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  • Scooby Doo Daphnes Fight for FashionScooby Doo Daphnes Fight for Fashion Fight the voodoo people as Daphne. Kick, punch, and dodge to stay alive.
  • Moonlight DifferenceMoonlight DifferenceFollow a lone soldier as he discovers a secret in a moonlit forest.
  • Peanut Butter CupcakesPeanut Butter CupcakesPeanut butter goes with everything! That's why there are so many opportunities for delicious combinations when you mix together peanut butter frosting, mixed nuts, and a sumptuously moist cupcake batter! Try out this cupcake recipe the next time you have a baked goods sale for a real hit!
  • DreamGate EscapeDreamGate Escape You remember going to sleep, but regain conciousness inside a frightening and surreal landscape. Could it be that you are trapped within your own nightmare? One thing is for sure, you need to escape! Use your mouse to move and find/drag/interact with objects. I recommend you to play with headphones in a dark room for the most atmospheric, frightening gaming experience.
  • Piano PoochPiano PoochThe Piano Pooch here is to teach you how to play piano! See if you have what it takes to remember the keys he hops on. If you can remember and play them.
  • Collateral DamagesCollateral DamagesPilot a giant combat robot and destroy everything you encounter in your path.
  • CandiseaseCandiseaseThese animals have eat candy to much. You have to help them.
  • The Book of Living MagicThe Book of Living MagicA point & click adventure set in the faraway Mountains of Oddness. What will you discover on your journey through the Lands of Dream?
  • Bouncing LettersBouncing LettersIn this game there will be rows of balls, each ball will have a letter on it. Click to fire additional balls to the rows, when the letter on the new ball can form words with the existing letters, then the balls that form the words will be destroyed. The formed words must begin with the letter on the new ball. When the balls reach the bottom of the screen, you lose the game.
  • GT RacingGT RacingPut your foot to the floorboards and prepare to burn some rubber…
  • Match 3 AdventureMatch 3 AdventurePlay match 3 as fast as you can to make your hero to attack the monster, try to make combo attacks to win the game.
  • Bob's Busy Boxing BusinessBob's Busy Boxing BusinessManage Bobs Boxing as you grab items, and combine them with boxes and send them on their way.
  • Mario HoodMario HoodMario's friend was captured and hang up by a rope.Mario should aim at the rope to save him.
  • Chronicles of RaynorChronicles of Raynor Fight your way against waves of attacking soldiers in this action side scroll shooter game. Collect the bullets to reload your weapons, the drugs to restore your health, and be careful of mines.
  • Amuse ParkAmuse Park Amuse Park is a side scrolling park management game. Build and upgrade your attractions to keep your visitors happy.
  • Batman - Spot The DifferenceBatman - Spot The DifferenceYour mission in this game is to Identify the differences in these batman images, then click it to confirm. You have to complete the task before time runs out.
  • Clickazoid 2Clickazoid 2Clickazoid 2 is the sequel to the popular clickazoid puzzle game. More levels and dynamic challenges to win. Combine shapes of the same type and the bigger your two shapes the more points you score.
  • Kids ChristmasKids ChristmasFind the hidden Numbers by using your observing skills.
  • Global CrysisGlobal CrysisShoot other people in this sidescroller. Shoot threw wooden boxes and pick up ammo to survive.
  • Bike Mania On IceBike Mania On IceThe third Bike Mania game has finally arrived with much more fun on ice! Show off your skills in different obstacles on ice.

  • Orchard HarvestOrchard HarvestThis is a fun puzzle game. It is harvest season! The orchard is heaped with many types of fruits. Please help to sort them. You should collect enough fruits to proceed to the next level. Watch out the pests!

  • Park My Truck 3 v2Park My Truck 3 v2Your task is to park the truck in a special place, but on the way you will be faced with different obstacles.What's new in the third part of the game: Improvements in truck. Now there is a choice of 3 types of difficulty levels: Easy, Medium and Hard.In addition you have to drive crane truck, bus, train, ship and helicopter, and there will be also night mode. Now, there would not be hints of what must be done before you park your truck and you have to think yourself how to do it. In the easy version of the game you will have four tips that you can use at any level.
  • Funny CarsFunny CarsSlip behind the steering wheel in pursuit of the perfect parking place!
  • Master Of FortressesMaster Of FortressesBuild up defenses with walls, soldiers, and cannons and prepare for varying waves of difficulty.

  • Unnatural History Edge Of DangerUnnatural History Edge Of Danger Race and battle your way past the bad guys using Henry's unstoppable skills.
  • FireRocketFireRocketDodge birds, clouds, firework explosions, and airplanes as a firework. Grab pickups!

  • Agent B10Agent B10 Our secret ice cream recipe has been stolen! We have hired you to take out the people involved before they can copy it!
  • Di Gata DefendersDi Gata Defenders Avoid all enemies while dodging obstacles.
  • Cosmetics Make UpCosmetics Make UpChoose a make-up, hairdo, jewelry and outfit for this pretty girl.

  • Hare 4 DareHare 4 Dare Start this daring ice skate to get the real feel of amusement. Mouse move to make the hare skate safely without skidding. You score up as you grab the magic wand on your way. Avoid obstacles (snow pits, igloo) on the way, else you lose your life. You need to reach the destination within the given time without losing all lives (3 lives). Use Space bar to pause
  • Girl Traveler Dress UpGirl Traveler Dress Up This girl is always dressed to impress, no matter the destination!
  • Geek GirlGeek GirlFantastic manga fashion and geek style game in which you'll be able to mix your look with the influences of the video game world! Combine the endless colors of the clothes, accessories and hairstyles to become a beautiful "otaku" with the modern oriental style.
  • Sushi CatSushi Cat Help the cat to gather as much sushi as possible.
  • Bricks in SpaceBricks in Space Direct your bricks from the edges to the center: you only need two to make a match. But it isn't easy, my friend. Many bricks...many, many bricks. And infinite time for smashing!
  • T-Bo's Smoothie SliderT-Bo's Smoothie SliderHelp T-Bo serve his Groovy Smoothie customers!

  • Littlest Pet Shop - Skyride CollectionLittlest Pet Shop - Skyride CollectionCollect all kibble along the way.

  • Jorja And Jigsaw's Jump OffJorja And Jigsaw's Jump OffGuide Jorja and Jigsaw to get a clear round in this Show Jumping competition. Try not to miss or knock any fence and collect enough points to get to the next round. There are 9 rounds to play, can you clear them all?

  • Superman Returns Save MetropolisSuperman Returns Save Metropolis Save the people on the streets below by catching the wreckage that is falling from the building.
  • The WallThe WallHit the wall but dont cry.

  • Who'll Win All The PiesWho'll Win All The PiesHow many balls you are capable to stop before the time finish?

  • Sally And The Magic PotionSally And The Magic PotionOnce upon a time there was a little girl who loved her cat very much. One day her cat fell ill and Sally was very sad, but what was she going to do? They said there was Granny, who cured animals... Sally wants to find her!
  • Jinx And Minx: Tower EscapeJinx And Minx: Tower EscapeUndead bunnies Jinx and Minx are stuck in a spooky tower--help them escape their prisons!

    Sneak through the tower's dark corridors, solving puzzles to find keys. Unlock doors by clicking the key, then the door.

  • PixelosisPixelosisWarning: staring at this game too much can lead to pixelosis, a rare form of fun!
  • Flipside EscFlipside EscMove from room to room as you move upwards removing gears to open doors.