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  • Zombie Hooker NightmareZombie Hooker Nightmare Stroll around and fight all zombies
  • CricketCricketPosition your fielders, control the batsman or bowler, and score points!
  • Asteroid WarAsteroid War Evade the enemy gunships as you await rescue and upgrade your constant spaceship lifeboat.
  • iCarly iSushi MadnessiCarly iSushi Madness Make as many sushi rolls as possible for Carly, Sam and Freddie! Use your mouse to make as many sushi rolls as you can! Print the recipes and try them at home!
  • Jewel SearchJewel SearchYou travel a lot to find precious stones. You have to find them in the mountains in all around the world and save them. You have 5 minutes to get 300 point in 1st round. You can find the time indicator at the button. We will decrease the time and increase the points threshold each round.
  • Kissing at the Shopping MallKissing at the Shopping MallForget the clearance rack...sneak a smooch with this super-cute guy instead!Click and hold to steal a secret kiss from your hunky boyfriend—just don't get caught!
  • SolipskierSolipskierGrapple to objects & reach the other end of the screen without dying. Watch out for blocks that kill

  • April And Booster VS Ultra FleetApril And Booster VS Ultra FleetDid you enjoy robot dinosaurs that shoot beams when they roar as much as we did? Here is April and booster VS Ultrafleet of the harvoc elite armada! A new crazy scrolling shooter with a kind of disneyland-girl theme, robots, laser beams and yellow ducks. Have fun.

  • Galactic IntrudersGalactic Intruders Man went to space only to find it was already taken.
  • Fowl Words 2Fowl Words 2The Hens are back in time for Easter in this fast paced word game.
  • Typing Expert SunTyping Expert SunHow many words you can type per minute? Practice your typing skill by typing the article without making mistakes. Be more accurate in typing to get the high score.

  • Chaos Faction 2Chaos Faction 22 Player Mode Available!

    The long awaited sequel to the well-known Chaos Faction game! Battle your way through 15 brand-new campaign levels with brand new weapons, characters, movements, and much more explosions than you possibly can shake a stick of dynamite at.

  • Barbie Puzzle 2Barbie Puzzle 2Complete this Barbie for you before the time runs out

  • Jewel Quest Mysteries Trail of the Midnight HeartJewel Quest Mysteries Trail of the Midnight Heart Uncover a fantastic journey behind Jewel Quest Mysteries – Trail of the Midnight Heart, the captivating hidden object sequel to the best-selling hit! Young adventurer Eva Witheby has traveled to a distant land at the beckoning call of her uncle. Shortly after her arrival, she realizes something is wrong when he is not there to receive her. Alone now in an unknown land and amongst strangers she just met, she is about to go down a path full of mystery and intrigue. Walk besides Eva and adventure through this mesmerizing land filled with dangerous trails and cloaked secrets! Search for priceless relics, pick up helpful tools, and unearth valuable jewel boards. For a completely new twist, grab a chair and make discoveries cleverly hidden throughout scrolling scenes! This whirlwind adventure will have you on the edge of your seat!
  • Winter GemsWinter GemsRelaxing Match 3 Fun for Cold Winter Days! Swap gems horizontal or vertical by clicking one after another. Match 3 or more items of the same color to score. You have 90 seconds. Try to make as many points as possible!
  • Ice Age Dawn of the DinosaursIce Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs Grab the fruit in this Ice Age themed sidescroller as you jump on or kick the enemies you meet.
  • Rob-RobRob-RobCan you help Rob-Rob to find his way through these puzzling levels?
  • Outer Space TraceOuter Space Trace Trace and click on the stars as they appear. Go for combos by connecting multiple stars together.
  • Crystal Golf SolitaireCrystal Golf SolitaireRemove cards that are ONE higher than the home card.
  • My Shop Dress UpMy Shop Dress UpChoose two girls, dress them up in everyday clothes and see how they look!
  • Snow Christmas StorySnow Christmas StoryThis game is one of those few puzzle games that stays challenging and addictive without being too difficult. Solve puzzles, move the elements to burn off the line, go through the levels to score points.
  • LemonadeLemonadeCheck out your math skills and type in how much the lemonade costs.
  • Ape MadnessApe MadnessGo absolutely ape in this epic game, you are in a exotic jungle and you must catch the bananas which are falling down from the trees, be careful not to eat empty banana skins as they will award you minus points! You must avoid the bulldogs and the bees if you wish to survive in the jungle!
  • Halloween CafeHalloween CafeClick on a monster to whack it on the head, then pick up whatever it drops. Some monsters must be hit multiple times.Hit the bunnies and you'll be sorry they're the cafe's patrons, so play nice and give them what they want!To make a carrot juice, click on a carrot and place it into the juicer, then serve it to the rabbit.Reach the target to complete the level. Purchase weapon upgrades in the shop.

