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  • Junk BotJunk Bot Help Junk Bot perform his job well by connecting the lego make bridges, umbrella, stairs and etc.
  • Cooking Show Cheese OmeletteCooking Show Cheese Omelette Learn how to cook a mouth watering cheese omelette.
  • Big Puzzle Room EscapeBig Puzzle Room EscapeBig Puzzle Room Escape is another new point and click room escape game from You are trapped inside in a room. The door of the room is locked. You want to escape from there by finding useful object, and hints. Find the right way to escape from the big puzzle room. Have a fun game play.
  • Body LadderBody Ladder Kill the never-ceasing clones before they eat you, climb up on their dead bodies to escape.
  • College U Fighting GameCollege U Fighting Game College University fighting extravaganza!
  • Inception Find the NumbersInception Find the NumbersAnalyze your power by finding out the numbers.
  • AnimalKingdomAnimalKingdomFrogs, cubs, monkeys and teddies are all here to provide u a full round of entertainment! Can u aim well, group them and blast 'em off to their cribs?
  • Fatal HuntFatal Hunt Defend your spatial base from the attack of the enemy.
  • Flags ManiacFlags ManiacTest your flag knowledge faster than you can.
  • Space Defense AcademySpace Defense Academy Get out of the classroom and get some practical experience in all-important space defense.
  • Ice QueenIce QueenWould you seize the honor of becoming Her Majesty's personal fashion stylist? Then take a trip to her icy dreamland and see what majestic gowns and spectacular crystal made accessories you can pick for her!
  • Slip n SlideSlip n Slide Slip 'n slide your way through 50 stages! (02/02)
  • Square DivideSquare DivideSteer your green triangle and shoot all of the red squares to remove them.
  • Yummy Homie LunchYummy Homie LunchYour BFF must feel happy if you bring her your homemade lunchbox. It's not just putting all food ingredients together. It shows your deep affection. You can play the challenge mode to fill your lunchbox in due time. Or you can play free mode to create your own. Have fun!

  • Sundown CountdownSundown CountdownYou must help a fairy find her flower by matching the color of the fairy with the color of the flower.

  • Escape The 13th FloorEscape The 13th FloorWhile walking home late one night a car stopped and you heard a strange voice. That voice is the last thing you can remember.

  • Roly Poly EliminatorRoly Poly EliminatorEliminate all evil roly polys. Try not to hurt the friendly roly-polys. The puzzles can get quite tough later on, so think logically and try to complete all 30 levels.
  • Uphill VegasUphill VegasIn Vegas, everything's a break out your best moves and create a stunt spectacle!
  • Beach WaitressBeach Waitress Serve as many people as you can before the closing time. Earn as much money and get upgrades for the restaurant.
  • Witch Hunt: Nooboo MaryWitch Hunt: Nooboo MaryPesky peasants beware: an evil witch will do anything to get to the top.
  • Santa's Delivery TruckSanta's Delivery TruckDrive the delivery truck as Santa as you try to deliver as many presents to the end of each map.
  • Kindergarten KissKindergarten Kiss Only one room, Mary is working in kindergarten. Her Boyfriend came to visit her. But, he wants catch small kiss from her. Kids around there and Mary must care them. Your task is easy. Kids are not sitting. Click on kids to stop, Click couples to start kissing. don't be caught.
  • A Kiss In A HammockA Kiss In A HammockRomantic summer fashion game in which you'll be able to dress and comb and dye the hair of a girl who's reclining in a hammock. Once you've chosen the T-shirts and skirts, also choose the expression on her face to feel the emotions of a kiss: love, surprise, tenderness, etc.
  • Flash Maple StoryFlash Maple StoryUse your sword to kill all the snails, snakes and other creatures!
  • Castle DefenseCastle DefenseIn this game there will be a castle and a road leading to the castle. Enemies will pass through the roads to attack the castle. You lost the game if the castle is destroyed. You need to buy cannons to shoot the enemies to stop them from attacking the castle. When you destroy an enemy, you will get extra money to buy more cannons. When the game progresses, there will be more and more enemies and they will become stronger and stronger. There are a total of 10 levels.
  • Cave HunterCave Hunter Get your ship through to the other side of the cave without hitting the wall or rocks!
  • StuffcraftStuffcraftCombine epic symbols to gain experience in this medieval puzzle game.
  • Fruits In NeedFruits In Need Imagine yourself to be the owner of this fruit shop. Just serve the customers, the fruits according to their desire for this, just click over the bowl or the plate and the fruits accordingly.
  • SteppenWolf Chapter 5 Episode 1SteppenWolf Chapter 5 Episode 1 Another mystery about an experimented creatures and its all in your hand to solve the mystery!
  • RetroshootRetroshoot A neon spaceship shooter with plenty of powerups to grab. Levels begin to rotate and get harder.
  • Oh No U Di'N'TOh No U Di'N'TTotal Drama World Tour puzzle game, Think you know the Total Drama contestants? Test your knowledge with this trivia quiz that covers the gossip and drama from multiple seasons.

  • GnomeGnome Find the right way to the exit. Collect gold nuggets and diamonds to earn more points.
  • Devon Aoki Dress UpDevon Aoki Dress Up Aoki has redefined sexiness in the fashion world. She is short (a rarity for the runway) and petite, her curves concentrated on her hips and waist. She admits to being an unusual choice for a fashion model, but her uniqueness only adds to her sexiness.

    She knows how to pose for a camera, always looking provocative and pensive. Blend that with fast cars, and we've got a dream woman. Her appearance in Transworld Stance magazine, where she posed with a BMW AC Schnitzer M3, is a manifestation of that dream. And when she's made up as a geisha, there is not a sane man who doesn't wish he were a Japanese lord.
  • Plasticine DiverPlasticine DiverKick the diver off the screen.

  • The Enigma CaveThe Enigma CaveCave Jumping can be very dangerous, but that doesn't deter CaveFran! Reach epic heights, dodge terrible monsters, and compete against your friends in this fun interactive lovable game, that you can't help but play again and again.

  • Best Friends Forever 3Best Friends Forever 3 Use the 3 friends to help each other out and solve all puzzles. Trigger switches & boost each other.
  • MorningstarMorningstarYou woke up in a space shuttle and are the only one left being able to move…
  • Smiling BoxesSmiling BoxesFind the Smiling squares and match them.

  • Spaceman Bobs Great EscapeSpaceman Bobs Great Escape You're Bob, a young spaceman who was captured by the evil aliens and taken away to a distant planet! The aliens plan to perform painful experiments on you, so the only option left to survive, is to run away from the alien base.
  • Biplane Bomber IIBiplane Bomber IIFly your airplane and shoot enemy planes and bomb enemy structures. Watch out for cannons!

  • Ice Cream PuffsIce Cream PuffsIt's time to cook some delicious ice cream puffs for all your family and friends. This desserts may have differents texture, color, taste and more for the taste of your friends.
  • Jurassic Baby CareJurassic Baby CareA very cute babysitting game. Take care of the dinosaur babies.
  • My First KissMy First KissShelley and her boyfriend went for their first date. He took her on a walk in the park during fall. She really likes him and wants him to be her first kiss but doesnt want anyone to see. Help her kiss her boyfriend and keep others from catching them.
  • Wall RiderWall RiderGet ready to roll and have a ball!