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  • Bug WaveBug WaveThis is a sophisticated tower defense game located in a neat environment with forces of nature in your hands. Control the
    Bugs! Use the building modules of the flower. Place these
    elemental towers on the ground to prevent bugs from reaching
    the right and bottom side of the arena.

  • Busker PanicBusker PanicPlay the guitar and avoid falling objects.

  • Box10 RampageBox10 RampageEvil robots are on the rampage! Hand out some justice!
  • Zombie MartZombie MartZombies have infested Sweet McQueen\’s local shopping mart. He is hungry for twinkies and he ain\’t standing for this. Take Sweets trolley and mow down the undead horde in a battle of epic proportions. Upload your score and pair off against your friends and the rest of the world.
  • Britains Best BrainBritains Best Brain Train all the areas in your brain with different types of exercises such as calculations, memory, coordination
  • Moto RushMoto RushGet ready for a rush of action: in this game, your driving is as important as your shooting!
  • Ho-Pin Tung RacerHo-Pin Tung RacerRace as the famous Chinese GP2 racer on 7 cups. Design your own levels in 3D with the level editor.
  • Rush HourRush HourGet your car to the exit point.
  • Nightmare in the DarkNightmare in the Dark This was an ancient story when people still believed in the power of witchcraft. There lived one grave keeper at a very small village in a remote region. He lived a quiet, solitary life in a corner of the cemetery, for he kept away from village people due to his very ugly appearance. One day he found the graves were ransacked and some corpses were stolen. He didn''t want village people to know that,
    he decided to eliminate the grave burglars by himself. Thus he patrolled the Cemetery every midnight.
  • Megan FoxMegan Fox Help Megan Fox to choose clothes thats fit for her.
  • Candy's Giftshop FrenzyCandy's Giftshop FrenzyEveryone is doing last-minute gift shopping and Candy is all alone in the store! Can she survive this frantic day?

  • Balancing the BallBalancing the Ball The aim of the player is to move the ball along the tracks.
  • Catch Me 2Catch Me 2Catch Me 2 is a very simple but high addictive game as you're getting closer and closer to the end. We're all curious about the end of the game and it is a challenge to make it through all levels. By the last levels you need to move some rocks away in addition to the time pressure you anyway have.. Don't give up! Once you remembered the position it will spawn there again!
  • Seabed AdventuresSeabed AdventuresNew grandy spot difference game of the seabed with random differences and bonus items.Use mouse and left click to locate the differences between 2 images. Click "Hint" for help. Find the bonus item at each level, which will help to increase your score and "Hint" times once.
  • AequilibriumAequilibriumHarmonious blocks like to stay in balance...
  • Fall in Love Story Dress UpFall in Love Story Dress Up Anna is going to get married with the boy she loves. She is so happy and she can't wait for the big moment when she is going to say “Yes” in the church. She wants her wedding day to be a perfect day and for that she needs to look absolutely gorgeous. Be Anna 's stylist and help her prepare for the wedding! Choose the dress, the shoes and all the accessories she needs to make her look like a princess. Don't forget she also need to have her hair done for the wedding! Enjoy!
  • I Am CubeI Am CubeFight stickmen as you wrestle pink ones, upper cut tall boy ones in the balls, & falcon punch others
  • Animal SudokuAnimal Sudoku Choose your style of Sudoku-colored footprints, traditional with numbers, or black footprints (a little harder)! Each style starts with an initial score and goes down from the time you start the game, so think fast.
  • Scooby Doo 2 Monster Food FightScooby Doo 2 Monster Food Fight Help the mystery van beat the ghoul to the finish line by pelting monster heads with food.
  • Hidden Targets - Train StationHidden Targets - Train StationTargets are hidden all around the place!! Shoot the target with archer?s bow and arrows.
    Use mouse to shoot the target. Avoid clicking needlessly, as otherwise your time will get reduced.
    If finding last three targets is difficult in any level, use the hint option to point out the targets,
    but using hint option each time will cost you 100 points.

