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  • Fancy Dress PartyFancy Dress PartyThe three sisters will attend a fancy dress party. You should help them choose the suitable dresses and accessories. Let them looks like more fancy.
  • Ultimate Mega HoopsUltimate Mega HoopsThe objective of the player is to shoot the basketball as many as you can. This game has 10 levels and every level the movement of the basket will
    become faster and faster. Good luck and have fun...

  • Sherwood ShooterSherwood ShooterTake care to shoot the apple of your friends head!

  • Bubble Pop GameBubble Pop GameUse Mouse to move Bubble Man. Click to shoot the bubbles. Shoot the bonuses to apply it. Bonuses: Speed - increases speed of Bubble Man. Multifire - increases speed of shooting. Shiled - defence from damage. Life - adds life up to 4. Bubbles (shots): Blue bubble - 1 Yellow bubble - 2 Red bubble - 3 Green bubble - 4.Click to shoot the bubbles.
  • Mana Wars 2Mana Wars 2More units, more battles, more choices, more Mana Wars!
  • Sushi ChainSushi Chain How Far can you take your Sushi Chain? Eliminate as much sushi as you can before they fall down.
  • Fatherhood The GameFatherhood The Game So that's what it's like....
  • Operation G R A D U A T E SOperation G R A D U A T E S Fly the ship and shoot all enemies. Get the CODE MODULE back from the delightful children, then race to the KND Moon base.
  • Earth OnslaughtEarth Onslaught Help Captian Samael to man earth's last inter-orbit defence station and hold off the poor speaking Bhal Zaggoth and his evil alien forces. Upgrade your firepower and defences, buy air and ground units to patrol the area.
  • World Class Chef HollandWorld Class Chef Holland Go make some exquisite cuisine from Holland.
  • Get Off My LawnGet Off My Lawn My lawn may be small, but I will defend it to the death! My mower starts with deadly steel blades. And every upgrade makes me stronger! Keep creeps at bay while you nourish your green patch.
  • Typing Expert SunTyping Expert SunHow many words you can type per minute? Practice your typing skill by typing the article without making mistakes. Be more accurate in typing to get the high score.

