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  • Assassination SimulatorAssassination Simulator Your mission if you wish to accept it, is to protect your country at all cost. The game is an Assassination Simulator to help you become the best! You should try to shoot all targets as soon as they appear and don't forget to refill using the Space bar. Each time you miss you will lose a life. As you progress the targets will get faster.
  • World Basketball ChampionshipWorld Basketball ChampionshipCompete for the title World Basketball Champion. Choose a national team, and go all the way from the groups stage to the finals.

  • Moto X JumpMoto X JumpThe most jumpy and dirty moto-x racing game on the internet. It is fast, full of action on many tracks and with multiple different motocross bikes. Step on that motor bike.
  • Back to Alien PartyBack to Alien PartyWhy people that were kidnapped by aliens do not remember anything? Is it because aliens throw crazy parties? What should an alien do if he was forgotten on Earth in the full swing of the party? Help the alien return to the alien party using all the means possible in order to overcome the Earth's attraction.
  • Mini Escape 4Mini Escape 4Mini Escape 4 is the fourth episode of Mini Escape point and click type escape the room game by Zomayor and created for Escape Games 24 visitors. In this game you try to search around to find some useful things and solve puzzles to escape the room.

  • Clever CountClever Count You have to count on finding the right number of objects in the wirrwar. You have 60 seconds to get more points.
  • Ben 10 Moto ChampBen 10 Moto ChampRide your favorite Ben 10 to win the moto champ competition.Collect ben10 gadgets to earn money. Clear levels to unlock new bikes. Buy your upgraded bike from the store and advance into next level. Enjoy!
  • Word Search Gameplay 39Word Search Gameplay 39 Google all words given on the board.
  • Bubble Hit: HalloweenBubble Hit: HalloweenBurst these bubbles with a haunting pop!
  • An American Girl in ParisAn American Girl in Paris Everything is an adventure in Paris, even crossing the street!
  • Peppy s Amy Smart Dress UpPeppy s Amy Smart Dress Up Get our Crank star into red carpet diva mode.
  • RushmoreRushmore Launch Pop-Tarts® toaster pastries into the mouths of our forefathers on Mt. Rushmore.
  • Mahjong TowerMahjong TowerRemove all the tiles from the board by clicking on 2 identical tiles.
  • Pink PrincessPink PrincessWhich of this lovely princess' rosy pink fantasy dresses, sparkling jewels and chic, colorful hairstyles would create the perfect fairytale look?
  • Bubble BurstBubble BurstIts the frenzy of bubble-popping! Burst all the bubbles as fast as you can by rolling over your mouse on them in order of colors and avoid the soap or else all those bubbles will bring back. Have fun!

  • Cute Style Design SalonCute Style Design SalonThis cute girl will attend her boyfriend's party. She must look gorgeous so she came to your salon for a new haircut, glamorous make-up and a nice outfit.

  • Can Your PetCan Your Pet The aim of the game is to take good care of your pet.
  • Monsters inc Boos Hide ScreamMonsters inc Boos Hide Scream Scare as many monsters before they close the door!
  • X RiderX Rider Ride the half-pipe and gain height as you perform stunts before you land. Get higher for more stunts
  • Zodiac MasterZodiac MasterYour future is in the stars; you simply have to follow the signs. Swap tiles to get three of the same zodiac sign in a horizontal or vertical line.
  • Doom ReloadedDoom Reloaded Nice remake of the PC game Doom!
  • Magical FlightMagical FlightHelp the rainbow fairies bring the snow globe to Fairyland Palace.

  • VVVVVV DemoVVVVVV Demo A two level demo of the shareware game VVVVVV!
  • Peppy's Susan Ward Dress UpPeppy's Susan Ward Dress UpDress up our sultry beauty.

