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  • Shopping Dress Up 3Shopping Dress Up 3She is going out for a shopping trip; but what should she wear?
  • Chic New HairdoChic New Hairdo She's newest chis on the block and she need a new hairdo to fit in.
  • Red Wire/Green WireRed Wire/Green WireWith so much at stake, your gut instincts just won't cut it.
  • The New OneThe New OneIn this game there will be objects appearing on the screen. After the objects disappear, a new object will appear together with the old objects, you need to remember which are the old objects and then pick up the new object by clicking it. As the game progresses there will be more and more objects in a level, making it more and more difficult. You lose the game when you click at the wrong object.
  • Rapunzels EscapeRapunzels Escape Kill all monsters to gain access to adjacent screens. Find potions for more hair. Collect 100 Hair Gems for an extra life. To win, find the Big Witch and knock her off her broom.
  • Hansel and GretelHansel and GretelHelp Hansel and Gretel build there very own house made out of goodies.

  • Sara's Cooking Class: G...Sara's Cooking Class: G...Light up the grill and sear some sizzling pork chops!
  • Transformer Dead PlanetTransformer Dead PlanetOptimus Prime, leader of the benevolent Autobots, The Autobots want to find the All Spark so they can use it to rebuild Cybertron and end the war, help him finish all mission.
  • Bug OutBug Out Arrange the icons so that there are 3 or more identical icons below. Try to get 3 in a row to earn points and move to the next level.
  • Ella at Fantasy CastleElla at Fantasy CastleElla is taking a trip to the fantasy castle of her dreams. Will you join her adventure? Spot her in every picture and see how you score at it.
  • Moving MazeMoving MazeGet to the other side of the maze and avoid foreign objects!
  • Tasty TurkeyTasty TurkeyYummy traditional turkey diners are fun any time of the year! Gather the whole family and chow down on some home made turkey with gravy, vegetable sides and cute garnishes.

  • Different Picture 3Different Picture 3Find the difference between the true and false pictures.
  • Track Field GameTrack Field Game Fun remake of a classic NES game! Fence, hurdle, or swim!
  • Liftoff 2012Liftoff 2012Blast off to save the Earth! Dodge meteors and incoming space debris in order to collect enough data to upgrade your ship and explore the furthest reaches of space before an interstellar tragedy can wipe us out!

  • Reincarnation TCOUReincarnation TCOUA soul has escaped from hell. You must find this evil soul and drag it back to hell.

  • Sort My Tiles CinderellaSort My Tiles CinderellaHelp her get sorted before the grand ball come to an end.

  • Delicious Pizza CookingDelicious Pizza CookingTempting pizza is serving. Do you smell it? Follow the cute girl Edith to cook delicious and tempting pizza! It is so amusing. You can be the great chef. Come here quickly to enjoy cooking pizza!
  • Hill Truck TrialsHill Truck TrialsDrive over the bumpy hills to complete the level and progress.
  • Avatar The Last Air Bender Bending BattleAvatar The Last Air Bender Bending Battle Fight other characters with a turn based attack system. Can you win?
  • Momentum Missile MayhemMomentum Missile MayhemLocated in a canyon, your gravitational canon is the only defense against an enemy invasion. Enemy units come flocking in and itÃÆ\’¢â‚¬â„¢s your job to prevent them from reaching the end.

    Although the cannon is a very potent weapon, successfully stopping the invasion depends entirely on the skills of the operator. Hurl the projectiles towards your enemies and turn them into rubble.

    Warning: file size is 6.5MB, expect long loading time.

  • Cola Ducks ExpreseCola Ducks Exprese Avoid all obstacle and fly as far as you can.
  • Royal PainRoyal PainCan you get a reaction out of this stolid British guard before his shift change?
  • Cute Animal OlympicsCute Animal OlympicsFill in the hall with cute, sporty animals and make sure you customize each character by clicking on the small arrows. Add some proper furniture and fitness equipment, and then finish up by choosing your favorite background.

