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  • Dreamsdwell StoriesDreamsdwell Stories Dreamsdwell Stories is a sweet magical fantasy! Help the Dreamsdwellers build a beautiful new town by creating long chains of colored orbs. The longer the chain, the more money you earn for construction! Dreamsdwell Stories will make you smile.
  • Elv Is Black 2Elv Is Black 2Stay away from the black critters as you try to get a bunch following you and trick into the hole.

  • Collect the HoneyCollect the HoneyHelp the active bee to collect honey from different flowers within the specified time and to deposit it in the honey comb. do it fast to proceed to the next level.

  • Match ThreeMatch ThreeMatchThree with 8 fan tools: 1:eliminate the horizontal line. 2:eliminate the vertical line. 3:reset the faces. 4:eliminate the same faces as you selected; 5:random eliminate several 6:time-bomb 7:Forced switching wrench 8:Tracking the face may be matched; Other Description: 1.With the increase of the level, the game becomes more difficult. 2.Over time,the timer will be faster, you have to buy item to use so that you can survive longer. 3.The final score is calculated by the time and money,so you must take care of the balance between these two things.
  • Jewel Quest Mysteries Trail of the Midnight HeartJewel Quest Mysteries Trail of the Midnight Heart Uncover a fantastic journey behind Jewel Quest Mysteries – Trail of the Midnight Heart, the captivating hidden object sequel to the best-selling hit! Young adventurer Eva Witheby has traveled to a distant land at the beckoning call of her uncle. Shortly after her arrival, she realizes something is wrong when he is not there to receive her. Alone now in an unknown land and amongst strangers she just met, she is about to go down a path full of mystery and intrigue. Walk besides Eva and adventure through this mesmerizing land filled with dangerous trails and cloaked secrets! Search for priceless relics, pick up helpful tools, and unearth valuable jewel boards. For a completely new twist, grab a chair and make discoveries cleverly hidden throughout scrolling scenes! This whirlwind adventure will have you on the edge of your seat!
  • Michigan HawkMichigan Hawk Grab the gold and gems, break vases to find treasure. Don't run out of health and avoid monsters.
  • Viking QuestViking QuestWhat should a small viking-girl do when she lives among the vikings? Why not sit at home and wait until everybody is back? No sea voyages, no battles, even no pets! Oh no! After all, you can start an adventure, go on a voyage and even adopt an unusual pet, and it's all by yourself!
  • Angry Birds GamesAngry Birds GamesThe Pig King and his snivelling underlings have stolen all your eggs! Rescue your eggs and take down their fortress with the only ammo you have... yourself!
  • Auguste and PepiAuguste and Pepi This lion show will be so much more entertaining with some color!
  • GUNROX - Bomb That ChickenGUNROX - Bomb That ChickenShoot as many flying birds as possible with your explosive ammo. Try not to miss!

  • O2 FighterO2 Fighter Fight against a gang in a skyscraper.
  • Dynamic Systems 2Dynamic Systems 2Your goal in the physics puzzle game Dynamic System 2 is to get the ball into the basket each level.

  • Pair Mania - Cartoon Creatures 3Pair Mania - Cartoon Creatures 3Another fun match up the paired creature cards game. Complete it in the least amount of attempts possible.
  • Fluffy\’s Kitchen AdventureFluffy\’s Kitchen AdventureCuriosity may not kill the cat, but it will set Fluffy on a fun adventure!

    Get Fluffy to the door at the other side of the kitchen to win: click the die to move, and complete mini-games along the way!

    Tip: If you get stuck on a mini-game, you can close it by clicking the X in the top-right corner.

  • Mad MotoMad MotoIn this game you need to show your best and heaviest stunts! Mouse over on how to play field for further trick instructions
  • Shugo Chara JokerShugo Chara JokerFlip the card and match 2 of the same image.

