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  • WormlandWormland Burrow through the ground as you take out enemies, and their structures. Upgrade your self and more.
  • Tanks 2Tanks 2Play tanks with two players or play against yourself!
  • Stone BreakerStone Breaker This is an awesome remake of the classic Breakout game, with a
    completely new look and extra features. This game is set up in the Stone Ages
    where you've to break stones using a metallic ball. Bounce the ball up, using a wooden pad attached to a chain that runs around two pulleys.
  • Super Julio 4Super Julio 4Super Julio is now on the space! Help him to survive on this weird planet by collecting gems and destroying space creatures.
  • Hot Wheels Dragon Fire Scorched PursuitHot Wheels Dragon Fire Scorched Pursuit Race around the circuit as fast as you can, before the dragon gets you!
  • Hollie Hobby and FriendsHollie Hobby and Friends Help Holly Hobbie and her friends run their lemonade stand by completing 3 levels of fun. Earn a coloring page for each level you complete. Get points and complete tasks to unlock items to decorate your coloring pages
  • Ford Bike RacerFord Bike Racer Simply Beat your opponent in this awesome Ford Bike Racing game!
  • Extreme TruckExtreme Truck Keep your extreme truck on four its four big wheels, while driving through insane landscapes.
  • Storm the HouseStorm the HouseWhat, you want some kind of story? Just shoot!
  • Preety GirlPreety Girl Have fun with this complete make up set. Paint the lips, give shadow to the eyes, etc.
  • Level Editor: The GameLevel Editor: The GameIf you want something done right, you've got to do it yourself!
  • Ice Cream MasterIce Cream Master Identify the desired ice cream of the kids and serve it to them. Prepare and serve the ice cream before the kid\’s waiting time exceeds.
  • Covert Front 2Covert Front 2Here comes the sequel to the point and click adventure Covert Front. Explore the dark areas, collect various stuff.

  • Pair Mania - ToonsPair Mania - ToonsAnother fun paired cards game. match up the picture pairs together in the least amount of guesses possible to gain the top score.
  • WellingtonWellingtonWellington must wiggle his way around—if he wants to survive!
  • Modak MadnessModak Madness Collect Modaks to win points. Collect bonus on catching mouse.
  • Hitstick 5Hitstick 5The excellent shooter game is back! Hitstick 5 lets you be the assassin. Choose to complete your objectives in stealth mode, using disguises and various weapons.
  • Batman - The Knight RiderBatman - The Knight RiderA Thrilling adventure with Batman - The Knight Rider. Select your bike, cross the obstacles, collect batman gadgets to earn points. Buy your bike at store to upgrade your skills. Exciting levels to cross with unlimited Fun !
  • BumpercraftBumpercraftStop the chemical plant polluting the river by using your homemade hoovercraft!
  • HT83 cute clothes on loveHT83 cute clothes on loveyou love cute clothes and accessories with girl for Valentine day.
  • BuyBuyBuyBuyBuyBuy Go buy rare and expensive items by bidding.
  • Rancho Ice AdventureRancho Ice AdventureRancho skates through ice and collects diamonds and other precious stones. But he needs to avoid cracks, snow balls, watery zones and has to balance himself on the uneven surface to increase speed and keep gathering valuable stones to score superb.

  • Fantasy Fairy Dress UpFantasy Fairy Dress Upou are going to enter the fantasy world of fairy. In the magic land lived a beautiful fairy who always dresses in precious, amazingly looking outfits. Lets have a look on her fantasy wardrobe, then choose the most stylish dresses and accessories for her. Do a good job of a fairy's personal stylist!
  • Super Mario World Bowser BattleSuper Mario World Bowser Battle In this Mario game you are fighting Bowser, the boss of the bosses. You need to avoid his evil attacks and fight the monsters he sends.
  • Egypt ExploreEgypt ExploreDon't let these ancient walls become your tomb...
  • Capital CavemanCapital Caveman Fight against the other caveman tribe bosses.
  • Pirate LaunchPirate LaunchThar she blows! ...and then bounces across the waves like a flippin\\’ dolphin!
  • ArcuzArcuzCalling all young explorers: who will be the savior of monster-infested Arcuz??
  • Crop DefendersCrop Defenders Defend the crops against invaders with your birds.
  • Space Hummer 2Space Hummer 2Drive your hummer over the jagged terrain as you keep from getting stuck or tipping over.

  • Demonic Defense 3Demonic Defense 3 Protect your castle from evil demonic forces in this action game with loads of features and options.You'll face wizards, tanks, alien ships, spells, and much more!
  • Animal Memory GameAnimal Memory GameA simple, classic matching game using friendly animals. Improve your memory skills. For kids and children of all ages and grades.
  • Apocalyptic DifferencesApocalyptic Differences Find the difference between identical apocalyptic scenes.
  • Mina and Lisa Christmas CollectionMina and Lisa Christmas CollectionIt's cold outside, the first snow has found it's way to the ground and our Doli girls, Lisa and Mina, are ready to put on the Christmas collection. Dress them up in style, and have yourself a merry little Christmas!
  • Hidden Pocket CreatureHidden Pocket CreatureCrank up the fun and seek with a cute pocket-creature companion!
  • Simple Tower DefenseSimple Tower DefenseAnother tower defense game for your enjoyment. Small map, but it can last a while.

  • Mesterek SzenzonjaMesterek Szenzonja You can participate with a skateboard, a bike or a quad clicking on the icons on the start of play. Go as fast as possible to the goal avoiding destroy your vehicle, you can repair it by taking the wrenches.
  • CollageCollage Take the parts of the picture from the palette which are displayed at the bottom portion and assemble them on the outline picture which is at the center. Go through all the levels and complete each level within the time limit.
  • Simple Room EscapeSimple Room EscapeSimple Room Escape is another new point and click type room escape game from Gamesperk. In this escape game, you are locked in this simple room. Try to escape from the room by finding items and by solving the puzzles. Use your bestest escape skills. Good luck and have fun!
  • Hapland 3Hapland 3Mix up a haptacular magic potion, open the 3rd and final portal, and save Hapland!
  • Ice CreamedIce Creamed The adults have frozen the town's ice cream supply! Help the KND scoop up the missing sweets!
  • TriachnidTriachnidHelp the orphan spider search for his food. At the beginning of the game you have a little instructions book.

  • Rebecca Parchment  Miss Cayman 2007 Dress UpRebecca Parchment Miss Cayman 2007 Dress UpDress her to victory.

  • JaboJaboUse the frog's tongue as a grappling hook to propel yourself towards the shining star.