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  • Puppy Delta FlyingPuppy Delta FlyingHelp the puppy steer his hang glider to avoid the obstacles!
  • Super Wicked Awesome DemoSuper Wicked Awesome Demo Stay alive as you constantly shoot the naked enemies. Grab weapons and don't fall.
  • Merry Christmas 5 DifferencesMerry Christmas 5 DifferencesFind the five differences between the two pictures. Good art work, relaxing effect.
  • Cupids ArrowCupids Arrow You think you can hunt many a hearts? Here's your chance to prove it. Aim and shoot down heart to earn points. But make sure you don't let the heart go to waste.
  • Sexy Girl Dress Up 2Sexy Girl Dress Up 2Dress her nice and sexy.

  • Easter MazeEaster Maze Navigate the maze with dot to get the Easter egg in short duration.
  • Dolls At HomeDolls At HomeHelp Dolls to move into their fabulous new house! Arrange the rooms nicely with all the available items and furniture!

  • Fashion Dress upFashion Dress up Dress the girl up so she looks her best with new clothes!
  • Methus Tower DefenceMethus Tower Defence Cast magic spells at foes. Upgrade your many spells as you increase your castles defenses.
  • RainbowRainbowIn a world without color, you're our only hope...
  • Rock Star MakeoverRock Star MakeoverGive Amanda the ultimate rock star look for a battle of the bands!
  • Shopping StruggleShopping Struggle In this game you can buy clothes for your boyfriend and for yourself. The number of clothes you can buy in each level is indicated. Do your best to buy them with the money you have at your disposal. So if you can get some discount, you can buy even more clothes. Now that's fun! But the other girls in this game have exactly the same thing in mind, so you'll have to hurry if you see a discount. When you're there, you'll have to push the other girls and click fast, because they also want the discount item you want. Have fun with this shopping game and try to buy a lot of beautiful stuff for you and your boyfriend.
  • Dean Kart 3D RacerDean Kart 3D RacerSmash and blast your way through level after level of kooky kart-racing kraziness!
  • Ponies in the CityPonies in the CityWhat's your inner pony, city girl?
  • Little SamuraiLittle SamuraiHelp the Little Samurai defeat the evil Emperor Kuroi and free the Dragon in this easy little game!
  • LoLo BearLoLo BearUse your sensitive observation and patience to break barriers and help Bear Lolo go home! The game has four beautiful scenes totaling 20 levels. Some seemingly simple level is in fact full of challenges. Are you ready?

  • Sweet Cakes CookingSweet Cakes Cooking You have a recipe of the delicious chocolate cakes, follow it, add necessary ingredients into the bowl (there are hints), blend and oven, cook the icing and decorate. Bon appetit!
  • Flying CopperFlying Copper you have to fly and shoot through retro levels.
  • Stand Up StandoffStand Up Standoff Take the role of foul-mouthed UK comedian Roy ‘Chubby\’ Brown and put-down the hecklers trying to kill your stand-up routine. Drag the word to Chubby's mouth avoiding the mental blocks and distractions littering his brain-box. If you bump into anything you'll lose a letter from the word and Chubby's put-down won't be quite so ripe. Lose too many letters and Chubby will be out on his arse.
  • Party DecoratorParty DecoratorFun Time! I'm giving a great party at home tonight but i have no time for decoration. Heard you are a real good designer. Can you give it a touch please?

  • Ball AtrackBall AtrackFollow the track as far as you can!
  • Cuddly Cake MakerCuddly Cake Maker Build a delicious cake, layer by layer. Add the toppings, and presto! You have a custom-made cake!
  • Peppy Sagitaurus GirlPeppy Sagitaurus Girl Release the bull out of these bombshell beauty.
  • Skid MKSkid MK Race around the track in this pixelated 3D racing game. Grab pickups to win against AI drivers.
  • FlakboyFlakboyAn experiment in physical destruction: how much damage can you deal?
  • Heart of WarHeart of War Place turrets around two different maps as you blast away at the incoming enemy waves.
  • Trap MasterTrap Master Defend your base as you eat the attacking villagers. Build traps to help kill 'em.
  • 3dkitchendesign3dkitchendesign Style and design this lovely kitchen.
  • Lethal RacingLethal Racing Welcome to Lethal Racing! The ultimate racing game, based across 3 exciting locations sees you racing in mine carts, lawnmowers and shopping trolleys! Collect the coins and finish as fast as possible to earn points for upgrades!
  • Buoy AhoyBuoy AhoyRace against the clock to collect all the buoys while avoiding the rocks.
  • Pluckys Snowball BashPluckys Snowball Bash Click on the penguins when they popout. You get 10 points when you hit one. If you miss you get 10 points deducted off your score. Also when you miss you lose snowballs.
  • Ocean Catch MatchOcean Catch MatchMemory match game with an ocean theme.
  • Chaos ChamberChaos Chamber Chaos Chamber is an extremely challenging and fast puzzle game reminiscent of collapse.
  • Baby Care GameBaby Care GameAll babies prefer to spend the day with Josephine because she's as sensitive as their moms! Join her in the baby room, serving the babies one by one without making them cry too long!
  • Awesome TanksAwesome TanksCollect coins to buy upgrades for your tank
  • Tank MissionTank Mission The tank has to fire bullets at the other tanks by staying behind the bush, to get away from bullets shots by other tanks.
  • Halloween Love PotionHalloween Love PotionWatch this witch brew her Halloween hex...if you dare!
    How to Play Halloween Love PotionSpot the suspicious differences between each pair of spooky scenes. Find all 7 per level, but beware—too many wrong clicks will spirit your points away!

  • Boom BangBoom Bang Your goal in this game is to demolish the wooden tower which is found in the game page as you'll have to make the shattered wooden pieces to fall below the marker-line, to proceed to higher levels. You will come across some wooden strips, where you cannot place the bombs. So take note of this, and go through all the levels.
  • Galaxy BlocksGalaxy BlocksClear each level by breaking clusters of blocks. Breaking large clusters gives bonus points, but breaking tiny clusters costs you health. Try to make it through each level without losing any health.
  • Panda HurdlePanda Hurdle Help the panda to run and jump over the hurdles.
  • GoKartGo Turbo GoKartGo Turbo The game is set around 9 wacky animal drivers from which the player can choose. He must stress all his driving skills to finish first in a wild grand prix set over numerous tracks. To ensure victory, he can use items such as the 'Radio Controlled Homing Bomb', the '2 Megaton Anvil In Your Face' and the 'Instant Tank'. Whoever collects the most grand prix points wins the big Cup!
  • Revenge of Jin XonRevenge of Jin Xon Help Hunny bunny get back her love from the clutches of evil. Time is running out so make sure you hurry up.
  • Bums RushBums Rush Avoid traffic to get the change dropped in the road.
  • Tessas Manicure ShopTessas Manicure Shop you are working in a manicure shop. It's not a shop-type game, but it mainly deals with the manicuring process. You are shown the picture of the nails the client wants for a while. Then the image disappears and you need to reproduce it decorating the client's nails and fingers the same way.