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  • ClusterzClusterzFight the onslaught of bubbles!
  • Sweet Mermaid Fairy Dress UpSweet Mermaid Fairy Dress UpEnter in the deep waters fairy world and dress up this beautiful mermaid in some of her amazing outfits. Choose her tail, top and jewelries as well as a new hairstyle. At the end you can even print your creation and share it with your friends!
  • Hare and TortoiseHare and Tortoise Make the hare grab the carrots in all the 4 levels. Avoiding touching the tortoise and other obstacles like tires and flowers.
  • Jewel CrushJewel CrushColorful basic Match-3 game
  • Ancient Egypt MahjongAncient Egypt MahjongYou have a possibility to play the Egypt variation of the ancient Chinese patience game Mahjong. Click at the identical unlocked items to delete them. The item is unlocked when its two adjacent sides are opened. You win when all items are deleted.
  • Stunt PenguinStunt Penguin Make your stunt penguin dive through all the rings to complete the levels. Be careful not to crash into the rings or you will fall down!
  • Magnet CraneMagnet CraneControl a Crane and try to build simple structures. Learn the real-life job in a fun way!

  • Horse Show JumpingHorse Show JumpingJump cleanly over the course of obstacles within a time allowed.
  • DoublebotDoublebot In Doublebot you play the old classics Mario, Legend of Zelda and Megaman, from another perspective. Use your robot to fight or collect your way to the Bosses. Play the way you feel like to reach one of the endings of each level!
  • Level EditorLevel EditorAn action puzzle game that requires you to edit the level and insert objects to help the stickman.

  • Bella  Edwards Eternal LoveBella Edwards Eternal Love They can't seem to keep their hands off of each other, but are constantly getting distracted! Help Bella & Edward express their love and get rid of the interruptions!
  • Drum SessionDrum SessionClick on the drums or use the number keys to play them!
  • Sophisticated GirlSophisticated GirlSophia is a sophisticated women with very trendy taste in clothing. She is attending a fashion event with her girlfriends later today and wants to look ultra stylish and hip. Dress Sophia in this fun dress up game from Sky Breeze Games.
  • Jewel Quest Mysteries Trail of the Midnight HeartJewel Quest Mysteries Trail of the Midnight Heart Uncover a fantastic journey behind Jewel Quest Mysteries – Trail of the Midnight Heart, the captivating hidden object sequel to the best-selling hit! Young adventurer Eva Witheby has traveled to a distant land at the beckoning call of her uncle. Shortly after her arrival, she realizes something is wrong when he is not there to receive her. Alone now in an unknown land and amongst strangers she just met, she is about to go down a path full of mystery and intrigue. Walk besides Eva and adventure through this mesmerizing land filled with dangerous trails and cloaked secrets! Search for priceless relics, pick up helpful tools, and unearth valuable jewel boards. For a completely new twist, grab a chair and make discoveries cleverly hidden throughout scrolling scenes! This whirlwind adventure will have you on the edge of your seat!
  • Line RiderLine RiderThis is the original Line Rider flash game. Over time hacked edited versions have popped up but nothing beats the original!

  • The Perfect FighterThe Perfect FighterEvery once in a while a fighting game comes along that brings back memories of playing Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat at the local arcade. The Perfect Fighter is a polished fighting game that contains many of the cool features found in the old arcade 2D fighting games. The artwork is really well done with detailed characters, photo-realistic backgrounds, and custom animations. Each character has several special moves (press P) and combo attacks that can be performed with the correct key combinations. Game modes include 1-player and 2-player. The computer opponents are challenging which helps to increase the replay value. Two un-lockable characters are also available for dedicated players.
  • Zizimini Flower_fairy_dresupZizimini Flower_fairy_dresup This cute flower fairy was invited to a party the little angels at a house in the forest. She has the clothes and accessories made from many kinds of beautiful flowers. She loves shiny wings and magical wands- Can you help her choose the most beautiful costume for the party? You can also take photos of hers and save them in your camara or mobile phones to send your friends or your close relatives. Especially, you can print this lovely image just by clicking your mouse to print!
  • 3D Kitchen Design3D Kitchen DesignStyle and design this lovely kitchen.