  • RecycleRecycleSort the waste into the right bins and try to earn as many points as you can.
  • Star Differences 2Star Differences 2 This game contains three levels. In every level you can see two identical pictures of a famous star. Try to find the differences between those two pictures to go to the next level. If you can't find the differences in time, you'll have to start over again. In this game you can find the pictures o... This game contains three levels. In every level you can see two identical pictures of a famous star. Try to find the differences between those two pictures to go to the next level. If you can't find the differences in time, you'll have to start over again. In this game you can find the pictures of Katy Perry, Vanessa Hudgens and Justin
  • Freeway FallguyFreeway FallguyThe problem with car surfing is that, when you fall, you don't go splash—you go splat!
  • Comet BusterComet Buster Can you shoot enemies by simply choosing the right bullet color to the right enemy color for more points? Good luck pilot!
  • Hall DecorationHall DecorationHave you ever wondered how it feels to paint, furnish and decorate a living room in a few mintes? It feels so happy. Play this game and you too feel happy.
  • Hamster AdoptionHamster AdoptionProduce the perfect pad for your very own cuddly cutie!
  • Secure the DeckSecure the DeckSpecial Ops must go forward, rain, wind, or worse....
  • Lightning BugsLightning Bugs Cast you magic spell on groups of the same color to clean them quickly.
  • Cutie Hair SalonCutie Hair SalonIt's back to school season. The cutie wants to change her hairstyle for the new semester. Please help her choose the right shampoo, towel, scissor, etc. and get the new hair done!

  • MotoXMotoX Multiply your score by linking tricks. Land on the downslope and score double!
  • Mystic EmporiumMystic Emporium Manage your magic store as you make potions for customers and earn money managing your shop.
  • MilkpanicMilkpanicMilk all the cows before they explode. Don't forget to empty your bucket!
  • HT83 Gentle pring dress upHT83 Gentle pring dress upSpring is when gentle maids dress up for shining.
  • Indestructo Tank EAIndestructo Tank EAUse the enemies' own weapons against them!
  • Soda ManSoda ManSee the world from the air with the latest alternative energy: soda power!
  • Battle FortsBattle Forts Protect Hector Con Carne's island headquarters from his archenemy, Estroy. You will each take turns launching weapons until one of you destroys the other.
  • Smiley Difference 2Smiley Difference 2The funniest Spot the Differences game is back with a sports edition! Find the differences in 6 nicely rendered 3D images of sports like baseball, basketball, soccer,...
  • ButterflyY BarbieButterflyY Barbie You have 60 seconds to trap all the flying fairies. You need good reflexes.
  • Attitude Girl Dress UpAttitude Girl Dress Up Roxanne is a girl with a strong personality. She is a clever girl who knows what she wants from live, very determinate, realistic and intelligent. She is also a trendy girl who loves fashion and has a very good taste on choosing the clothes that fit best her personality. Look in her cool wardrobe and find the perfect outfit for a girl full of attitude like her. She really likes blue-jeans and that's why she has so many pairs of them. Choose the pair you like best and dress her up! Then, look for the perfect shirt to fit the jeans! Don't forget about shoes and accessories! Also, change her hairstyle to give her a new look!
  • Bart Simpson Island-EscapeBart Simpson Island-EscapeHelp Bart escape from an mysterious island full of dangers, so he can return to Springfield save and safe
  • Colorado Mountain StylingColorado Mountain StylingLiving in a cabin up in the mountains is a wonderful lifestyle because it is so beautiful! This girl just moved to Colorado and wants a makeover so her fashion and styling are as beautiful as her new surroundings. Go through all the different items to find the things that look good together until you make a full outfit. Once you are done you can see how she looks.
  • Feed ‘n FrenzyFeed ‘n FrenzyIt's eat or be eaten in this world of chomping fish!
  • World Class Chef IndiaWorld Class Chef India Welcome to India! We are going to be making Tomato chicken.
  • Mr. Bean Dress UpMr. Bean Dress UpDo you recognize this comedian? Its Mr. Bean, and he is going to have a stand-up comedy show in your town. Help him find the perfect clothes for tonights event.
  • Video PokerVideo PokerA nice version of video poker

  • BoxheadBoxheadDestroy your enemy using available weapons!
  • Cooking ChampionshipCooking ChampionshipWill today be the day that the student surpasses the master?
  • Perfect DetonationPerfect DetonationClick to remove objects and make the two items touch to explode in this somewhat repetitive game.