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  • Hot ShotHot Shot Shoot as many goals as possible within the time limit.
  • Dexter Mix MasterDexter Mix Master Dexter is combining catchy music samples to make hit CDs. As part of his brilliant plan, he has enlisted Dee Dee to deliver and sell the CDs. Customer wear shirts that match the color of the CD they want. Dee Dee must hurry. If she keeps the line waiting too long people will leave. Lose three customers and it's straight to the bottom of the charts!
  • Teen Simple StyleTeen Simple StyleTeen Simple Style Dress up: This teen girl loves to dress up in simple and plain styles. Not so much details and ruffle - that's her favorite style. It make her young, creative, strong and easy to move
  • Wild Turkey EscapeWild Turkey EscapeWild Turkey Escape is another new point and click room escape game from Wild turkeys are trapped in farm by the farmer. Help the wild turkey to escape from the farm. They can fly only up to 5 feet but fence of the farm is 10 feet. Make some plan to escape the turkeys and give them the freedom. Happy thanksgiving to all! Good Luck and Have Fun.
  • Sims Mix-UpSims Mix-UpArrange the pieces correctly to figure out the image.

  • Barbie Girl DressesBarbie Girl DressesThe new Mary doll loves fashion very much. She loves to dress up in glamor dresses and she spends all her money on shopping. She bought many cute clothes and now she can`t decide which one to wear. She has to go at her sister`s wedding and she can`t take too much clothes on the plane. Select few outfits for Mary and enjoy dressing her!
  • Toto's Missing BlankieToto's Missing BlankieHelp Toto find all the missing objects in his room and reveal his missing blankie!
  • Angry Birds MatchAngry Birds MatchThe little birds are kidnapped in a magic board. Help them to get free by finding two identical birds beside each other.
  • Terrain Chapter 2 Slice and DiceTerrain Chapter 2 Slice and Dice Explore the rest of the newly discovered planet! Free the alien slave from the merciless killing machines!
  • Abbattis PizzaAbbattis Pizza Create different kinds of pizza and stop the pest trying to get a bite to your pizza.
  • Bling Bling ToesBling Bling Toes Make your toes glittery, shiny, and beautiful.
  • Mr PenguinMr Penguin Guide the penguin holding UP key to elevate. Collect the fuel item to recharge the fuel tank. Avoid all ice blocks on your way to the exit.
  • Word Search-3Word Search-3 Search and find the listed word from the jumbled alphabets. Listed words are in horizontal, vertical or diagonal direction in the grid. Sooner you complete every level more score you will get.
  • Paint WarsPaint WarsDraw the shapes by moving your mouse along the white lines and click the enemies to destroy them.
  • Tender Coconut Pudding CookingTender Coconut Pudding Cooking What if we could have a tasty, mouth-watering dessert and, at the same time, the cooling sensation of a fresh fruit cocktail in the hot summer time? Not only that you can spoil your taste buds with a delicious summer dessert, but you can also feel highly reinvigorate yourself,
  • Ren and Stimpy s Crazy CannonRen and Stimpy s Crazy Cannon Ren has loaded Stimpy into the kitten cannon. Now, see how far you can make him fly!

    This game is based on the popular TV show starring Ren Höek, a scrawny chihuahua. When irritated, he calls his friend Stimpy an "eeediot" and slaps him across the face. In this case he launches him out of a cannon.
  • Purple Room EscapePurple Room EscapeIn this game, you have to solve puzzles and discover hidden objects in order to find your way out from the purple room. Can you able to escape the purple room? Good luck and have fun!

  • Moto X MadnessMoto X MadnessYou'll need more than speed to take the gold in all 4 events! Go for the gold in all 4 events: time attack, balloon pop, flipping, and technical run!
  • Mana Wars 2Mana Wars 2More units, more battles, more choices, more Mana Wars!
  • Pup WorldPup WorldAvoid the doggy distractions and complete the tasks in each level before time runs out.
  • The Quest for the Golde...The Quest for the Golde...Help Harry the Hamster collect all the pieces of the Golden Wheel by guiding him through the maze and avoiding obstacles!
  • InsectrisInsectris You have to pile the insects to make a lines, the more lines you make the better! Don't let the bugs get to the top.
  • Wake the Royalty Level PackWake the Royalty Level Pack Wake the Royalty Level Pack is a sequel of the popular physics game. Place wooden objects so the movement would wake up the royal family. Attach wood objects to other wood objects and create a chain reaction. Much fun with the level pack!
  • 30 Days Honey30 Days HoneyCut the grass, plant the yard with flowers, build the bee houses and sell Mr Bee your own honey!
  • League BowlingLeague BowlingLet's bowl!
  • Tiny CombatTiny Combat Stop the commandos from taking your flag, soldier!
  • Peppy s Diane Lane Dress UpPeppy s Diane Lane Dress Up She's undisputed rat pack in Hollywood and deserves best in this world.
  • Naruto Fly 2Naruto Fly 2Play with your favourite heroes, and use your skills and brain to remember the order of your heroes to be able to reproduce the same attack. Put yourself to the test.
  • Executive Shootout 08Executive Shootout 08 Shoot as many people as you want but be careful on the security guards those guys shoot back.
  • Package PilfererPackage PilfererYour task is to collect the suitcases in the airport. But the police have suspected who is stealing the things and sent several patrol cars to catch your car. Avoid oncoming cars, break away from the pursuers, and drive zigzag to muddle the police. The most important is to pick up all suitcases on the level and to take them to the place indicated on the map for limited time.
  • Butterfly Fantasy - Hidden ButterfliesButterfly Fantasy - Hidden ButterfliesSpot out the Magical Butterflies and admire the beauty of it.

  • Bubble DropperBubble DropperThis time the bubbles stack at the bottom of the ocean. Launch and match the right bubbles from the top toward the ocean floor.The goal is to clear all bubbles from the screen. Do this by matching 3 or more bubbles of the same color. You add bubbles by shooting them from the top. If you fail to match bubbles more bubbles are add to the field. The game ends when the bubbles reach the top or all bubbles are cleared. Try to set a new highscore.
  • Fish BricksFish BricksDestroy the fish by clicking same coloured groups with at least 3 fish. If you destroy a group with at least 15 fish, then you can get a bomb!
  • The Outer Space Quiz GameThe Outer Space Quiz GameHow do you you about the outer space.
  • Shop N Dress Path SketchingShop N Dress Path SketchingHelp Rat and Rabbit get their food by drawing paths towards them.

  • Pimp My BugattiPimp My BugattiA Bugatti always has style, but needs your personal pimpin' touch.
  • Udi v2 0Udi v2 0 Udi v2.0 is totally addicting dress-up game fun. Your job is to dress up the man.
  • Visible 3Visible 3Use what you can see and the shadows to get through the levels.

  • Fit to Be PiedFit to Be Pied Fight against computer by throwing a pie at them.
  • Memory Balls - SpidermanMemory Balls - SpidermanMatch the pattern shown on the main board which is in the center, before the pattern vanishes away.

  • Quake 3 ForeverQuake 3 Forever Awesome remake of the PC game Quake Arena!
  • Snow MaidenSnow MaidenCan you keep the ball rolling as the speed picks up?
  • Chicken FighterChicken Fighter A classic duel between a worm and a chicken.
  • Hannah Montana Music AdventureHannah Montana Music Adventure Dress and makeup the famous singer Hannah Montana. On the second part of the game you will have to hunt objects using the mouse to get score.