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  • Robot TimRobot TimShoot enemies and grab all that fall out of them. Watch those gaps and don't jump to your death.

  • Shackle Man Dark SideShackle Man Dark Side Grapple onto new shapes in this new Shackle-Man grappling game.
  • Marilyn MonroeMarilyn MonroeMarilyn Monroe was an American actress, singer, and model. Shes one of the most famous role models of our time! Shes doing her famous pose for you, so dress her up pretty for her photo shoot!
  • Gangster StreetsGangster StreetsShow your gang you're the toughest mobster behind the wheel!
  • Monster Match GameMonster Match GameYour objective is collect maximum score by exploding the similar monster tiles.
  • Keno (Bingo)Keno (Bingo)Choose your bet, mark numbers on the board, click play, and score points!
  • Rob-RobRob-RobCan you help Rob-Rob to find his way through these puzzling levels?
  • Treasure DiverTreasure DiverAccompany a friendly scuba diver to search for sunken treasure. Explore the bottom of the ocean, collecting the oxygen tanks to survive in such a difficult atmosphere and dodging sea enemies.

  • Fresh FruitsFresh FruitsIt's time to test your memory! Memorize the fruits arranged order from left to right and click on the items in same order without making a single mistake. If you misapply a click, you will lose the game.
  • Draw StoryDraw StoryLet this world of doodle be your escape from daily boredom...
  • Mount EruptionMount EruptionThey may not have had planes, but the Stone Agers sure knew how to fly!
  • Statetris EuropeStatetris EuropePiece together the countries and cities of Europe in a geography puzzle challenge!

    Put the countries and cities in their correct places.

    Tip: Locations dropping from the top of the screen can only be placed on already placed locations.

  • High School Party Dress UpHigh School Party Dress UpAs the teacher of your class its not only your task to teach the students, you also have to job of setting an example for the students so they understand that being well groomed is important. Help this teacher get ready for school so she can teach and set an example at the same time. Have fun!
  • Runaway PigRunaway Pig In this game you are a pig called Wilbur. You are rolling down the hill in a carriage. What you need to do it to avoid obstacles and catch power ups and bonuses.
  • Juicy Fruit Gum Greedy PinatasJuicy Fruit Gum Greedy Pinatas Beat this crazy pinatas up.
  • Mystery MuseumMystery MuseumThis is a clicking on several objects and see what happens game. Ready for some super sleuthing? Prepare yourself for point and click detective work. There\’s trouble at the Museum, and your sharp mind is needed! Tune that mouse and get clicking!
  • Water Wiggi World EntryWater Wiggi World Entry Fly around on your hoverboard and get water for your village, but watch out for Cacti!
  • Lovele Vintage StyleLovele Vintage Style Try the new vintage look.
  • WakerWakerA child is lost in dreams, and you are the waker who must rebuild her path home.
  • Escape For Christmas PartyEscape For Christmas PartyTry to come out from your house to join with Christmas Party!
  • 4v4 ATV Offroad4v4 ATV OffroadDrive your 4x4 ATV over hills as you keep balanced and keep from rolling into deadly pits
  • Skinny Jeans Dress UpSkinny Jeans Dress UpSkinny jeans are still hot! Which one looks best on this girl?

  • Bunny BloonyBunny BloonyIn Bloony Bunny, two rabbits (a gray and a white one) compete in a contest blowing gum balloon. The rabbits with the biggest balloon wins. You have a total of 12 levels of play.
  • Puss in Boots - Dancing BootsPuss in Boots - Dancing BootsThis is one of the Puss in Boots Games where you can see The two hero Cats dancing. Chose between Puss in Boots and Kitty and compete against the other in this dancing competition.
  • Valet BalletValet Ballet Collect money and watch out for that dirty bird!
  • High Speed Chase 2High Speed Chase 2 Drive your car, grab pick ups, and destroy the given target during each new mission.
  • Heliguardian WarHeliguardian War In this game you and your opponent have bases that produce helicopters. The helicopters you produce will fight the enemy's helicopters and if all of them are destroyed, the enemy's base. Your goal is to completely destroy the enemy's base.
  • Escape from Japan's RoomEscape from Japan's RoomIt's an exciting escaping game from the closed room. Are you smart enough to escape from it? Have a try!
  • BaatmanBaatmanPick up more signals and destroy the competition in this quest for cellular dominance.
  • Sneak Thief - Fourth FindSneak Thief - Fourth FindSneak Thief returns as you find objects to help you open doors in the artsy looking escape series.
  • Treasure ShooterTreasure ShooterCombine at least 3 gems of the same color to make them pop.
  • Shape HunterShape HunterThe hunter is holding the gun trying to catch various designs, the more you catch, the more points you can get, come to join us!

  • Kaban SteeplechaseKaban Steeplechase Kaban the Sprinting Boar is no longer happy with just running, now he wants to blow things up as well! Avoid air strikes, throw grenades, blow up bridges, and much more in this crazy adventure of Kaban, the running boar.
  • Atomic SupercarsAtomic SupercarsClimb into your slick supercar—every atom aches to win the race!
  • Boom BugsBoom BugsHelp Fuz, Oz, Merlin and friends squish their 8-legged enemies in this cute but challenging physics game. Place the bugs in strategic locations, then click to detonate! Wipe out all the spiders to progress.
  • Speed Escape 4Speed Escape 4There are 3 different areas that you must escape. You have 5 minutes to escape each area.

  • Cute Zombie School DefenseCute Zombie School DefenseA good zombie trying to protect the school before the penetration of the zombie worms and help this zombie.

  • Super Mario SolitaireSuper Mario SolitaireStack the Mario Bros cards together in descending order whilst alternating red and black colors
  • Market TruckMarket TruckOver the river and through the woods...
  • Dragon Fist 2: Battle f...Dragon Fist 2: Battle f...The Dragon Master is back! This time with the mysterious and lethal Dragon Blade...
  • Space Cruiser 77Space Cruiser 77Space Cruiser 77 is an arcade shoot 'em up flash game.

  • Peter PonyPeter Pony Help Peter Pony gather all the horseshoes scattered around the farm, without being discovered by his jockey. From time to time this nice little pony will find some treats, like corn and apples. Each treat is worth points.
  • Ace InvadersAce Invaders Ace Invaders is an arcade space shooter game. Enemy forces have entered the space city. Wipe them all out and destroy their bosses. Lot's of upgrades, experience points and different weapons to be earned during gameplay.
  • Dexters Laser LabDexters Laser Lab Help Dexter zap all dee dee's balloon by using his laser beam.