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  • Uchuforce 2Uchuforce 2Always loved the old space invaders? This awesome arcade gives the same retro experience!
  • Mine DropMine DropAwesome armadillo antics in the abyss...
  • Drome Duel 2Drome Duel 2 You must race eight laps in the fastest time as possible to win the race!
  • My ShapesMy ShapesClick, swap, line up but play tactical to get through the levels in time! This match three puzzle game calls upon your sense of observation, your capacity of anticipation but also your quickness of mind.
  • Stickya AdventuryaStickya Adventurya Meet Stickya. He likes beans and farting and adventure! Our kind of guy! Don your stupid hat and get your adventurya on!
  • Swedish Girl DressupSwedish Girl Dressup Let's look at the beautiful dresses worn by a swedish girl.
  • Cookie FestivalCookie FestivalGuess which is which who pair with each other.

  • Carnival LoveCarnival LoveLara and Randy have managed to sneak away to the local carnival for an afternoon getaway together. Help them try to sneak a few kisses here and there without drawing too much attention!

  • Cuddly Cake MakerCuddly Cake Maker Build a delicious cake, layer by layer. Add the toppings, and presto! You have a custom-made cake!
  • Lady Kitty EscapeLady Kitty EscapeLady Kitty Escape is another new point and click room escape game from You are trapped inside in a lady kitty house. The door of the house is locked. You want to escape from there by finding useful object, and hints. Find the right way to escape from the lady kitty house. Good Luck and Have Fun!
  • The Big GameThe Big GameWalk up to civilians to get them to follow you, avoiding the monsters roaming around, who will kill any person they touch.

  • Cupid is BladeCupid is BladeHelp the Wizards to together. Use your mouse to split objects and joints.You have fixed number of cuts at each level.
  • Sue's Beauty MachineSue's Beauty MachinePull the handle, mix body parts, and see the character created.
  • Stitch Master of DisguiseStitch Master of Disguise When the Bounty Hunters come to Stitch's door, one of the pictures on the wall will light up. Your job is to dress stitch exactly like the picture. You have a set amount of time to search Stitch's room and find all 4 parts of the costume. Match the costume with the correct one before time runs out.
  • Mole RevengeMole RevengeThis mole's ready to mosey on into a dangerous new adventure!
  • Whats Your SignWhats Your Sign It's all about weighing the plusses and the minusses against each other...
  • Space BugsSpace BugsRemind you of a game that came out along time ago? still a very good game enjoy!

  • Ducky Dress UpDucky Dress UpEver wanted to dress up a rubber ducky? Now you can inthis wonderful ducky dress up game made for girls. You can dress up the ducky with your mouse cursor, simply drag and drop the ducky clothes.

  • Dou Dou Da BabyDou Dou Da BabyAlthough it can barely speak, this adorable baby loves to be dressed in all kinds of colorful outfits. When you hear the baby singing dou-dou-da, then you know it's time for another crazy baby dress up party. Create a brand new outfit for this cute baby and you will surely be rewarded with a huge, happy smile.
  • The Young Victoria Hidden ObjectsThe Young Victoria Hidden Objects Find out the objects displayed below, which are hidden in the image. Find them in short time duration to score more.
  • Emma\’s Recipes: Indian...Emma\’s Recipes: Indian...Pump up this purple produce with a pantry full of pungent pep!
  • Let It GLowLet It GLow Your goal in each level is to make the bulb glow. To do so you must connect it to the energy source. The connection in not done through the wires, but probably using electromagnetic field through the air. The energy is only transmitted to the round filed around the energy source marked by dashed line. The mobile transmitters you'll find in different places in the level are activated when their field intersects with the field of the energy source or another transmitter. When an activated transmitter's field touches the field of the bulb, the bulb starts to glow. To make the bulb glow for a moment is still not enough. It must be glowing during the required period of time to pass the level.
  • The War Of Gundam Mobile SuitThe War Of Gundam Mobile Suit Fight against your enemy Gundam.
  • Penalty Shootout 2010Penalty Shootout 2010Welcome to Penalty Shootout 2010! Do you have the skills to go all the way to world cup glory? Now includes optional vuvuzela sounds!

