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  • Fantastic Chef Stuffed PeppersFantastic Chef Stuffed Peppers You need to follow the recipe you have in the cooking book. You'll need to follow the instructions and use the correct tools with the correct ingredients. You probably won't know what to do without the instructions, so don't hurry to close them.
  • run baby runrun baby runExtraordinary platform game in which you'll have to help Bonnie and Robin to free fall in fantasy worlds before the ceiling reaches them. The items will help them on this adventure and you'll also be able to play against a friend. Is this a dream...?
  • Ice FairyIce FairyToday the Ice Fairy has called upon you to help her, what can you help her with i hear you asking? Your going to have to dress and style her for todays big event. The Ice Fairy has an important speech for her people today so she must look good as expected of a Ice Fairy. Do you think you have what it takes to dress this fairy from top to bottom with her very best clothing?
  • Traffic MadnessTraffic MadnessIt's an accident waiting to happen.
  • Bird’s-Eye ViewBird’s-Eye ViewYou find yourself trapped in a small condo and, guess what, the door is locked!
  • Tom and Jerry(1993)Tom and Jerry(1993)Based on MGM's world-known cartoon, the player controls Jerry, the Mouse (in 2-Player Mode, P2 will control Jerry's nephew, Tuffy) as he explores four different worlds (movie theater, junkyard, a toy-based stage and the house inner). Game controls are simple: B Button makes Jerry/Tuffy to jump (tapping it again lightly upon landing will activate their Super Jumps), while A/Y/X Buttons will make them to throw marbles upward (Y Button) and downward (X/Y Buttons) in the enemies.
  • Ice Cream Serve UpIce Cream Serve UpServe ice cream to the kids when they enter in. If you waste an ice cream, your score will get reduced. Attain each level target to play the next level.

  • Pony KindergardenPony Kindergarden Make Sure all the pony's are healthy and well in this fun game!
  • Ben 10 Air StrikesBen 10 Air StrikesBen 10 strikes in the Alien world. Ben10 invades the Aliens in space and strikes to destroy the Alien station. Your mission is to damage all the aircrafts coming in your way.
  • Hidden Mickey HuntHidden Mickey HuntFind all hidden Mickeys head in each stage.

  • Best Friends ShoppingBest Friends Shopping It's time for a new shopping session for the two most fashionable girls in town. Dress them both up and make them look super cute.
  • Apocalyptic DifferencesApocalyptic Differences Find the difference between identical apocalyptic scenes.
  • Afterburner HighwayAfterburner Highway The highway is packed but luckily your afterburners are on full strength - jump and dodge your way to the finish line.
  • Princess in the DungeonPrincess in the DungeonOh, the places a gal will go for some bargain bling!
  • Fashion in TokyoFashion in TokyoA shopping weekend in Tokyo is far more than just a chance to visit the great metropolis, it's a really major fashion challenge, too. What do you say, would you like to exercise your fashion talent and help this cutie look stunning walking down the streets of Tokyo?
  • Ball LiftingBall LiftingKeep the ball in the air as long as possible by pressing the corresponding keys at the correct time.
  • The Simpson Movie SimilaritiesThe Simpson Movie Similarities Identify the similarities in the two different images and click the similar object to get it confirmed. You get 50 points for every click that is correct and lose 25 points for every click that is wrong.
  • Wone 2Wone 2Race over the walls and collect all the items to activate the exit.
  • War Games The Training MissionWar Games The Training Mission It's man by himself fight. It's everybody against everybody. Can you win?
  • Thrills And ChillsThrills And Chills Do as many stunts as you can, but watch out for obstacles.
  • Simple SnowboardingSimple SnowboardingEasy to play snowboarding! Master 6 hills hitting jumps, dodging trees and getting down the hill in one piece

  • Cubikill 3Cubikill 3Cubikill 3 is more deranged than ever! Our favourite psychopath is out of the asylum, ready to integrate society. Will he keep his calm this time or go on a killing spree yet again?
  • Naruto - Sasuke StairwaysNaruto - Sasuke StairwaysHelp Sasuke to dodge obstacles while collecting items.

