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  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Double DamageTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Double Damage Attack the foot clan soldiers as a TMNT. Call in special attacks with help from your friends.
  • Crazy CrossingsCrazy CrossingsAs a crossing guard, it is your duty to get the children to school safely!
  • Christmas Hidden AlphabetsChristmas Hidden AlphabetsPlay find the hidden alphabets.
  • Magic StonesMagic StonesDestroy the magic stones by clicking same coloured groups with at least 3 stones. If you destroy a group with at least 15 magic stones, then you can get a bomb!Destroy the magic stones by clicking same coloured groups with at least 3 stones.
  • Goldilocks Dress UpGoldilocks Dress Up When Goldilocks looks her best, not even the bears can stay mad at her!
  • Duncan's TrousersDuncan's TrousersGrab pickups as you kick aliens back into space. Solve puzzles as you progress in this sidescroller.

  • Texas MahjongTexas MahjongTexas Mahjong is a free online casual game that combines the strategy of poker, with the simplicity of mahjong. Create the best possible poker hands by moving tiles from the layout to your hand. A tile can only be moved from the layout if there is no tile to the right or left, and no tile stacked on top. If a move needs to be undone, clicking a tile will return it to the layout. Bonus multipliers are awarded for matching target hands, getting streaks, and using bonus tiles.
  • Cold MemoriesCold MemoriesShorty goes all the way to Russia where her past will resurface and the guys will bring her reinforcement. This episode has the most action sequences to date and features awesome new game plays.
  • Dismantlement : RadioDismantlement : RadioThere is no room to escape in this game. In fact, you have to dismantle a radio by removing parts and solve some tricky little logic puzzles. Have fun!
  • Bug MonsterBug MonsterMatch 3 of the same icons before time runs out.

  • Best Friends ShoppingBest Friends Shopping It's time for a new shopping session for the two most fashionable girls in town. Dress them both up and make them look super cute.
  • Bricks and BombsBricks and Bombs Use the bombs to demolish the bricks cleverly. To demolish the bricks, take the bomb from the grid, and fix it on the position where you want to place it. In each level, demolish all the bricks within the given time duration and play tougher levels.
  • Fat PiggyFat PiggyThis pig might not fly...but it definitely gets some air!
  • Balls 2Balls 2Make a highscore by destroying same coloured balls
  • Totally Spies Spy ChessTotally Spies Spy Chess The Totally Spies team needs your help putting the Macho Trio in checkmate!
  • Street Fighter World WarriorStreet Fighter World WarriorTry this flash version of Street Fighter and play your favorite Street Fighter Characters.

  • Japanese fashionable kimono dress up - Flash GamesJapanese fashionable kimono dress up - Flash GamesYou have this sweet looking Japanese girl waiting to be dressed up in some super hot Japanese clothes.
  • Monster IslandMonster IslandLaunch bombs at monsters! throwing game is kinda similar to than Angry Birds.
  • Stack AttackStack AttackMatch similar colored blocks while collecting power ups.
  • Roll OnRoll OnRoll the ball into the hole, avoid obstacles, and don't roll off the edge.
  • Tiger CrossTiger Cross Choose the bike or a quad and drive through the gorgeous courses of the 3D racing game Tiger Cross.
  • Rodent Oriented Object ManipulationRodent Oriented Object ManipulationDeceive the hamster by covering obstacles in his path.

  • The Great Indian HoneymoonThe Great Indian HoneymoonDodge the annoying relatives and fly to your dream-land with your dream man… err… or woman. Use your MOUSE to play. Click on objects around the rooms to make events happen. Some events can be triggered by clicking on two or more different objects. Some objects will get stored in the Inventory Panel, click on these objects to use them.There are 6 levels in this game.
  • Bomb It 7Bomb It 7 Free Bomb It 7 games for everybody! - Ready for an explosive adventure? Let the bombing commence!
  • Doctor ZedDoctor ZedAfter unsuccessful experiments a gigantic virus escaped from the laboratory. An irretrievable thing happened, the virus began to grow and infect planets on its way. The Galaxy destiny is in your hands. Help Doctor Zed free the Galaxy from harmful infections. Virus hunting has already begun.

  • Hidden Object GameHidden Object GameAmongst the objects being lined up in a complicated way in the warehouse we are trying to find the seven items being claimed from us. The game consists of four different parts and you will be able to see your total score at the end of the game.
  • Little MonoLittle MonoLittle Monos don't want to go solo. They want to be with friends!
  • Heaven and HellHeaven and HellThere's only a thin line between heaven and hell...
  • Lavender GirlLavender GirlThis girl loves the color Lavender, help her choose the right outfit for her party tonight in the pavilion. She has lots of friends coming over and a couple of guys, one of which she likes. Make sure she chooses a really cool looking outfit!
  • Wacko RaceWacko RaceWhat's so wacko about this race? Three things: top speed, recklessness, and going until your kart flies apart!
  • Flophone ClassifiedsFlophone ClassifiedsThe sequel of the adventure series Flophone Classifieds is here. You have been assigned a new mission – take 4 photos and retrieve a top secret CD from a research facility. Good luck!
  • QuicklingQuickling Quickling will take you on a fun adventure both visually and in game-play. Play as the quick demon and employ your magic against the fairy swarms as you try to pass the trials in this new coming-of-age platformer, that features weather changes live before your eyes and awesome audio tracks.

    Use the arrow keys to move. The quickling will climb objects automatically when you run into them. Press the opposite arrow key to jump off while climbing.
  • Hill MadnessHill MadnessDrive your powerful ATV on a bumpy forest terrain. Try to stay on your wheels and make backflips to accumulate points and pass the level.
  • Wiggi DishwasherWiggi DishwasherWho knew that helping mom with the dishes would be so much fun!
  • Taco BarTaco BarHold on to your tortillas—it's gonna be one tasty ride!
  • Prince of Persia: The F...Prince of Persia: The F...Even ye who hold the key to time can only do so much to save your brother before it's too late...
  • Word Search Gameplay 42Word Search Gameplay 42 Find all Mythical Creatures given on your screen.
  • Mario Bubble BoomMario Bubble Boom Help Super Mario destroy his enemies. Click on Super Mario to form a bubble,as the enemies should be brought within the bubble to get them destroyed.
  • Dinner DecorationDinner Decoration Decorate the dinner table using the items given.
  • Sue Choco MuseumSue Choco Museum Find the bags of Choco and click items to make your way through the museum.
  • Winter StylesWinter Styles Winter will be here before you know it! So pick up some fashions now, before it's too late!
  • BazookiBazookiWelcome to Bazooki, a physics based puzzle shooter where players need to blow up all the barrels in the quickest times possible to earn Bronze, Silver or Gold Trophies.
  • Strike ZoneStrike ZoneCan you get an angle on the ball? Internet bowling doesn't get more realistic than this!
  • Crusher TankCrusher Tank Drive your crusher tank and crush everything along the way.