  • Revenge of Gorilla GroddRevenge of Gorilla GroddGorilla Grodd is on the move, and only Batman can catch him. Control the Batmobile and try to keep up with Grodd. Dodge the obstacles and watch out because there are some Batman's friends that will help you on the way.
  • Bro SisBro SisIn this festival season, here a brother and sister decided to collect the stars in the sky. But brother can able to collect only the blue colored stars and sister can able to collect only the pink colored stars. Help them to jump the sky start collecting the stars.
  • Destroy PorkDestroy Pork Destroy pork is a game in which you have to fight a piggy by throwing balls at him.
  • Juwelen 2Juwelen 2This is a great Match3 game which will test your skills and give u a lot of fun. In this game u have to match three or more jewels in the same colour to earn points. Look after the bonus bar cause if this bar runs out u lost the game. But you should also take care about the dificulty, cause this game is becoming more heavier with the time. So have fun!
  • Rotating BallsRotating BallsDrive these little rotating balls through some obstacles to reach the safe area. Through the way you will find some object that will help you to pass the obstacles.Move the mouse and the balls will follow you, dont touch the walls. S+ will increase your speed, S- will decrease it. D+ will increase the distance of the 2 balls, D- will decrease. The 2 arrows in the box will change the rotation verse. The coins will ass you score.
  • Dolphin Match GameDolphin Match GameA matching game for dolphin lovers! See how fast you can match the dolphin pictures. Includes fun dolphin sounds. Practice to improve your memory. Play again to beat your score.
  • Just Hangin AroundJust Hangin Around You navigate through each stage by using the mouse to shoot your rope at a fixture on the ceiling. But beware of the floor coz once fallen, you will die instantly. Try and get your momentum going so you can go as far as possible. Release the mouse button once you have timed the swing right. You may also collect power-ups. Enjoy!
  • Animal ParkAnimal ParkSwap fuzzy beasties and collect the animal prizes!
  • Jeff the ArcherJeff the ArcherGet as many birds as you can.

  • Total ConstructionTotal Construction Tired of building physics based towers? Of course not, come build another.
  • Popcorn Booth ManagementPopcorn Booth Management Is there a place where you could drink the tastiest fruit juice, the most delicious fries and mouth-watering fish chips or popcorn and get served in the blink of an eye, at the same time? Of course there is and you're going the be the efficient, young manager who'll see that things stay that way in this kids' wander fast food booth. You just need to start playing the popcorn booth management game, bring in your enthusiasm and be as quick and efficient as possible to make your precious clients happy and willing to come back. What does that lovely little girl want: an orange juice? Quick, give a click on the juice machine, put it in the tray and then, with another quick click, given on the tiny customer, you get to serve her her favorite tasty juice. There's no time to rejoice your little success now, for you need to be super quick, when you play the popcorn booth management game, and attend to each curious client coming to your newly opened popcorn booth!
  • ZipZip BallsZipZip BallsTry to get as many zipzip balls as possible safely across the river. Avoid letting the zipzip balls fall into the water in order to maximize your score.

  • SplatterSplatterSplat 20 bugs in 5 rooms as quickly as you can!
  • Connect4 GameConnect4 GameChallenge the computer to a match of this Connect-4 classic!

    Connect 4 chips in a row (vertically, horizontally, or diagonally) before the computer does to win! To place a chip, click the arrow on top of a column.

  • Loopyloops KitchenLoopyloops KitchenMake this kitchen sing!
  • Defend Your CastleDefend Your Castle This game is very addictive, very simple, and very fun. The basic idea is clicking stick men and throwing them up in the air to let gravity do the rest. If you can't keep up with the enemy your castle will go down. I highly recommend this one.
  • Krappy KartKrappy Kart Rev your engines and get to the finish line before time runs out.
  • Bob's Busy Boxing BizBob's Busy Boxing BizPlay as Bob as he does his daily routine in the NG Store!
  • Smoothie QuizSmoothie QuizTry not to drool when you discover your super-sweet smoothie treat!
  • AtakachikAtakachik Hark! What is that terrible thing on the horizon....A Giant, crying chickens.
  • StrongholdStrongholdThe shooting game Stronghold challenges you to kill all approaching alien creatures. Try to survive as long as possible to keep the stronghold from aliens. After each round you can upgrade the walls or buy new weapons.

  • Hoochi Coochie ManHoochi Coochie ManClick the neck of the guitar and perform a great solo!
  • Stitchland ConflictStitchland ConflictShoot down planes and other invaders to defend your land.

  • Dynasty Street FightDynasty Street Fight Battle your way through the streets finding new weapons and power ups to rid the underground of the opposing reds. Make sure you visit the dojo before you start your missions so you know what you're doing.
  • Break ItBreak ItBreak the bricks and collect all the points!
  • Super Awesome BikeSuper Awesome BikePop a wicked wheelie and chew up some asphalt!