  • Jeanine MasonJeanine Mason Jeanine Mason became famous in the USA because she won a dance competition. She is from Cuba and knows how to move it! We saw her dance once and the truth is that she is an expert on the dance floor.
  • MmeowwMmeoww Help save the cats falling from the sky.
  • SurroubbleSurroubbleCircular bubble shooter! Shoot bubbles, collect powerups and avoid getting bubbles too close to your turret.
  • QuartetQuartetAssemble the faces as quickly as possible!

  • Presidential Toss offPresidential Toss offYour chance to show how you feel about these presidential candidates.

  • Para-UberPara-UberThese paratroopers are uber-bad and uber-nasty.
  • Tripeaks ManiaTripeaks ManiaStack cards on a pile that are 1 away from the card pile.
  • Pickies FactoryPickies Factory Build Pickie's by joining all 4 parts.Click to pick-up, click to join.The more times you match a color, the bigger the bonus.Use bombs to remove parts.
  • Rec 2 - Zombie AttackRec 2 - Zombie AttackShoot all the zombie creatures running towards you. Blow their heads off!

  • Mega BlocksMega BlocksGreat blasting action, click matching colors to blast them away! How many can you get in this chaos of falling blocks?
  • Liftoff 2012Liftoff 2012Blast off to save the Earth! Dodge meteors and incoming space debris in order to collect enough data to upgrade your ship and explore the furthest reaches of space before an interstellar tragedy can wipe us out!

  • Red WarriorRed Warrior Fire your bow n arrow at the incoming cowboys as you protect your village and upgrade.
  • Sues Dating Dress upSues Dating Dress up Help Sue choose clothes for her first date.
  • Christmas Rush GameChristmas Rush GameSwap icons by clicking on it to align sets of 3 or more, horizontally or vertically to make them disappear from the play field.
  • Popstar Bratz gamePopstar Bratz gameThe Bratz are in concert tonight! The fans are crazy to see them on the stage and they expect the best as always. Help The Bratz to find the perfect outfit, apply her makeup to look beautiful under the lights, then choose from amazing brilliant dresses and scene accesories. They're now ready for the show!
  • CassataCassata he cassata siciliana consists of round sponge cake moistened with fruit juices or liqueur and layered with ricotta cheese, candied peel, and a chocolate or vanilla filling similar to cannoli cream. It is covered with a shell of marzipan, pink and green pastel colored icing, and decorative designs. The cassata is finally topped with candied fruit depicting cherries and slices of citrus fruit characteristic of Sicily.
  • Young and Cute OutfitYoung and Cute OutfitDo you want to make yourselves young and cute with a new outfit style? You will know how to do in this collection.

  • QuadratoQuadrato The object of the game is to last as long as you can by collecting RED squares. To create a RED square, move your cursor around the WHITE squares forming a circle, then run your mouse pointer over the top.
  • Mario Shoot'em UpMario Shoot'em UpSelect your weapon loadout and then protect your castle.

  • BBC Radio 1s FTWBBC Radio 1s FTW Race head to head with your favourite DJs and BBC Radio 1 celebrity guests.