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  • Blocks and Stars 2Blocks and Stars 2Now your favorite game has more items to collect! Click on groups of three or more blocks with the same color to remove them. Click on bombs or arrows to remove large groups of random blocks and collect items like stars,coins and diamonds.
  • Underwater TreasuresUnderwater TreasuresForm groups of same colored. Pop all the bubbles in as few shots as possible. You must collect all the diamonds.

  • Square-Head WarriorSquare-Head WarriorThis square-head warrior must defend his own territory from the incoming waves of enemies. Square-head can update his weapons or buy new weapons once he collects sufficient cash simply by killing intruders.

  • Gotholi Dress UpGotholi Dress UpDress this cute goth girl up.

  • Squiggle SquidSquiggle SquidSquiggle Squid is a mouse-controlled action puzzle game where you control the son of the Kraken as he seeks the legendary Coral Crown. Use Squiggle Squid's ink dash to collect plankton and avoid ocean obstacles such as spiny sea urchins but it won't be easy. As the level goals increase, you must master the ink dash to make huge chains, collect power-ups and avoid dangerous sea life. There are 50 levels in quest mode and a high score mode.Click to make Squiggle Squid dash to your mouse. Capture plankton in the ink cloud. Make chains for big scores.
  • Dragon Ball fighting 2Dragon Ball fighting 2Pearl Battle 1.5 update in the world martial arts of the General Assembly, adding more optional characters, go and won the Conference championship in the world martial arts it!
  • Ma BallsMa Balls Avoid the moving balls and collect those bonus points.
  • AntcityAntcityUse your giant magnifying glass and focus the beam on target objects!
  • PingzPingzto set direction and speed. Click to launch the ball and collect all coins in a limited number of moves. Use obstacles and power-ups!
  • Scooby Doo - Snow ShowScooby Doo - Snow ShowOur super hero Scooby is in another adventure and you must help him. He'll make real snow show with his skate. Overcome all obstacles! Don't forget to pick up coins on the way.
  • Smartman Thme Park ThrillerSmartman Thme Park Thriller Find all snack shacks before the zombie mascots catches you.
  • Angry Birds RioAngry Birds RioThe flash version of Angry Birds Rio ! With popular gameplay made famous by Crush the Castle, sling your animals across the field to take down the invading aliens.
    Angry Birds Rio, a stand-alone edition tying into the release of the 20th Century Fox animated film Rio, was launched for iOS, Android and Mac OS X in March 2011. In this version, the Angry Birds characters appear in Rio de Janeiro and interact with characters from the film. Angry Birds Rio initially includes two chapters, each with 30 levels; the Angry Birds rescue caged exotic birds in the first chapter and attack evil marmosets in the second and third chapters. The game also includes new hidden items and planned level updates in May, July, October and November 2011. The reception of Angry Birds Rio has been positive, with Ryan Rigney of GamePro saying the iOS version boasts some notable improvements on its predecessors and Levi Buchanan of IGN, in his review of the Android version, calling the game ``a smart, snappy new chapter for the series``. Since release, Angry Birds Rio has been downloaded more than 10 million times. The first planned update, a new chapter called Beach Volley, was released in May 2011 and included 30 new game levels.
  • Treasure Hunt - Halloween NightTreasure Hunt - Halloween NightFind the hidden treasures in short duration to get high score.

  • Luigis Kitchen SoupLuigis Kitchen Soup Cook various dishes with Luigi!
  • How to Make Strawberry ShortcakeHow to Make Strawberry ShortcakeLearn how make a delicious desert caller Strawberry Shortcake.

  • Paper AirplanePaper AirplaneFly around and collect as many orb as you can before you ran out of fuel.

  • Autumn Amusement ParkAutumn Amusement ParkSelect cool outfits and accessories for the autumn weather
  • Obama Versus ZombiesObama Versus ZombiesZombies are attacking the White House and Obama is left to fend for himself. Find weapons and survivors to fight your way through waves of zombies until someone comes to your rescue.

