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  • Subway SneezeSubway SneezeEveryone knows the subway is a foul place, so don't be afraid to send your snot sailing!
  • Toasted Cheese Mini-MatchToasted Cheese Mini-MatchClassic memory match play with a twist! Create a GIANT Toasted Cheese Sandwich as you play!Try to match two of a kind by remembering the last item you uncovered. As you play the Toasted Cheese Sandwich will get taller! When you have all the Cheese the final piece of toast will top it off!
  • Spongebob & PatrickSpongebob & PatrickHelp these characters to reach their home. You can control only Spongebob. Patrick will do exactly the opposite of Spongebob. Collecting the key will make the obstacles disappear. Collecting the coin will fetch you more points. The grey platform can be used only once. Complete the levels as soon as you can and earn more points. Play all levels to win the game.
  • Chinese FoodChinese FoodIts dinner time for Chinese people! Can you give a help hand to this cute young girl to find the preferred food for the customers to eat at dinner tonight? Your goal is to serve the customers as many foods you can in the given time duration. Click on a food and place it the proper box. Now its your time to start serving.
  • A Small Car 2A Small Car 2Still hard to control...and still tons of fun!
  • Wandering KnightWandering KnightWander the lands with your swift sword and magical might.
  • Fire PlayFire PlayBlow up your opponents before they try to kill you!
  • Susans DrivingSusans Driving Help her go to her destinations.
  • Jewel MatchJewel MatchThis mesmerizing game will make you a hammer-wielding, jewel-smashing enthusiast before you know it! Align the colorful, dazzling jewels and break them out of their sturdy gold boxes. The 150 levels and two difficulty settings will keep you coming back for even more matching-madness. You'll have a hard time breaking this habit!
  • BunnygrabBunnygrabHelp the Nesquik Bunny grab as many glasses as he can before the time runs out!
  • TroglodytesTroglodytes Your goal is to move your Troglodyte to the upper border of the board.
  • Naughty Sprite Dress UpNaughty Sprite Dress UpThe naughty sprite wanna go to play with nature outside. She is very naughty, likes holding something on her hands. Dress her up now!
  • birthday-kissbirthday-kiss Pump up the kiss-o-meter and send it off the charts as you give your boyfriend some romantic birthday loving!
  • Sno ProblemSno Problem Help Sno'man Burle Defeat the Shredheads and his friend by throwing snowballs at them.
  • Headshire MatchupHeadshire MatchupIn your post as Governor of Headshire, you must gather resources to keep your town happy. Find and match pairs in this concentration-style game. Click on a bubble to uncover the resource. Then, find its match. Click on any coins that fall and use them to buy power-ups and bonus items at the market. Match all the pairs before nightfall so that everyone in Headshire is happy, well-fed, and warm!Click to open bubbles, match it with another with the same type to get the resource.
  • The Lost WorldThe Lost WorldTravel through the Lost World to discover a new reason for collecting currency!
  • I, LifesaverI, LifesaverHelp the girl that fell into the water and take the lifesaver to her before she drowns. Interact with the elements and be careful with your moves.
  • Escape From Scientology Land - Level 3: The Return of L. Ron HubbardEscape From Scientology Land - Level 3: The Return of L. Ron HubbardHere is the third – and final – part of our Escape From Scientology video game series, and it’s the most exciting one yet with tons of surprises. Prepare for a final battle between L. Ron Hubbard, Xenu, and then save the other mystery hostages.

  • Amazing Lolita Princess Dress UpAmazing Lolita Princess Dress Up Princess Lolita prepares for a big party that will take place in her luxurious castle. She wants to look amazing, to be the most beautiful girl of all the ladies that are going to be at the party. Everybody should admire her. For that, she needs your help. Dress up the princess as beautiful as you can. Choose the dress you like best of all and all the accessories she needs. Style her hair and don't forget about the shoes. At the end, make sure she looks perfect. Enjoy!
  • Quench The PetsQuench The PetsHelp quench all of these cute puppies thirst so that they can stay nice and healthy during the hot summer.

