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  • Raccoon RushRaccoon Rush 15 levels of jumping at the correct time to make it over all the bushes and trees.
  • Autumn RacersAutumn RacersAutumn Racers is one of the best free online racing ever. Race away in this game and defeat the opponent in all the 4 levels. This is a car game so don't let the enemy overtake you because you will have a really hard time keeping up with him.
  • Fish Pizza CookingFish Pizza CookingThis is one of those games where you cook something following the instructions. In this case it's a meal called Fish Pizza. Do what you're told to do. Take all required ingredients and do what you're required to do with them clicking in the appropriate places.

  • Balerina Dress UpBalerina Dress UpElisa is playing a royal role in her next ballet. Choose the perfect costume for her.

  • Doof Gem SwapDoof Gem SwapAnother excellent puzzle game from doof. Create lines of three or more in the same colour group to get rid of them. Click on two gems consecutively to swap their positions. If they lock with another colour group of two or more, you're on. If not... you've just wasted time on that move! Grace under pressure is the key here. Focus and an unflappable nature will get you through. So will basic ability in shape-recognition!
  • AstrotriggerAstrotrigger Similar to Asteroids, but with a nice update on the graphics with some new powerups as well.
  • Crazy BearCrazy BearTear up these courses like a bear on wheels! Choose a board, bike, or 4-wheeler and ride the courses, jumping obstacles and picking up wrenches along the way to repair your ride.

  • Battle of LemoladBattle of Lemolad Build up your kingdom as you play a Bejeweled styled game to make wood, food, gold, and more.
  • Italy RaceItaly RaceNow you can participate in one of the most challenging racing championships in Europe. This week your going to visit the most greatest places in Italy, were you will have to learn how to drive on the roads of Rome and Milan. You will also see a lot of great sculptures and other landmarks from Italy. Enjoy!
  • Bomb's VacationBomb's VacationPoor bomb needed a vacation, so he booked a ticket. Blowing up stuff on a tropical island usually calms him down. Help bomb to blow up 20 practice targets along his tropical journey!
  • Box10 ATV 2Box10 ATV 2Ride your ATV over the rocky terrian as you tilt and lean. Don't flip over after hitting parked cars

  • Tank Man GameTank Man GameMega Man styled action gameplay. Shoot enemies and grab dropped pickups, as you fight to stay alive.

  • Egyptian SecretsEgyptian SecretsEgyptian Style puzzle game. Destroy Egyptian icons by creating lines of 3 or more icons of the same kind. You can move the icons by using the mouse to click and swap adjacent icons.
  • Fantastic Chef Peach CobblerFantastic Chef Peach Cobbler Peach Cobbler is an original taste offered to your table by fantastic chef. Try this unique recipe with the chef's step by step instructions and impress your guests!
  • Elf BallElf BallThe evil witch cast a bad spell and locked the elves in bubbles and we need a mighty archer to free them. Shoot the magic balls and kick them off the board to free the elves. You must target well and think wisely to clear them all. Hold your mouse to set speed and target and release to shoot.

