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  • Super Mario Star Scramble 2 - Ghost IslandSuper Mario Star Scramble 2 - Ghost IslandMove Mario through the arenas as you grab the coins and stars. Squish monsters, and avoid ghosts.

  • Yeti Sports Part 7 SnowboardYeti Sports Part 7 Snowboard Control Yeti with your selected keys and try to get as much points as possible.
  • Zombie Hooker NightmareZombie Hooker Nightmare Stroll around and fight all zombies
  • Bubble ContestBubble ContestThis is an addicting match game. Your goal is to shoot the bubbles as many as possible before they reach the bottom of the screen. You can shoot the bubbles by forming groups of 3 or more of the same color. Move your mouse to aim. Click to shoot.Shoot the bubbles as many as possible before they reach the bottom of the screen. Move your mouse to aim. Click to shoot.
  • Scooby Doos Big AirScooby Doos Big Air Head over to the vent ramp and participate in a big air contest with Scooby Doo.
    Start Scooby's motion until he can get off the ramp and when he is airborne, increase his speed and height, so is his downward speed. Repeat the steps to jump higher and higher. Your sense of coordination will help Scooby do the big air. Start rolling!
  • Absolute PokerAbsolute PokerMake a bet and get the winning combination!
  • Zombies SniperZombies Sniper Shoot down the tribes who are about to kill you. Find them with the help of sniper lens.
  • Bike RallyBike RallyKick up some dirt and get big air on these stunt tracks!
  • Escalator FunEscalator Fun Make the boy to move on the escalator without hitting other people. Survive for as long as you can.
  • Fish FoodFish FoodCollect the fish food and avoid the sharks to keep your fish alive.
  • Sue's Jigsaw PuzzleSue's Jigsaw PuzzleSolve the jigsaw puzzles before the time is up!
  • Zoony Match LiteZoony Match LiteZoony Match Lite is an addictive Match-Puzzle game which is easy to learn and simple to play. Relocate the Zoonies and match up 5 or more of the same color to help the Zoonies escape. Complete the game before time runs out. Use the Zoony Bomb and multi-color Zoony to help you out and be aware of the sleeping Zoonies, they cannot be moved. Watch out for the mushrooms, they will block your way for a random number of rounds.
  • Go Home Ball 2Go Home Ball 2Use the objects to help the ball get home.

  • Robot Wants KittyRobot Wants Kitty Collect powerups to help robot find his way to kitty! That makes sense.
  • Lollys Candy FactoryLollys Candy Factory Catch as many candy as you can.
  • Hot and ColdHot and ColdWill you harness the heat, or cherish the chill?
  • Dummy Never FailsDummy Never FailsThrow crash dummies like a ragdoll to reach the goal, less pain the better! Play 52 levels to unlock 51 different dummy skins! Have Fun!
  • Crystal StoryCrystal StoryCrystal Story is a turn based rpg that uses a random dungeon generator. You control four characters and configure what skill sets they learn along the way. You can earn equipment upgrades that will help you traverse through Evil Cave by destroying monsters or playing minigames.
  • Dog Dream HouseDog Dream HouseDoggy doesnt look very happy with his house. Can you figure out and assemble the house of this dreams?

  • Moon Light SparklingMoon Light SparklingShoot the dropping bubble to make a spark, and your bubble will be a super bubble. If you dont shoot the dropping bubbles, some of them will return.
  • Planet-FPlanet-F Click on your options in this grow styled game. Try to level everything up to its max.
  • Skyline SoccerSkyline SoccerKick the soccer ball from player to player as you hit stars, balloons, and people.

  • Escape Magenta RoomEscape Magenta RoomPick up useful items hidden in the room and try to escape.
  • New Years NightNew Years Night Turn on all the lamps with the breath of your dragon.
  • Bumper CarsBumper CarsIn this game you must bump other cars to win!
  • Sponge Bob Square Pants Lost in TimeSponge Bob Square Pants Lost in Time Princess needs help and only You can save her.
  • Big Truck Adventures 2Big Truck Adventures 2Delivery's an adventure when speed is the need!
  • Max DamageMax DamageShoot cannonballs at stacks of fridges, tv\’s, and microwaves to cause maximum damage. Bash, bounce, explode, and burn your way through 49 challenging levels.Aim with the mouse, and click to shoot. Position the mouse further from the cannon to increase shot power. Aim strategically and for higher value targets.
  • Ronin Spirit of the SwordRonin Spirit of the Sword Go through these ancient corridors as you battle it out with other samurai dodge bamboo traps and get pretty cute girls.
  • Hello WorldsHello WorldsA puzzle platformer which will bend your minds! Experience what it truly means to be beside yourselves.

  • Shooting Range GameShooting Range GameShoot as much items as you can and don't forget about flying items! You have only 60 seconds for each round. Can you take your best shot at the Shooting Range?

  • Barbie Coconut Cake DecoBarbie Coconut Cake DecoWhat would you say of a new delicious coconut cake recipe? Barbie is here, in this cooking game to guide you through the steps you have to make in order to finish up the cake, and decorate it to look delicious. Be free to use all the ornaments, flavors and fruits available in order to decorate the Coconut Cake and make it a special one.
  • Princess Room MakeoverPrincess Room MakeoverDesign a room fit for a princess.
  • Star ClawsStar ClawsDefend Earth from Aliens using cats.
  • South Park TokutawaSouth Park Tokutawa Choose your favorite South Park character and fight against your adversary transformed into Mortal Kombat fighters
  • Janitor Joe BoxingJanitor Joe Boxing Help the janitor go up against the World Champ. Does he have a chance?
  • Jurassic PokerJurassic PokerPlace your bet, deal and decide which cards you want to hold.
  • Kids Blue Bedroom Hidden AlphabetsKids Blue Bedroom Hidden AlphabetsUse mouse to play and left click to find the Hidden Alphabets
  • Joe The PlumberJoe The PlumberHelp Joe fix the pipes before time runs out.

  • Hidden HintsHidden HintsHidden Hints is a new type of point click game developed by games2dress. Every week new Hidden Hints game will be released. Find the hidden paper pieces in each level and arrange them correctly to get the clue for further levels. At the final level you will find a valuable hint with its information.

  • Infect EdInfect Ed Inside Ed's tummy is a heroic white blood cell prepared to fight off the invading germs! Collect the red and blue blood cells. You need also the health endorphin to open the artery to the next level. Defeat this sick menace and heal the infected Ed.
  • Super Dragon MahjonggSuper Dragon MahjonggSuper Dragon Mahjongg is a new game. The Mahjongg Solitaire is very simple to play: match pairs of identical tiles to remove them from the board and expose the tiles under them! The game ends if you have no more pairs of identical tiles or you cleared completely the board.
  • Bradgelinas Baby Photo SafariBradgelinas Baby Photo Safari Hunt down photos of Bradgelina's offspring.
  • Jackie Chans Rely on RelicJackie Chans Rely on Relic Valmont has taken Jade, To force Jackie to hand over the talisman in his possession but Jackie is not the negoiating type and don't like people messing with his family.