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  • Suicide Point KissSuicide Point Kiss The guy got fed up with love affair decided to commit suicide by jumping from the suicide point. Luckily, you got a chance to save him. Imagine you as a girl and kiss him to change his mind and decision. Divert the obstacles which disturb the kissing sequence. In given time duration, Keep on kissing till the suicide loader entirely gets reduced. Otherwise, the guy will commit suicide.
  • Starlight 2Starlight 2 Rotate the constellations and flip them upright to display the hidden picture within.
  • Kiss RushKiss RushShow each other some loving' without getting caught by the chef.

  • Circlo 2Circlo 2Circular "bust-a-move" x2.Match 3 or more balls of the same colour to get rid of them.
  • Nanny In SpaceNanny In SpaceAim of this game is to get to the bottom and find the blue magic diamond. It is said that the one that finds it will grow 2 inches taller.
    Control Nanny by moving your mouse left and right. Get to the end of each space rock, then click to make him jump using the power meter, move your mouse up and down while you click to change the power of his jump. Press "cancel" if you changed your mind. Hint: If the next rock is right below you just double click on that rock and Nanny will jump there without the power meter.

  • Drawn Together Cavity SearchDrawn Together Cavity Search Retrieve the item inside the patient to complete their surgery.
  • The Brain GameThe Brain GameTest your brain in 6 mini games. Test your math ,visual, logical and memory skills. The faster you give the correct answers the more points you can earn. You will also get more points by answerings consecutive questions correctly.
  • Epic Battle FantasyEpic Battle FantasyTurn-based flash fighting games have been getting more popular lately, but often embrace large file sizes and long loading times. Epic Battle Fantasy achieves success by emulating a Final Fantasy style fighting system with lots of unique attacks and abilities available, while keeping the file size down. In addition to having lots of colourful enemies each with their own attack animations, there are also many interesting bosses to defeat with particular weaknesses.
  • Barbie Fancy FashionBarbie Fancy FashionBarbie stars in the new issue of Starsue magazine popping outfits with basic day-to-day and evening dresses, and wonderful hairstyles.
  • Mrs ClausMrs Claus This girl wants to surprise her friends and family. That's why she's decided to dress up as Mrs. Claus.
  • Paper PilotPaper PilotDesign your own paper plane, practice flying it, and challenge your buddies!
  • Tom and Jerry BombermanTom and Jerry BombermanSet bombs to blow up boxes and find rewards. Look out for Tom as well as your own bombs in this free online arcade game!
  • Angry CowsAngry CowsWreak havoc and destruction with the all new Angry Cows! Angry Cows is just the game for people who are looking to be challenged, and still have fun while doing so. Angry Cows is a cross between a thought-provoking, logic-inducing puzzler and a trigger-happy, barrel demolition game! And with its hours of original gameplay and hours more of replay. Knock down barrels or just blast them away by launching a fleet of your super-powered Angry Cows! WARNING:You may get very addicted
  • VolcanoVolcanoLet's meet our most liked Volcano game. There is Panic in the Island because of a Volcano erupted. You must avoid the rocks and pick the fruits up to pass other levels. ssssss
  • Killer Affairs The Vindictive VendettaKiller Affairs The Vindictive Vendetta Battle through 3 levels of intense action and mayhem using 5 powerful weapons in your arsenal. Get your vengeance and annihilate the final boss.
  • Lineup FourLineup FourThis is the classic strategy game of Connect Four. In this game you and the computer take turns to put down coloured pegs, once the peg of a colour forms a line of 4, the game is won. The smaller the number of pegs used when the computer is beaten, the higher the score.
  • Mercenaries 2 World Nearly in FlamesMercenaries 2 World Nearly in Flames Use whatever means necessary. Payback Mercenaries style! Game features Gun Yielding, Tank Driving, Copter Aiming, Sniping Shooting and TONS of big explosions.
  • Age Of Defense TeaserAge Of Defense TeaserPlay teaser of our upcoming game, Age of Defense, the full version of the game has contains 40 levels, over 30 characters, over 20 weapons, 8 worlds and tons of upgrades, achievements, and special effects.

  • Silent Destiny Grael Tower DefenseSilent Destiny Grael Tower Defense The Dark Spirits loom, but Grael's protective powers boom!
  • Hidden HintsHidden HintsHidden Hints is a new type of point click game developed by games2dress. Every week new Hidden Hints game will be released. Find the hidden paper pieces in each level and arrange them correctly to get the clue for further levels. At the final level you will find a valuable hint with its information.