  • Peppy s Sandra Bullock Dress UpPeppy s Sandra Bullock Dress Up Get our Ms. Congeniality the dress she deserves.
  • Turbo RacingTurbo RacingWin street races to move up the driving ranks & unlock better custom racing cars....

  • Alien Bottle BuccaneerAlien Bottle BuccaneerSuper fun bottle smashing flash game! After much research our hero "Nanny" is convinced that "Recycling" glass bottles means shooting them all with big rubber balls Well, Help our Nanny to "Recycle" all the glass bottles!
  • SnowlineSnowlineSnowline is a Merry Christmas Santa game where you help Santa collect all the presents for the holidays! Draw a line with your mouse and make a run for Santa sleigh. Draw it in such a way that he can take all the presents on his way to the flag. The reindeer are on vacation this year so Santa is the only propulsion gravity. Draw your line and then press the green triangle to play and see what happens. You can clear or repair the lines you draw, if they need a change. Games Snowline and more fun Christmas games here today!
  • Mole RevengeMole RevengeThis mole's ready to mosey on into a dangerous new adventure!
  • Gecko Skate BoardingGecko Skate Boarding Do slick moves to pass each level.
  • League BowlingLeague BowlingLet's bowl!
  • Red Cross RushRed Cross RushDriving an ambulance is da shizzle—even more so if it has monster wheels!!
  • Pimp my MonstertruckPimp my MonstertruckChange your truck in a way you like.
  • BloodfieldBloodfield Blast everybody that comes attacking you in this top-down shooter. Buy and upgrade weapons.
  • My Home DryingMy Home DryingLaundry is done and now its time to get to work! try your best to hang out all clothing onto the rope , upgrade your old fashion rope to a bigger one each time you reach next level.

  • QuicklingQuickling Quickling will take you on a fun adventure both visually and in game-play. Play as the quick demon and employ your magic against the fairy swarms as you try to pass the trials in this new coming-of-age platformer, that features weather changes live before your eyes and awesome audio tracks.

    Use the arrow keys to move. The quickling will climb objects automatically when you run into them. Press the opposite arrow key to jump off while climbing.
  • Penguin HeaderPenguin HeaderThe chocolates inside the bubbles keeps falling down constantly.By making the penguin to hit the falling balls, Your score gets increased with the number of bubbles that you burst. You lose a life when you miss a ball and your games ends when all lifegets exhausted. The speed of the fall of chocolates increases for each level.Complete all the levels successfully before you lose all your life.

  • Pharaoh ClixPharaoh ClixClassic match two game with pharaoh theme.
  • lasterlaster This is a simple, yet interesting game. You have a weird glass orb with a green liquid inside. The orb flies in the air. The green liquid is fuel. While you hold the spacebar the orb goes upwards and burns the fuel. When you release the spacebar, the orb falls down. Using this principle you need to direct the orb where you want it to go. The fuel you have is used pretty quickly, which means that you need to refuel as often as possible. You refuel with organic materials. Pass close to trees, cows and people to abduct them and convert them to fuel. The flying people can be abducted too. The fat guy gives you a lot of fuel and
  • Makeover DesignerMakeover DesignerChoose a new face, design new clothes, and dress your girl, boy, or cat model in this fun makeover game!
  • MoneyshotMoneyshotFun-to-play flipper game with the capability to perform some nice tricks!
  • War ShipWar ShipThe purpose of this game is to sink all the enemy ships. You and the computer first arrange ships in an area, and then will take turn to bomb each other's ships. Since you do not know the location of each other's ships, you need to bomb strategically in order to be as efficient as possible when bombing the ships.
  • Miss World 2009Miss World 2009If Tammy's going to take the title, her evening gown better be a show stopper!

  • Egg FighterEgg FighterPlay as an egg and fight another egg street fighter style!

  • Pipe DownPipe DownConnect the pipe properly so the ball can reach the goal.