  • TrafficatorTrafficatorDon't let the cars crash or hit people! Don't create a traffic jam either. Click on cars to stop them.Click again on stopped cars to make them move Don't kill the pedestrians!

  • LunnixLunnixHelp jumping penguin Lunnix to catch some big fish-alike aliens. His boss Mr. Bill, owner of a sardine factory, witnessed a big fish-shaped alien beaming into a UFO. Catching and manufacturing these big fishes could tremendously boost the output of his factory and make him even richer.

  • Turtillion IslandTurtillion Island It's up to you to make sure the island's turtle population lives on. Get your egg basket ready and go, go, go!
  • Mahjong Matching 2Mahjong Matching 2This is a memory matching game about Mahjong.
  • Catch The ClockCatch The ClockSpot out and click the Clocks to wake up the World by its Alarm Sound.

  • Master Qwan's MahjonggMaster Qwan's MahjonggMaster Qwan's Mahjongg is the classic matching game. Your goal is to clear the playing area of tiles by matching pairs before time runs out.
  • String AvoiderString AvoiderGet the thread to finish without touching the sides!
  • Reverse th TeddyReverse th Teddy In this game, Teddy moves in reverse direction. You will have to move in reverse direction to reach the destination. Remember! While moving the teddy, you should not touch the surroundings objects. Try to complete each level in the given time duration to play the next level.
  • Weapons On WheelsWeapons On WheelsPick your weapon and upgrade your car as you race around the track with AI and weapons.

  • Putt It InPutt It InChoose the initial position of the ball, set the power and direction of the hit, and try to make par!
  • Macaroon ChefMacaroon ChefFollow the pink-haired pastry chef's hints to prep this colorful confectionery treat culinary classic.
  • Octopussie Room EscapeOctopussie Room EscapeA tiny 8-legged key to your freedom? If you're smart enough…
  • Cheesecake CookingCheesecake CookingThis recipe is about cheesecake, a delicious dessert consisting of a topping made of soft, fresh cheese. Because it contains chocolate, the cake is required for every kid`s energy. Make the popular dessert and don`t forget to share this recipe with all the beloved people. Good luck!
  • Animal Pairs 2Animal Pairs 2Animal Pairs 2 is a fun paired cards game. match up the picture pairs together in the least amount of guesses possible to gain the top score.
  • Real Flamenco Dress UpReal Flamenco Dress UpFantastic flamenco game in which you'll be able to play with the typical dresses of the dancers from Andalusia. In this flamenco fashion game you'll be able to feel the emotion of the traditional dancing and singing thanks to which Spain became famous throughout the whole world.
  • Dingle BallDingle BallOdie loves ball! Help Odie Catch balls.

  • Toon Town Town ShootToon Town Town Shoot Help the dog to shoot the enemy with the correct icon.
  • Apple OrchardApple OrchardEnjoy nature's finest: apples in a basket!
  • It’s Dark in HellIt’s Dark in HellWho needs a nightlight?
  • Cole and Dylan SprouseCole and Dylan SprouseCole and Dylan Sprouse, the two cute identical twins, are making an appearance tonight on the red carpet, at a teen movie awards. Help them look their best, by choosing their outfits, hair styles and accessories.
  • Gods Playing Field 2Gods Playing Field 2 Here is the sequel to the first God's Playing Field game where you get the chance to wreck havoc above earth by using different techniques but in this version you don't have to buy them because it automatically does the job as you progress in each level. Have fun!
  • Purple PillPurple PillThink fast, play fast! Find the shortest way to the X mark!
  • The Girl Who Leapt Through Time - Hidden Objects GameThe Girl Who Leapt Through Time - Hidden Objects GameFind out the objects displayed below, which are hidden in the image. Find them in a short time to score more.

  • Enduro 2Enduro 2 Ride your motorcycle without tipping over the lumber, crates, and other objects. Tilt and lean!