  • Music MemoryMusic MemoryIn this game you will first listen to the notes played by the computer and then replay the notes in the same sequence. This game is very challenging because you need to remember the sound of the notes of the buttons as well as be able to spot the note the computer is playing, finally you will have to recite the notes as well.
  • Butterfly Fields GameButterfly Fields Game Help the butterfly to fly for as far as you can while dodging obstacles along the way.
  • Spider Man KissSpider Man KissMake Your Super Hero SPIDER MAN kiss his lover, without being noticed by his Villains. Let him kiss her till the loader gets filled to move onto subsequent levels.

  • Mooo Twooo!Mooo Twooo!Get ready for some cow rolling, pig flying, sheep clinging fun in this physics puzzler. Play through 30 fun levels of farmyard frivolity and create your own levels, or chose from thousands of user created levels.
  • Elf\’QuilibriumElf\’QuilibriumThe roofs may be super slick this year, but Santa's still got presents to deliver!
  • Whatcha GotWhatcha Got This game is a break dance competition. You connect to your opponent via a satellite video channel and start dancing. In each new turn the participant must repeat all previous moves of his opponent and to add new one. The opponent repeats everything including the new move and the sequence keeps growing.
  • Kill The KardashiansKill The KardashiansA short game of shooting all the Kardashians that pop up from behind cover. Blast their heads off!

  • Globs: Path of The GuruGlobs: Path of The GuruGlobs is a simple and addicting game where you match the colors of the globs to make them merge. Try the new Puzzle mode and see if you have what it takes to complete the Path of the Guru.
  • RobonoidRobonoidRobonoid is a game based on the popular arkanoid game launched in the early 1970 by taito. Your objective is as usual and consists out of moving the paddle to bounce the ball and collecting the falling power-ups to equip your paddle with certain abilities like enlargement, laser power and much more. Try to break all the bricks in the 21 challenging levels that this game has to offer.

  • KituKituWhile trying to save a helpless kitten, Kitu unfortunately falls down into a hole in the ground and loses conscience. Waking up, he finds out about a civilization in desperate need of help. By solving puzzles and collecting objects Kitu helps these people out. All the goals in the game are based on the United Nations Millennium Development Goals.
  • pick-up-flowerspick-up-flowers Flower version of collapse.
  • Ben 10 Halloween NightBen 10 Halloween NightIt's halloween night and Ben 10 decided to go outside to collect pumpkins to cook a delicious cake for Gwen, but he will have to avoid many obstacles in his way! Let's help him.

  • Spot the Difference: PaintingsSpot the Difference: PaintingsPlay 5 levels of spot the difference games. You will find simple but very tricky differences between 2 paintings. find them in 60 seconds to win a level.
  • Cricket InvasionCricket InvasionKnock some sense into your ornery opponents with some crackin` cricket skill!
  • Bug WaveBug WaveThis is a sophisticated tower defense game located in a neat environment with forces of nature in your hands. Control the
    Bugs! Use the building modules of the flower. Place these
    elemental towers on the ground to prevent bugs from reaching
    the right and bottom side of the arena.

  • Beavis and Butt Head Bug JusticeBeavis and Butt Head Bug Justice The bugs are coming! And they want your damn candy, dumb-ass. Make them feel the burn with the magnifying glass you stole from Principal McVicker's office. Fire! Fire! Then teach those bugs who rules. Whatever candy is left at the end of each round = cool bonus points for you.
  • Go To School With MotherGo To School With MotherThe girl is preparing for her school as per everyday but she found that her mother will go today with her. Can you let your hand to dress up her mother as well as this cute girl? Take a look the wardrobe and at first dress up the mother with sizzling outfits and sparkling jewelries, then dress the cute girl by picking up the some pretty dresses and accessories and make both of them gorgeous. Happy journey!
  • Hello Kitty Matching PairsHello Kitty Matching Pairs Flip two identical cards to find a match.
  • Picture CubesPicture Cubes Drag and rotate cubes to assemble peculiar images. Complete each level as quickly as you can.
  • Paneer RollPaneer RollYour goal is to follow the steps of cooking to make a perfect paneer roll.