  • Left or RightLeft or RightHow fast can you guess right (or left)?
  • Protect Your Home EscapeProtect Your Home EscapeYou have been awaken by a burglar while asleep at home. You must protect your home, neutralize the burglar and report it to police to escape the house.
  • Sharp TriggerSharp TriggerInspired by the Call of Duty franchise, Sharp Trigger is an intense shooter game with 3 cool characters to play. You and your team are dropping in hostile territory for a rescue mission to save Delta team. Good luck men!
  • World Cup Penalty 2010World Cup Penalty 2010Choose your team and participate in the world soccer championship. You will be the champion if in the penalties you score more goals than your adversary and stop all their tries to score you a goal.

  • Girl Traveler Dress UpGirl Traveler Dress Up This girl is always dressed to impress, no matter the destination!
  • Rockface RescueRockface Rescue It is a very well presented game of balance where it is necessary to steer a helicopter and recover victims.
  • Emma\\’s Recipes: Chocola...Emma\\’s Recipes: Chocola...Bake a batch for a welcome whiff of grandma`s kitchen!
  • The Village Escape Mission Animal RescueThe Village Escape Mission Animal Rescue A caged tiger escaped from the village. A cow and a sheep fled in panic due to this. You have to find all the three by using the clues given and bring the animals back to the village.
  • Yeti Sports Part 3 Seal BounceYeti Sports Part 3 Seal Bounce Just pick 'em up and see how high you can throw him. Pingu's tough, he can take it. If pingu hits the seals on the sides at a nice near vertical angle they'll give him a super speed boost and keep the rapid acceleration upwards going full tilt.
  • Ledge and the Spirit St...Ledge and the Spirit St...Battle your way into the heart of the forest, picking up energy bubbles and hacking down barricades along the way. Keep an eye on your health (red bar) and mana (green bar) at the top of the screen. If your health drops to 0, it's game over.
  • ShoplifterShoplifterDodge the cameras to successfully shoplift the store.

  • Bricks Breaking IIBricks Breaking IIDestroy the bricks by clicking same coloured groups with at least 3 bricks.
  • WakerWakerA child is lost in dreams, and you are the waker who must rebuild her path home.
  • Seaside DressupSeaside DressupCute girl takes a walk by the seaside. Select cool outfits, stylish hairdos and even change her umbrella. Easy and fun, print when you're done!
  • Shooting Range GameShooting Range GameShoot as much items as you can and don't forget about flying items! You have only 60 seconds for each round. Can you take your best shot at the Shooting Range?

  • Afra FlyAfra FlyFlutter among the finest safari animals!
  • Look for HamstersLook for HamstersSearch the room and find all 16 hamsters!
  • Mini Golf 3Mini Golf 3Select your character and play Mini Golf online!
  • Spongebob Squarepants Food BounceSpongebob Squarepants Food Bounce Make spongebob to shoot up his food to reach his friend patrick by bouncing on the walls before the loader becomes empty. The loader indicates the life of the food.
  • Bubble Boom BoomBubble Boom BoomConnect a minimum of 3 same colored balls in this fun classic bubble shooter game.
  • Christmas Fairy Dress Up GameChristmas Fairy Dress Up GameThis little angle came from heaven for celebrate Christmas.But that very confuse to Christmas dressing style,chain,shoes,and hair style. So please help to this angel for dressing and others.Angels always look elegant and beautiful so lets see if you can keep that in mind when creating her outfit.Get colorfully cool with this angel and Enjoy!
  • Crocks BridgeCrocks Bridge The aim in this is to pass bricks to your friend that is across the river and there is only a bridge made out of crocs that you have to cross over but be careful not to fall in the river.
  • Gravity OffGravity Off Roll your ball as you avoid red shapes and control gravity later on. Has a retro look to it.
  • Otomaco Last Jade JourneyOtomaco Last Jade Journey Escape the room you've been tossed into. Great graphics and 360 turning ability.
  • Hair Make OverHair Make OverClick on the available items and give her hair completely new style!
  • Yeti Sports Part 4 Albatros OverloadYeti Sports Part 4 Albatros Overload Transport pingu as far as possible. Flapping wings near ground (sand) is more efficient than flapping wings high in the sky.