  • Big BangBig BangA1 is visiting the King's castle, but does not have enough gas to fuel her space craft all the way home to her home planet. Create fuel by using your electron cannon to split atoms, causing chain reactions whose energy can power her craft.Click an atom to add an electron to it. When an atom has reached its maximum size, further added electrons will make it split, sending electrons in all four directions.Try to make as long chain reactions as possible, since each 3 atoms that are split in one move will grant you a free electron to use. Make sure you don't run out of electrons to add, or the game will be over! The later levels introduce green atoms. Green and pink atoms cannot split each others, with the exception of the Lightning atom, that can split any atom. Use them wisely!
  • OrbitalOrbitalFly your rocket to the space station as you hold out against gravity fields and shoot asteroids floating in space

  • Love MatcherLove MatcherLove matcher is a puzzle game which combines memory with a matching game. Try to score as many love couples as possible.
  • Jungle Tower 3Jungle Tower 3Jungle Tower 3 is a third part of popular physics high-scores game with very original and addicting gameplay! Its a mix of balancing and matching game!
  • Dream like WeddingDream like Wedding This pretty woman is getting ready for her wedding day but she's still confused with which gown to wear. Help her dress up and enjoy!
  • Shoot The VillainsShoot The VillainsEarn points by shooting all the villains. The game gets over if the villains strikes you.

  • Harvey Tumblestump Episode 1Harvey Tumblestump Episode 1 See only a small part of the level from where you are as you grab coins, shoot bats, & avoid spikes.
  • Gunny Bunny 2Gunny Bunny 2 3D Shoot em up game. Quake style action with two guns firing simultaneously
  • Devon Aoki Dress UpDevon Aoki Dress Up Aoki has redefined sexiness in the fashion world. She is short (a rarity for the runway) and petite, her curves concentrated on her hips and waist. She admits to being an unusual choice for a fashion model, but her uniqueness only adds to her sexiness.

    She knows how to pose for a camera, always looking provocative and pensive. Blend that with fast cars, and we've got a dream woman. Her appearance in Transworld Stance magazine, where she posed with a BMW AC Schnitzer M3, is a manifestation of that dream. And when she's made up as a geisha, there is not a sane man who doesn't wish he were a Japanese lord.
  • NickdNickd Some thieves have entered your house to still Christmas gifts. You need to hit 25 thieves with Christmas ornaments before they steal everything you have. Avoid hitting Santa that appears from time to time.
  • Tree House EscapeTree House EscapePlaying a game of hide and seek you become trapped inside a tree house. Collect all the tools needed to escape the tree house as fast as you can.
  • BombHead MotocrossBombHead MotocrossTake your motocross bike all over the world showing your skills by performing stunts and collectiong as many stars as you can.
  • Spaceship AfterpartySpaceship AfterpartyAliens sure like to party, but for this particular birthday they chose the wrong place to party in: the spaceship captain's quarters. Can you imagine the kinds of trouble they'll get into if the captain finds that mess in the morning? If you could give them a helping hand in cleaning the place up and finding all of the captain's objects that are scattered around the cabin, I'm sure they'll greatly appreciate it. Just do it quickly, they have 5 more minutes to get the place ready until he arrives!
  • Yapa CrocYapa Croc A cool version of arcade game Pacman. Collect all glowing balls and letters while dodging the animals.
  • CheaterCheaterCaught cheating? Maybe you just need more practice...
  • Ruberths Kick n' FlyRuberths Kick n' FlySanta's little helpers have worked all year preparing for Christmas. When Santa finally leaves to deliver the presents, the elves head down to the snowfields to play their favorite game: Kick n' Fly!
  • Teacher Class TripTeacher Class TripField trip! Who says learning isn't fun?
  • Summer SandalsSummer SandalsSummer is short! You must take off your and switch into comfortable sandals. This is your opportunity to show off your creativity by decorating your toes in cool decals and paint. Find a fun combination of paint and color to make your feet stand out on their own!
  • Christmas Cookie ChaseChristmas Cookie ChaseThis is a special Christmas/Holiday edition of Cookie Chase.
  • 2112 Cooperation2112 CooperationSometimes you need a little help from a friend (to take down an evil corporation).