one, you might help her find her way bag home. So, pay attention to the sets of two images in each level, they might seem identical but they are not! Look at the details and you will find there are some differences. Find all of them and make them vanish to earn points and get to the next level of the game. Good luck!
  • FloobyFlooby Pick up all the blue crystals to activate your way out and reach to the next level.
  • Pimp My Water ScooterPimp My Water ScooterCreate your own badass jet ski and then take it for a ride…
  • Central and South of AmericaCentral and South of America On the map you'll find all the countries from Central and South America.If you name the country on the first try the country will turn green, on the second try yellow and on the third orange. On the fourth try or if you make a mistake they will turn blue.
  • Freeway FallguyFreeway FallguyThe problem with car surfing is that, when you fall, you don't go splash—you go splat!
  • Tweety Bamboo BounceTweety Bamboo Bounce Help Tweety jump from one bamboo to the next.
  • Valentines Date 2009Valentines Date 2009 Get the girl ready for their big valentine's date party.
  • Fairytale KissFairytale KissSneak some sweet kisses with your sweetheart to save the village!
  • Liftoff 2012Liftoff 2012Blast off to save the Earth! Dodge meteors and incoming space debris in order to collect enough data to upgrade your ship and explore the furthest reaches of space before an interstellar tragedy can wipe us out!

  • Peanut Butter CookiesPeanut Butter CookiesGo nuts for these classic American treats! Follow Sara\’s expert instructions to whip up a batch of these crunchy crowd-pleasers.
  • Ultimate Mega HoopsUltimate Mega HoopsThe objective of the player is to shoot the basketball as many as you can. This game has 10 levels and every level the movement of the basket will
    become faster and faster. Good luck and have fun...

  • Kung Fu ElectionKung Fu Election U.S. Presidential hopeful battle it out. Mortal Kombat Style.
  • Old DressesOld Dresses Can you select old dresses that are still fashionable and comfy for her to wear?
  • City GuardianCity GuardianProtect the city from an alien invasion! Get experience points and become stronger! You are the legendary hero who fights against aliens. Your city has been attacked and this is the time of your fight. Fly as long as you can and use special powers to clean your way!
  • Fatherhood The GameFatherhood The Game So that's what it's like....
  • Peppy's Kelly Monaco Dress UpPeppy's Kelly Monaco Dress UpGive a our Bay Watch star the royal treatment.

  • Aliens BustedAliens Busted Help the agent Scully to capture all the aliens. Run at full speed by the highway with your vehicle and destroy their cars.
  • JellytasticJellytasticA turn-based strategy/combat game. You have to control the big jellyfish to kill all the small jellyfish using tentacles.

  • Hungry SumoHungry SumoUpdated with 10 new levels! Eat more to grow your sumos bigger and stronger. Learn to defeat your enemies with cunning, guile and a huge bowl of rice! 50 exciting fun levels to bounce through - play this completely unique and brand new Ninja Kiwi game.
  • Pet Vet Dress UpPet Vet Dress Up Our friendly Vet needs to be in style in front of clients.
  •  Cute Animal Olympics Cute Animal OlympicsYou are about to organize the first Animal Olympics in the world but you lack the proper facilities. A mysterious sponsor has provided all the necessary equipment, so now you must hurry up and decorate the games' venue. Fill in the hall with cute, sporty animals and make sure you customize each character by clicking on the small arrows. Add some proper furniture and fitness equipment, and then finish up by choosing your favorite background. Let the festivities begin!
  • DJ ToonDJ Toon In this excellent musical game you will have to make a song mixing the rhythms like an authentic DJ. Maintain pressed the mouse to slide the commands from each musical instrument.
  • Samurai Panda 2Samurai Panda 2Mouse skill game about making the panda jump and collect all keys.
  • Puffball PuzzlesPuffball PuzzlesUse your tricky wits to slam-dunk these light and fluffy puffballs.
  • Point & Click AdventuresPoint & Click AdventuresFind all differences in the picture. Mind the time and your click count. Complete 10 exciting levels. Find all five random mistakes per level and beat your personal high score.
  • Celebrity Fashion Victim UK EditionCelebrity Fashion Victim UK Edition Play the hilarious new release from Creative Arts Network Zoo Qoo right here, right now!! Celebrity Fashion Victim [UK Edition] is an inspired action shoot 'em up that will both leave you in stitches and eager to show your friends!! The gameplay may not be rocket science but, as you\\’ll soon see, it's frikkin funny........
  • Udi v2 0Udi v2 0 Udi v2.0 is totally addicting dress-up game fun. Your job is to dress up the man.
  • Mama FlyMama FlySpit crap at other creatures to kill them and lay maggots on food and turds to get more points.

  • BunnygrabBunnygrabHelp the Nesquik Bunny grab as many glasses as he can before the time runs out!
  • Cone CrazyCone CrazyYou have 30 seconds to knock down as many cones as you can!
  • Night Street KissesNight Street KissesIt's a beautiful night and you and your boyfriend have just returned from a long walk under the stars. With such a strong love like yours it is hard not kiss all the time. But be careful as some that have no sleep are watching you. Try to avoid the street lights moving to left or right so that you stay in the dark.

  • Pets's WarPets's WarCatch all the pets and put them into their houses.

  • Pretty Pirate Perfect D...Pretty Pirate Perfect D...Who needs a catwalk? Strut some swashbuckling style as you swab the deck.
  • Fairy FashionFairy FashionHelp this cute fairy pick the best outfit for her.

  • Leos Trail of GloryLeos Trail of Glory Avoid enemies by jumping or timing your moves.
  • BeingGirl Dress UpBeingGirl Dress UpPick a girl, choose for her a new hairstyle, dress her up and send her out for a night out on the town!
  • Ashes 2 Ashes Zombie CricketAshes 2 Ashes Zombie Cricket Hit the cricket ball just right to hit the waves of attacking zombies. Go for headshots and upgrade.
  • Rainbow Roller 2Rainbow Roller 2 Roll your rainbow roller and draw lines for him to roll on. Avoid enemies and grab stars on your way
  • Lasagna CookingLasagna CookingIn this cooking game you are making a meal following the recipe. Cook lasagna following the instructions and store this recipe to make a real lasagna.

  • Elf BallElf BallThe evil witch cast a bad spell and locked the elves in bubbles and we need a mighty archer to free them. Shoot the magic balls and kick them off the board to free the elves. You must target well and think wisely to clear them all. Hold your mouse to set speed and target and release to shoot.

  • Bike Mania Arena 1Bike Mania Arena 1 Ride your bike over all the obstacles as you keep from tipping over and crashing.
  • Boxhead the Christmas NightmareBoxhead the Christmas NightmareBoxhead: The Christmas Nightmare is the 7th in the series of the Boxhead games. This time you\’ll be kicking many baddies asses with a huge array of weaponry, guns, explosives, airstrikes and other harmful stuff. Play across many battlefields and even play on Facebook with many more cool features.
  • TortugaTortugaYou are locked on a boat and you need to escape the boat by collecting items and solving puzzles.