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  • Scarlett Johansson Celebrity MakeoverScarlett Johansson Celebrity MakeoverThis celebrity is about to take the lead role in the movie she is producing, only problem is her makeover artist left to get some coffee. Do you think you could step in this once to help this celebrity look awesome for the new movie?
  • Spring Walk Dress UpSpring Walk Dress UpSpring has come! Rosalind loves spring time and today is a wonderful morning. She is going to take a walk in the park and she wants to wear the perfect outfit. Dress her up choosing clothes and accessories from her huge wardrobe for she can enjoy her walk looking for butterflies.
  • Iron Maiden A Matter of Life and DeathIron Maiden A Matter of Life and Death A nice shooting game based on the British rock band Iron Maiden!
  • The MotleysThe MotleysClear the screen by matching 3 or more same colored Motleys. Don't let hanging Motleys reach the ground. Matching more than 3 same colored Motleys gives you extra points. When level is completed, remaining time will be added as extra points. Game is based on popular casual 3 match game with the new fresh look implementing physics. Full explosion effects also included.
  • Penalty KickPenalty Kick Make a penalty kick. Let's see who is the best in football.
  • Transformers ArmadaTransformers Armada You're under attack! Protect the mine as long as you can. If the Decepticons steal 100 units of Energon, The game is over. Use your mouse to position and fire the missile launcher. Watch your aim. Blow up the Energon and the game is over. Move the slider to change the velocity of the missiles.
  • Ceasar PizzaCeasar PizzaFrom Palermo to Pisa, the best pizzas come from Italy!
  • Flash BlackjackFlash BlackjackGet a total of 21 and beat the dealer!
  • Bitter Pill Part 1 The Twisted StomachBitter Pill Part 1 The Twisted Stomach et the pill named Bitter through this lovely action adventure game.
  • BowleesBowleesWhat a cheap shot! The bowling balls attack while these unsuspecting pins are napping...
  • Dance CatDance CatTry to memorize and copy every steps of the 2 cat.

  • Whooly 2Whooly 2Whooly must rescue the spaceship from certain destruction…
  • Multiplayer BilliardMultiplayer BilliardFlash version of very popular sport game Billiards. In this version you can play two versions of Billiard: 8 ball Billiard and Straight Pool. You can play against real players or against computer.
  • Skeleton LauncherSkeleton LauncherCan you imagine an undead who loves chicken eggs? This cute skeleton has a passion for them! Shoot him with a cannnon, collect eggs across 40 levels, have fun!
  • King of DriftKing of DriftAre you in need of some high-speed, drifting action??
  • TrunTableTrunTableSimple puzzle game - player's goal is to make straight lines of similar shapes. Player can drop shapes in pairs from any side of gameboard. Gameboard can be rotated freely by 90 degrees in any direction. Gameplay is level-based.
  • Gabrielle Anwar Dress UpGabrielle Anwar Dress Up Gabrielle Anwar has incomparable looks and more than enough charm to make her a very sexy woman. FHM certainly concurred with that assessment when they put Gabrielle on their 100 Sexiest Women in the World list two years running, in 1996 and 1997. Gabrielle has taste and class; one of her ex-boyfriends, actor Craig Sheffer, first won her heart by quoting from a Thomas Hardy novel Gabrielle was reading.