  • Killstreak 2Killstreak 2 Kill the waves of enemies as you unlock new weapons in this top-down shooter.
  • Tweet BirdsTweet BirdsShoot the cages to free the birds. You have targets shown on your left top screen. Score points to buy and Upgrade at the shop.
  • Destroy All CarsDestroy All CarsUnleash the physics of arena destruction.
  • Magic Fairy Tale Book DifferenceMagic Fairy Tale Book DifferenceMaggie was a poor little girl who had no family or friends. The only being who was always with her was Happy, her doggie. But because she was a good girl who knew thousands of stories, something wonderful happened one day, something that changed her life forever. Want to find out Maggie's story? Play this cool difference game! Discover the differences between the images in each level to be able to see the story 'till the end!
  • Star GrabberStar Grabber Grab all the stars with similar color by changing the white star’s color into the color of the stars which you collect. If the main star’s color doesn’t match with the color of the star which you are collect , you will lose a life.
  • Park My BoatPark My BoatPark 15 boats in the correct places and avoid the obstacles; aye aye captain!
  • Battle Pool - OnlineBattle Pool - OnlineBattle it out in this fast paced online multiplayer game of Pool!

    Get your rank higher and higher by winning Battles and grow your rank to the top!

    Play Battle Pool against other players online in real time. When you win you earn points that progressively increase your rank. Can you make it to General and beyond?!

  • The PiranhaThe Piranha This game has ten levels altogether. To enter in next level you should eat all fishes, and 1 fish carries 10 points. At each level, an enemy fish attacks the Piranha, and as the level increases the enemy fishes increases. Piranha has three lives to complete 10 levels.
  • Prince of Persia-The Forgotten SandsPrince of Persia-The Forgotten Sands Jump over gaps as you crawl on walls and ceilings to stay alive. Kill enemies and rewind time.
  • Circus BallsCircus BallsCircusBalls is a wonderful funny dynamic game with balls.
  • Flugtug Tournament Launch UFOFlugtug Tournament Launch UFO The objective of the game is to launch your UFO as far as possible.
  • The Search for Tipsys Lost GoldThe Search for Tipsys Lost Gold help guide Tipsy through Finnegan's Forest a labyrinthe world of magic and beauty, to locate his pot of gold. But beware! Many dangers lurk deep in the forest. In order to retain your pot of gold, you'll need to collect all the leaves of a four-leaf clover.
  • Generic Space GameGeneric Space GameThe "story" may be generic, but your space piloting skills better not be!
  • Flower PocketFlower PocketCatch the flowers by moving the basket. Catch the flower appropriately by changing the flower color of the basket. to change the flower color, click on the flowers in the basket. If you fail to catch the flower, you will miss one life. Wrong flower selection will reduce your score. Score more and go for shopping.

  • Alice Nail Salon FunAlice Nail Salon FunAlice's mother is a professional manicurist, and after many years of working in great salons, she has finally opened a salon of her own. Alice is very passionate about the manicure art too, so she loves to spend time helping her mother. But sometimes they have lots of clients, and the two girls just can't handle all the work on their own. A few days ago, they decided to hire another person to help them. I was thinking about you to take the job, but first you have to learn all the processes, in order to get a full contract. But don't worry, Alice is going to teach you everything she knows. From washing the hands, to cut the nail, polish them, pain them in different styles and applying all kinds of treatments for the nails. Take a look over this, and give it a try. Have fun!
  • Dynamite BlastDynamite BlastBlast bridges, towers and vehicles with dynamite.You need to place the dynamite in the right places to complete mission. Try to complete all 30 levels.
  • Shaquita's BakeryShaquita's BakeryBake it fast, bake it right, and let them eat cake!
  • SkyriderSkyrider Fly using your glider and collect all of the stars as quickly as you can.
  • Fairy Dress Up in the GardenFairy Dress Up in the GardenIn this game, you are playing with a very beautiful flower fairy. Have time of creative fun with all your Flower Fairy friends inside this gorgeous costumes. Change her costumes, hair, necklace, shoes and even her delicate wings to make her glamorous and beautiful and fresh as flowers! .
  • Flow OrbFlow OrbChange your cursors color to match the orbs as you collect them. Gets crazy all of a sudden.