  • Pop GardenPop Garden This garden looks sad and without any fantasy. Can you help the girl to make her garden beautiful?
  • SPRING FLOWERSSPRING FLOWERS March and April showers bring May flowers. Try to find the differences between these two pictures that look so much alike. If you are having trouble then click on Hint.
  • Valentine Love RoadValentine Love Road This Valentine, Lylie and Xitua will making a romantic date on the Heart Hall of Valentine City. However before going there she has to over the love road to get to the bus station where Xitua is waiting for her. Let's come on with BowBie to help her find
  • AirballsAirballsTry to keep as many balls in the air as you can, bouncing them on your head. Enjoy yourself!

  • MinipoolMinipoolClear the table before time runs out and advance to the next level!
  • Superman Metropolis DefenderSuperman Metropolis Defender The daily planet has gotten news that meteors are going to hit Metropolis! Your mission is to help Superman smash the meteors before they hit the ground. For each missed meteor, the danger bar goes up. Be careful, some meteors are made of Kryptonite and can only be destroyed with your heat vision.

    Hit meteors to destroy them before they hit the ground. Touching Kryptonite meteors drains Supermans's energy.Use your heat vision to destroy them.
  • BubbleblasterBubbleblasterClear the screen of bubbles by hitting them with the bubble of the same color!
  • Ghost ParadeGhost Parade Rub the ball to charge up energy and shoot the ghosts coming towards you.
  • Santa Comes to Dolidoli TownSanta Comes to Dolidoli TownSanta's factory is hectic this time of the year, and the elves are working hard so that every child in the world will receive a gift from beloved Santa. Land a hand so that they can finish in time, and help Santa deliver. Good Luck!
  • Stoneage Assassin 2Stoneage Assassin 2 Shoot the silhouette enemies as you duck and shoot your crossbow. Shoot the right people to win.
  • Hairdressing GirlHairdressing GirlGive her the perfect hairstyle she deserves.

  • XXXI Thirty OneXXXI Thirty One You're presented with situations and decisions to make. Make a choice and see if it's the best one.
  • BlubbleBlubblePop bubbles by matching 3 or more of the same colour.
  • Dee Dees Moon SquadDee Dees Moon Squad Jump craters and blast targets to get Dee Dee and her friends back to Earth!
  • Cute Monkey KissingCute Monkey Kissingwo cute monkeys in the jungle want to kiss each others because they are so in love. Some animals may interrupt them with boring flashes. There are snakes, birds, monkeys and many more who will be there to take some photos so be careful. Cute Monkey Kissing
  • Jonny Quest - Dr. Zin's AssaultJonny Quest - Dr. Zin's AssaultHelp Johnny and Race Bannon eliminate Dr. Zin's mechanical animals by using Dr Quest's special laser arsenal.

  • Star CannonStar CannonWhen it comes to cannons, are you a shooting star?
  • Demon HunterDemon Hunter Have you slain your demons today? Start now with your razor sharp scythe and slash out a combo attack against an army of blue, biting, vicious villain's dead set on eating you alive! Murder your way to their ghoulish king and stab out a final victory!
  • The Magicians Handbook II - BlackLoreThe Magicians Handbook II - BlackLoreFind the hidden objects hidden within each new scene. Your list is hidden in a right side menu.

  • Wonderful AliceWonderful AliceIf you really enjoyed your imaginary voyage to our Alice's world, feel
  • Halloween PairsHalloween PairsFlip, memorize and match the cards.

  • Big Uglies RugbyBig Uglies RugbyThrow the ball to your team avoiding the Big Uglies and score points.
  • Christmas DropChristmas DropHelp Santa to complete all the boxes before Christmas. Choose a column, click once to take the presents and click again to release them. Make columns of 3. The more presents you get, the more points you obtain.
  • Hidden Objects HouseHidden Objects House Search the room and find all hidden objects around.