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  • Ancient PairsAncient PairsA fun paired cards game. match up the picture pairs together in the least amount of guesses possible to gain the top score.
  • 10 Minutes Challenge10 Minutes ChallengeCan you survive for 10 minutes or more to fight against viruses?

  • Decorate Ice CreamDecorate Ice CreamYou now have a chance to decorate your favorite ice cream! have fun!

  • Grow ValleyGrow ValleyClick on the builders in the proper order to build the most advanced structures in the valley.

  • Pet Spa ChallengePet Spa ChallengeCan You Survive the Spa? Its going to be a tough day at the Pet Salon. Everyone has called in sick. The stylist, the shampoo guy, and even the intern who cleans up. You are on your own today, and its going to be busy.

  • John Does AdventureJohn Does AdventureLean forward and backwards in your mining cart as you grab gems to complete each level.

  • Lemonade WorldLemonade WorldMaking profit on lemonade is only possible if you find the right recipe…
  • Cheat in 60 SecondsCheat in 60 SecondsCheat your way to the top of the class! (Just be sneaky about it...)
  • Storm OpsStorm OpsSnuff out the enemy with your super-sharp sniper skills.
  • BALListicBALListicKnock the orange balls off of the game board before the orange balls knock out all of your green ones!Use your mouse to play this game. Left click on a green ball and hold as you drag back. Aim at the orange balls and try to knock them out of the game board. Your goal is to knock all of the orange balls off of the board before the orange balls knock out your green ones! The less hits that it takes you to knock out the orange balls the higher your score!
  • Red Carpet Dress UpRed Carpet Dress UpChoose the best gown for this young celebrity so she looks good on the red carpet!
  • Love Makes the DifferenceLove Makes the Difference Discover how love counts even in the smallest details. Spot those difference between the two pictures and let love guide you through the next level. Each of them has prepared for you a new character, in love with this special day. Play the game and spot all the differences hidden in little sparkling hearts, red flowers and Valentine decors. By the end of the last level, after spotting all the differences, you will definitely understand how love makes the difference!
  • Mahjongg DiscoveryMahjongg DiscoveryIn this version of the classic Mahjong game you will have to spin and select the matches of the pieces from the corners.

  • Count the SheepCount the SheepIn this game there will be some sheep that walk around on the screen, and you will need to count the number of sheep present before the time runs out. Beware that there are some wolves who dressed like a sheep. When the game progresses there will be more sheep and more wolves and the game will be more and more difficult.
  • Lost in CastleLost in CastleFree impressive online hidden object, point and click and find the difference game from During my last trip to one of Eastern European countries I went to the excursion to the ancient castle but strayed from the excursion group in the garden labyrinth. I need to escape from the castle that is full in mysteries. Please help me. The task is to find keys on the first level, to find the objects according to their shadow on the second and find the differences on the third. Excellent quality graphics, addictive plot, relaxing music and three games in one are main feature of this free online Flash game.
  • Metal TankMetal TankAssault enemy aircrafts and ground vehicles while dodging and shooting down incoming bombs. After each level, use your points to purchase upgrades in the armory. If you're in a sticky situation and have a nuke (radiation icon in the upper-left corner), use it to clear the entire screen.The white chopper is a friendly aircraft that will drop special supplies, so pick them up. You'll be issued 3 tanks—once you run out it's game over.
  • Piano PoochPiano PoochThe Piano Pooch here is to teach you how to play piano! See if you have what it takes to remember the keys he hops on. If you can remember and play them.
  • Painted EggsPainted Eggs Remember the pattern and then paint the eggs with the same colors. Your time is limited and you should hurry up to get more points.
  • Deus Racer: Highway Com...Deus Racer: Highway Com...
  • Racing The StormRacing The Storm Help Eliza make it safely through the perilious jungle to the safety of the thornberrys Cmovee.
  • Twisted TennisTwisted TennisTry to ace your opponent on this twisted tennis court! Hit the obstacles to build up power for a smash hit!
  • Light it 2Light it 2Light the bulb by finding a path between the light bulb and the battery. Rotate a path by clicking on it.
  • My Name is BlobMy Name is Blob Goal is to match same elements in patterns around static blocks on play field. For any matched pattern you get points. Every block which is surrounded by blobs is destroyed. Destroying all static blocks completes a level. Go ahead and play now!
  • Hurry up BobHurry up BobHurry up Bob! is a Climbing Game, where you goal is to reach as far up as possibleto the top. The higher you get the trickier it gets. Be careful where you step, but keep the rising lava in mind. So don't waste too much time. This game tests your skill ablilities in concentration and dexterity.
  • Quick Shooting PoolQuick Shooting Pool This school of pool is for those who have the need for speed...
  • Ice Cream ShopIce Cream ShopIce Cream Shop game: Ice Cream Stand
    Prepare some delicious ice-creams for the four DoliDoli friends and enjoy the summer taste while it lasts.
  • Peppy s Fergie Dress UpPeppy s Fergie Dress Up Help her get dress up and groove with her humps.
  • Mr RunnerMr Runner Run through the levels as fast as possible while grabbing gold coins and avoiding lava.
  • Puss in Boots - Dancing BootsPuss in Boots - Dancing BootsThis is one of the Puss in Boots Games where you can see The two hero Cats dancing. Chose between Puss in Boots and Kitty and compete against the other in this dancing competition.
  • Power FoxPower FoxYou play a fox fighting various opponents in quick and deadly matches.

  • Transformer Find The NumbersTransformer Find The Numbers find out all the numbers which is on the image.
  • Risky WhiskyRisky Whisky You are the driver of a delivery truck and you've been sent on a very special and dangerous assignment. Your cargo is very fragile and you need to make sure it reaches its destination in one-piece. So, be careful because the bootleggers won't be too happy to find their booze bottles broken!
  • Bubba TimeBubba Time Create boxes to get around, kill enemies, and solve puzzles. Puzzles get complicated.
  • Black Sea's TreasureBlack Sea's TreasureCollect coins and match sea items in this extremely addicting and fun match three game! Match three objects to remove them. Match four to get a silver coin. Match five to get a gold coin. Press the button under the hourglass to get additional time. Each portion of time will cost you one gold or two silver coins.
  • SaunavihtaSaunavihtaPhysics rules this creepiest and most puzzling trip to the sauna you'll ever take...
  • Tweety Bamboo BounceTweety Bamboo Bounce Help Tweety jump from one bamboo to the next.
  • Captivating Halloween CostumesCaptivating Halloween CostumesAn orgiastic festival is coming. Do you want to become a charming halloween girl? Come here to be a captivating Halloween fashion girl. So many dresses, here you can enjoy all kinds of halloween costumes. Dress up, to be the most charming Halloween girl!
  • 4 Seasons Easy Truck4 Seasons Easy TruckDrive your truck and collect stars until you reach the finish line.

  • Frod The FrogFrod The Frog Frod felt in love, he need meet his loved one. But there are troubles along the way. Control Frod to jump and land on the right place to complete each level. Play 26 levels to help Frod meet his girlfriend!
  • Quad RacerQuad RacerRace against other quads and be the first at the finish.
  • My ValentineMy ValentineFind five differences on two pictures. Interesting game, the beautiful images, great hanging in your free time.
  • Mahjong Matching 3Mahjong Matching 3This is a memory matching game about Mahjong.
  • Monster SlayersMonster SlayersCreate and upgrade units as you control when they attack, and retreat from the enemy.

  • Cookies BakeryCookies Bakery Prepare the request of the customers, with the appropriate ingredients provided.To select the required ingredients, click the buttons which are in the sides. Fulfill the request of the customers within the traveling time of the plate on the machine.