  • Justin Bieber Pizza PastaJustin Bieber Pizza Pastaustin Bieber just got back from touring and he is in the mood for his favorite dish, Pizza Pasta. You have all the ingredients and he is waiting to eat. Try to make your best pizza pasta for Justin.
  • Old Gold MineOld Gold Mine You are trapped in a scary old gold mine, I suppose you know what to do!
  • Christmas Gift StackerChristmas Gift StackerStack gift boxes perfectly on top of each other. Get a bonuses and stack as many boxes as possible.
  • Star FishStar FishThere's something fishy about this game of skill.
  • Christmas HorseChristmas HorseIt\’s Christmas Eve and Santa Clause is on his sleigh flying above a sleeping village. He appears from the right side and moves to the left, so you always have to be ready to catch his flight on the right side. He can throw a gift at any time and at any place, so your goal is to collect certain number of gifts in each level. Keep your eyes open and grab the gift exactly in the Christmas sock, otherwise it will touch a part of the Christmas Horse\’s body and the gift will burst into million chocolate candy bars. In that case the energy bar reduces for 20 percents (5 fails and the game is over). Press left/ right arrow key to move to the left/ right and space bar to jump. Stay still and get a gift for 100 points and jump and reach the gift for 150 points. The Elf on the sleigh will collect the gifts that you couldn\’t. The game contains five levels, in each Santa delivers different gifts, which are falling faster and faster, so watch out! At the end, if your favorite Christmas Horse completes all the levels, it will be the happiest horse in the world, delivering gifts to the children in the village and wishes all a Merry Christmas.
  • KrissXKrissX Swap the letters to make words in this crossword styled puzzle game.
  • Turmoil in the Supermarket EscapeTurmoil in the Supermarket EscapeYou are a robber, you have broken into a supermarket with accomplices. Police have blocked the main entrance . To escape you must eliminate your accomplices, steal the money and get away from the store.
  • Meteor StrikeMeteor StrikeTake out the meteors before they devastate the entire city! They're coming in from all angles, so you better be quick. Just click on the meteor to destroy it.
  • Wild PistolsWild PistolsYou are a Western cowboy stuck in a gunfight in this cool, classic shooting game.
  • Black N OrangeBlack N Orange Hit all the dots with your star avoiding falling in the pins.
  • Uyarrr CrushingUyarrr CrushingDefeat all the robots.
  • Yummy Christmas Cake DecorYummy Christmas Cake DecorDuring every Christmas, bakeries and cake shops will be flooded with Xmas cake orders. Here is one such shop and its owner would be very glad if you help in decorating all the cakes that he and his pastry-cooks have prepared.
  • Panzo PinballPanzo Pinball A Panzo remake of a classic Pinball game.
  • Street fashion 2011Street fashion 2011Street fashion is the style of the youngsters. The street fashion is not just trendy but it is also affordable too. Lets mix and match to fit you for street fashion 2011. Do not be afraid to try different street fashion trends just because you are scared of not looking good in it.Life is all about experimenting so try it!
  • Rise of the CastleRise of the Castle Fire your cannon and protect your castle against all incoming. Upgrade and repair to survive.
  • Geoffreys QuestGeoffreys QuestHelp Geoffrey and his girlfriend investigate this strange island.
  • Gold FieldGold Field Manage your farm and don't let the birds eat your plant.
  • Kong Fu Monkey Episode 1Kong Fu Monkey Episode 1 You're a kung fu monkey, time to lay the law down and kick some enemy butt. Punch and kick the guys.
  • Dead Frontier: Night ThreeDead Frontier: Night ThreeWelcome to the third night of endless fight for survival of the defensive zombie shooter game Dead Frontier.

  • SocBloxxSocBloxxA Bloxx Game. Try to remove as many balls as possible.
  • Squirrel Nutty TreatsSquirrel Nutty TreatsTreats as nutty as these can only be sold by a squirrel!

  • Pipe BogglerPipe Boggler Align the pipeline pieces in such a way that it connects the girl and the guy.Once you connect the pieces correctly, the girl's kiss will reach the guy and make him happy.After arranging the pipes, click the girl to give away her kiss.If you fail to do the task or cross the time limit, the girl's kiss will get wasted.
  • Buggy Car DrivingBuggy Car DrivingGet ready for a new race!!! This time you are driving, so pay attention not to crush or loose your buggy control. Find your way to the victory, go fast and use all the speed you can to finish the race, but drive safely! Enjoy your car, improve it and go race again! Good luck!
  • Addictive Tri PeakAddictive Tri PeakA beautiful Tri Peak game with special cards and Pair game. Play Tri peak with four special cards namely stop time, undo, wild card, and restart!
  • Hairstyle Make OverHairstyle Make OverChoose a model and make him and your boyfriend alike.
  • Batman Mystery of BatwomanBatman Mystery of Batwoman Fight your way through the penguin and save Batwoman before it's too late.
  • Native American DollNative American DollIf you really want to stun your family this year, on Thanksgiving, then a native American costume is definitely going to be the surprise that will leave them mouth-opened. For inspiration, feel free to dig through this dollie's traditional native American clothes and accessories collection!
  • Transport RobotsTransport RobotsYour goal is to avoid obstacles as you run the robots home.

  • Eukarion TalesEukarion Tales Click around to move your character, and attack. Open chests and keep a power inventory.
  • Clinic EscapeClinic EscapeCrazy? Crazy like a fox! Throw stuff at the staff to make your escape. The better you throw, the stronger you get!

  • Dolphin OlympicsDolphin OlympicsHelp your dolphin perform tricks to score as many points as possible in 2 minutes!
  • Holly's  Attic TreasuresHolly's Attic TreasuresFind the objects in the room that are pictured for you. Don't run out of time!