    Gabrielle\’s somewhat tempestuous personal history might douse the flames of desire for some men, however. Gabrielle has had a number of relationships fall apart publicly, and she now has three children from two of them. Gabrielle\’s family life might not have become quite as complicated -- or violent -- as that of the Tudor dynasty, but it\’s clear that Gabrielle has enough baggage to give a gentleman pause.
  • Dynomite OfficialDynomite OfficialWelcome to Dynomite, a fast-paced prehistoric puzzle game! Your job is to shoot dinosaur eggs into the puzzle to create groups of 3 or more of the same color... they'll get blasted off the screen! Launch dino eggs to solve the puzzle, but watch out for Mama brontosaurus! This new PC game is a spectacular action puzzler for everyone.
  • Medieval Puzzle MemoryMedieval Puzzle MemoryNow is the time to get medieval on your memory with this brand new puzzle game presented by the folks down at! See if your memory has what it takes to win; or will it let you down? Click on the PLAY button to get started. Level 1 will be super easy just to get you familiar with how things work. Click on the pieces of parchment with your mouse to flip them over. You can only flip two pieces over at a time and you need to remember the pictures on each. Flip a matching pair and they will disappear, leaving only the remaining unmatched pairs behind. You\’ll have a limited amount of moves in each level that you\’ll need to meet if you want to proceed to the next level. The first few levels are easy, but the farther you make it the more medieval they get!
  • Wings1915Wings1915Fly over the mountains and shoot the enemies!
  • Cooking Show MuffinsCooking Show Muffins Learn how to make muffins.
  • Heartballs 2Heartballs 2Shoot heartballs in a game of skill. Shoot as close as possible to balls with the same symbol and don't let too much balls on the screen.
  • Word Search Gameplay 37Word Search Gameplay 37 Practice your mind! Discover all words given on the board.
  • Dada RaceDada RaceDada is now holding a race competition. There are many obstacles and items along the way. Avoid obstacles and collect items will help you win the game.
  • Queen of the PartyQueen of the Party Wherever Martina goes she is the Queen of the party She is for sure a girl with glamor to spare.
  • PURE ELEGANCEPURE ELEGANCE Layla is an elegant, refined and confident girl. She turns heads wherever she goes.
  • RacedayRacedayGallop your way to fame and fortune in this fun horseracing game!
  • Bouncin Bop Episode 4Bouncin Bop Episode 4 Another expansion on Bouncin Bop with new levels and places!
  • iMashineiMashine Shoot the robots and grab money symbols as you prevent them from killing the hostage.
  • Christmas Puzzle MochiChristmas Puzzle MochiHere is again Holiday time and we are presenting you Holiday Puzzle where your job is to swap the objects to match them and make points.
  • Betty Boop Big City AdventuresBetty Boop Big City Adventures Help Betty Boop catch as many red kisses and musical notes for as many as you can. Dodge the black kisses and blue notes.
  • Ht83 special night partyHt83 special night partyYou love party and funny. Having a special night party in this Summer again.Help her choose the most beautiful dresses to become the Queen of this night party
  • Mt RunamuckMt Runamuck See how fast you can make it down Mt. Runamuck!
  • TrebuchetTrebuchetCustom build your trebuchet to take on three seperate challenges: distance, accuracy and power. Learn about projectile motion and the mechanics of an ancient war machine
  • Girl in Ripped Jeans Dress UpGirl in Ripped Jeans Dress Up This pretty girl is crazy about wearing blue jeans. She especially loves ripped jeans. She has many pairs of them, all colors and shapes. Today she just can't decide which of them she should wear. She loves all her ripped jeans but she should choose one pair to get dressed today. Would you like to give her a helping hand? Make her try on her ripped jeans and choose the pair you like best. After that, find a shirt to fit her blue-jeans and a pair of shoes! Don't forget to pick up some accessories for her and change her hairstyle!
  • Warzone Tower Defense ExtendedWarzone Tower Defense Extended Expands upon the original game adding new tower upgrades and other unlock-able enhancements.
  • Mario Bomb iT 2Mario Bomb iT 2 Second part of the game Mario Bomb It! This time its Mario's turn to blow his enemy!
  • Super Hair StudioSuper Hair StudioTake your client on a hair-raising adventure in the stylist's chair!
  • Kiss Let KissKiss Let Kiss Level 1: Make the couples to kiss each other at this beautiful location. But they are been constantly disturbed by different characters. So you have to divert those characters and allow the couples to kiss each other and fill the kissing loader within the time limit. Level 2: In this level you can find four different couples with separate kissing loader. Click on the couple to fill the kissing loader. Likewise fill all the kissing loaders within the time limit.
  • The Haunted World of Scooby Doo The Pirates of the NorthThe Haunted World of Scooby Doo The Pirates of the North Beat the Pirate gang to their hideout to rescue Shaggy.
  • Summer Fairy Dress USummer Fairy Dress UThe little summer fairy wanna show herself magic to others. You have to dress her up first and be more cute.
  • Seaside DressesSeaside DressesSummer Seaside Dress up: Choose from several lovely dresses and fashion accessories to dress this pretty girl so she can go walk by the water.
  • Building InvestmentBuilding InvestmentBuild as many building as can within 30 secs. To bulding a building, you move your cursor on top of the map.

  • My Secret ValentineMy Secret ValentineHow far are you willing to go to deliver a valentine to the cutest boy in school?