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  • Virus LaboratoryVirus LaboratoryVirus Laboratory is a exciting block breaking game. Your aim is to remove the viruses when they are close to other same color viruses, and don't let the viruses overflow the board.
  • Maze Game Game Play 13Maze Game Game Play 13 Help the starving frog to catch the insects.
  • Superman Metropolis DefenderSuperman Metropolis Defender The daily planet has gotten news that meteors are going to hit Metropolis! Your mission is to help Superman smash the meteors before they hit the ground. For each missed meteor, the danger bar goes up. Be careful, some meteors are made of Kryptonite and can only be destroyed with your heat vision.

    Hit meteors to destroy them before they hit the ground. Touching Kryptonite meteors drains Supermans's energy.Use your heat vision to destroy them.
  • Merry Christmas 5 DifferencesMerry Christmas 5 DifferencesFind the five differences between the two pictures. Good art work, relaxing effect.
  • The SniperThe SniperSweep all the areas and clear them of enemy troops! Watch out for the enemy sniper!
  • O reo Extrem Cream ControlO reo Extrem Cream Control Help control the production of cream on the planet Emerc.
  • Virtual CatVirtual CatTake car of this really cute cat.

  • Trendy Shopping Time Dress UpTrendy Shopping Time Dress Up Lucy is spending her free day to the mall at shopping. She's planing to renew her wardrobe with new clothes and other cute stuff. Help her choose an outfit for today shopping trip. Make sure she would look trendy enogh but comfy at the same time.
  • EvocannonEvocannonYou are under attack by 2-dimensional shapes. Get them before they get you!
  • Ultimate Mega Hoops 2Ultimate Mega Hoops 2This granny\\’s cookin\\’ up a basketball whoopin\\’!
  • Goofy Puzzle ItGoofy Puzzle ItGoofy has three fun puzzles for you, a flip strips puzzle where you need to put all the strips in order, a tricky slider puzzle, where you push the little tiles to make the picture right, or a traditional jigsaw puzzle where you choose to click and drag puzzle pieces to make Goofy's portrait.
  • Mr Looney AdventureMr Looney AdventureFind items in each scene and use them to ward off baddies and fix objects to continue to progress.

  • Lucky BounceLucky BounceFind the best position to drop balls, so that you get the highest final score. You have a limited number of balls, but this and the bounce multiplier can be increased. You get +1 ball on every 1Mil points and +1 to bounce value on every 1000 bounces.
  • Canoniac LauncherCanoniac LauncherLaunch your mannequin as far as you can. Earn cash, purchase upgrades and try again to reach even greater distances.
  • Bratz Kidz Getting ReadyBratz Kidz Getting ReadyLook at the picture and find all the pieces of clothes the girl is wearing!

  • Attack of the InfectronsAttack of the Infectrons Fly your spaceship through pseudo 3D worlds and shoot everything in this fast-paced arcade shooter game.
  • SpongeBob ATVSpongeBob ATVHelp Spongebob Drive over the moutain with his atv but Be very careful.Collect the hamburger to increase your score.
  • Ninja Ballers IINinja Ballers II Draw lines to prevent the ninja baller from going out of bounds. Grab the key and reach the door.
  • Face BlocksFace BlocksThe purpose of this free online puzzle game is to blow up all faces in each level by selecting rectangles of matching faces in each corner.
  • Piglets Round A BoutPiglets Round A Bout Repeat the character patterns after they light up.
  • Lyrics Master 80's EditionLyrics Master 80's EditionCheck how 80's your music are?

  • Cloud My JumpsCloud My Jumps Jump over the clouds and try reach your destinations
  • Tribe Boy Vs MonstersTribe Boy Vs MonstersThere is a tribe in the deepest of forest who live their life peacefuly. However a dark power now came and many monsters begin to invade. The Tribe boy decided to beat all them down before those monsters destroy their home paradise. This is a version with all skills available from the beginning.
  • Safari AdventureSafari Adventure Avoid all obstacle and collect as many stars as you can.
  • Plague of AlteraPlague of Altera Send out your troops on certain paths to the enemy castle to defend your castle. Upgrade and more.
  • Optus Tennis ChallengeOptus Tennis ChallengeTry to hit the ball as much as possible

  • Heavymetal RiderHeavymetal RiderControl a heavy metal chick and race as first over the finish!
  • Healthy And TastyHealthy And TastyDelicious and nutritious, dive in to a custom made bowl of yum, yummy salad complete with organic everything, succulent sauces and fresh, colorful garnish!

  • CapsCaps Jump the caps and allow only one cap left to progress.
  • Micro TanksMicro Tanks A tank Game that shoots bouncing bombs to opponent. This game can be played either by single or two player mode.
  • Original MelOriginal Mel Show me how the real fashion setting Mel that I know.
  • Pair Mania – Cartoon Creatures 4Pair Mania – Cartoon Creatures 4Another fun match up the paired creature cards game. Complete it in the least amount of attempts possible.
  • Lovele Formal StyleLovele Formal Style Sopisticated and yet glamorous dress for work.
  • Harry the Hamster 2Harry the Hamster 2Make your way through pipes and labyrinths collecting stuff and using it, because you can only hold one item at once!

  • Hyper SquareHyper Square You have just risen from the Hyper Square and you must find your way out without getting killed. Have fun!
  • Big Green DriftBig Green DriftAn air hockey battle between Mighty Ray and Lin Chung. Just hit the puck for a goal.

  • Space Hummer 2Space Hummer 2Drive your hummer over the jagged terrain as you keep from getting stuck or tipping over.

  • Peppy s Josh Stone Dress UpPeppy s Josh Stone Dress Up Help this European diva get it down in the red carpet.
  • Rock \’n Roll Dress UpRock \’n Roll Dress UpJazz up this rocker chick for her next jam out session!
  • Let It Glow 2Let It Glow 2Connect the energy source to bulbs and let it glow in over 20 levels! Too much fun!
  • Dudes AreDudes Are Dudes are into cheeky and funky girls.
  • King of Fighters WING - NEW VERSION 3King of Fighters WING - NEW VERSION 3Fight against the computer as you setup your game, choose your character and try to win.

  • Sanrio JewelsSanrio JewelsLine up 3 or more similar pieces to make them disappear from the board in this Bejeweled-like game.
  • The Girl Who Leapt Through Time - Hidden Objects GameThe Girl Who Leapt Through Time - Hidden Objects GameFind out the objects displayed below, which are hidden in the image. Find them in a short time to score more.