  • Brilliant CrystalsBrilliant CrystalsBrilliant Crystals brings you color-match gameplay awesomized Ninja Kiwi style - with a heap of powerups and deep tactical play. The Brilliant Crystals have been drained of their power and it is up to you to find and restore them. Make matches, fill your potions, and unleash 20 different power-ups on puzzle enemies who have a few tricks of their own. Click your potion bottles to store your power-ups for when you want to use them and discover the tactical possibilities and the awesomeness of perfectly stacked power-ups.
  • Conquer AntarticaConquer AntarticaEliminate all of the enemy penguins on each level in order to advance with your campaign.
  • SkullHead The GAMESkullHead The GAME Rescue your bunny from Skullhead.
  • Tweety Bamboo BounceTweety Bamboo Bounce Help Tweety jump from one bamboo to the next.
  • James ReplayJames Replay Create frozen copies of yourself by pressing the replay button. Use frozen copies to reach the exit.
  • Super BiologySuper BiologyYou're the ultimate vaccine! Eat the baddies to get stronger!
  • Gem RushGem RushThis house of gems must quickly as possible.
  • Peppy s Nick Jonas Dress UpPeppy s Nick Jonas Dress Up Youngest of the trio needs some fashion advice.
  • Fruit ShooterFruit ShooterAn bubbleshooter game with a fruity twist. Shoot 3 bubbles of the same kind to make them disappear. Your fruit diny then will pick up the fruit. In each level you need to collect an amount of each fruit to continue.
  • Sponge Bob Square Pants Bikini Bottom CarnivalSponge Bob Square Pants Bikini Bottom Carnival Help Sponge Bob and Patrick in who's the better between them in the carnival games.
  • Tequila ZombieTequila ZombieShoot zombies on a single map. Stay alive & pick up cash to buy more powerful weapon drops.
  • BedazzledBedazzledMatch the jewels in this colourful puzzle game. Create combo's and make the gems cascade to reach the highscore. Match more gems together and create special gems which explode, fire lightning and more.
  • Professor Snape Dress UpProfessor Snape Dress Up Will Professor Snape dress up like Harry Potter? or a devil? or a girl? It's all in your hands when you pick his outfit.
  • Creation Cake GameCreation Cake GameIn this game you are preparing the most beautiful and delicious cake ever. Hope that Very cute and funny cakes will be designed by you.
  • Lion HungerLion Hunger Help the lion to collect as much food as you can.
  • Brainy PuzzleBrainy PuzzleUse your cleverness and brain for solving the puzzles. Each level will be having different puzzle. And their instructions are given inside. Good luck and have fun!
  • Eyes CubesEyes CubesMeet the eyes cubes! Click on them.They poof! But you can only poof them while their same-colored friends are nearby!
  • Cooking Show Cheese BurgerCooking Show Cheese Burger A cheeseburger is a hamburger containing cheese. The term itself is a portmanteau of the words "cheese" and "hamburger." The cheese is usually sliced, then added a short time before the hamburger finishes cooking to allow it to melt. In fast food restaurants, the cheese that is added to a cheeseburger is typically American cheese, but there are many other variations. Mozzarella, blue cheese, pepper jack, and especially cheddar are popular choices.
  • Touchdown: American FootballTouchdown: American FootballYou'll need some serious skills (or a miracle) to score the winning touchdown!

    Make it to the end zone before the opposing team takes you down!

  • Monster Truck DestroyerMonster Truck Destroyer This is one of those games where you drive a vehicle through obstacles controlling its speed and inclination. However, this game is not the most typical one, because apart from just passing levels you cause destruction. There are vehicles in stacks. You can push them with your monster truck and smash them. Apart from the cars there are bombs that explode and give you destruction points when touched.
  • Battle BingoBattle BingoPlay a game of bingo and beat your opponent in different game types of your choice. Enjoy playing bingo!

  • Farm Animals Memory GameFarm Animals Memory GameClick on the cards to find the matching pairs.
  • Shadow FactoryShadow FactoryTry to race to the exit of this mysterious dark factory without falling off of the machines.
  • Shugo Chara JokerShugo Chara JokerFlip the card and match 2 of the same image.

  • Picos Infantry Covert Operatives 2Picos Infantry Covert Operatives 2 The sequel to the first Pico's Infantry. Now you will be ranked according to your number of wins and also you get to choose your terrain, number of enemies and other options you will surely enjoy. Have fun!
  • Jump HighJump HighOnce you learn the secret, you'll want to share this game with all of your friends.
  • Cherry New Year PuzzleCherry New Year PuzzleThis game is one of those few puzzle games that stays challenging and addictive without being too difficult. Solve puzzles, move the elements to burn off the line, go through the levels to score points.
  • Earth vs AliensEarth vs AliensEarth vs. Aliens is a defense shooter inspired by Missile Command and Galaga.
  • DangerDanger Find pieces of the map as you kill enemies and grab health and ammo.