  • Dreamy EyesDreamy EyesKeep this girl's attention and you'll be drowning in her eyes!
  • Mouse HouseMouse HouseWhen the master is out, the house belongs to the mouse!
  • Ice Cream GirlIce Cream GirlThis lovely fashionista sure loves going to the ice cream shop and even has a colorful chic wardrobe to sport when she enjoys her favorite dessert!
  • Johnny Catch and the Snow FlakesJohnny Catch and the Snow FlakesHelp Johnny to catch the snow flakes in order of their appearance in this addictive puzzle style game.Use your mouse to click on the snow flakes in the right order of their appearance.
  • J'aime MahjongJ'aime MahjongBeautifully designed Mahjong game with 80 different solvable levels. Match 2 of the same stones to remove them from the game. You can only select stones that have at least one side (left or right) free and have no other tiles placed on top. The aim of the game is to clear the layout by pairing up all tiles. You can select which layout you want to play and choose your own background.
  • Lovele She Takes TimeLovele She Takes Time Beauty takes time.
  • Bake ShopBake ShopAn addictive little puzzle game especially if you're hungry! Swap the different cakes. Switch the cakes around to match them up in rows or columns of three or more.
  • Class KissClass KissMake sure that the teacher will not catch the two kids kissing each other. The more kiss gets you more points.

  • Truck Mania 2Truck Mania 2The mania`s back for more cargo craziness!
  • Illogical RoomIllogical RoomIllogical Room is Korean point and click type room escape game. Use the coin on the wall in the blue room to get the code on the wall.
  • Summer in the country 5 DifferencesSummer in the country 5 DifferencesFind the five differences between the two pictures. Good art work, relaxing effect.
  • HT83 Who is my enemy gameHT83 Who is my enemy gameYou must use a stick to break the enemy files, which are the wild flowers are threatening you.
  • Froggy FeastFroggy FeastFroggy Feast is a unique match puzzle game that lets you perform a multitude of combinations to earn points. Click two-colored orbs to change their color and create matches from 3 orbs up to 9! See how many different matches you can create!Simply click a two-colored orb on either side to choose what color you want it to be. Try and connect at least 3 like-colored orbs to earn points.
  • Beat The BurnBeat The Burn Use your cursor keys to guide your character around your chosen location to complete tasks or pick up passengers and ferry them to their destinations - keep up your energy levels by collecting food items along the way!Don't dawdle! Each task has to be performed in a strict time limit! The faster you complete a task, the more points you will score.Do you have what it takes to make it onto our leaderboard?
  • RollRollUse the yellow ball to roll around popping and sinking the reds.
  • Leap on RocksLeap on Rocks Ride your bike over the tricky gaps as you try to play the same levels in both easy and hard.
  • Ice Skating Dress UpIce Skating Dress UpWinter time is here and you are getting ready for your next exciting ice skating competition. Before you hit the ice and practice all of those stunts that you have learned, be sure to choose the cutest outfit to wear so that you can impress all of the judges at the tournament. Whilst you are out on the ice why not invite some of your friends to come and join you to enjoy the fun. Winter ice skating is a blast and its time to show off your moves!
  • Best Holidays 5 DifferencesBest Holidays 5 DifferencesFind the five differences between the two pictures. Good art work, relaxing effect.Click on the 5 things you find different between the two images to advance to the next level.
  • absolute Madnessabsolute Madness Prepare yourself for a nice round of uncomplicated annihilation. Wave after wave of assassins are send your way, so it\’s time to draw your favorite weapon en start firing away.

    Don\’t care about your ammunition or any other pleasure reducing factors, it\’s all about total destruction in this game.
  • WindbellWindbell Find matching pairs of the windbell. The faster the better!
  • Christmas 2011 Hidden Objects 2Christmas 2011 Hidden Objects 2It's the time to use your observing skills to discover the hidden objects in the pictures of the Christmas 2011.
  • Fish DecorationFish DecorationYour father is a fisherman and on every week he brings you a lot of fish. Until now you tried various fish decoration but today it`s time for something different. A professional chef brought the fanciest decoration to you so you have many options. Try the best fish decoration and share it with us. Enjoy it!
  • Happy HourHappy HourCan you talk to a girl at the club without making a complete fool of yourself? Pick the best line!

  • Lost Nuke 2Lost Nuke 2Keep moving forward in this sidescroller as you blast all the enemies. Pick up ammo & shoot barrels.