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  • Muffin MatchMuffin MatchSwap muffins to match 3 or more in any direction. The muffin you choose is your next muffin.
  • Feed th eCrocFeed th eCroc Feed the croc babies. You must make 10 points to move to the next round.
  • Yummy BurgerYummy BurgerJuicy all beef hamburgers, hot off the grill! Cooked, topped and served just the way you like em. Pick from a yummy assortment of vegetables and condiments as well as custom sesame, kaiser, or rye buns then dig in to fun times and great food.
  • Particles ExtremeParticles Extreme Fly your space ship as you dodge enemy fire and blast away asteroids, small and large enemy ships.
  • Make a perfect pizza with Chef.RickMake a perfect pizza with Chef.RickPlay Make a perfect pizza with Chef.Rick. Do what the Chef say. Make a pefect pizza and become a Chef with Chef Rick. Have a fun.
  • Samurai Warrior DollSamurai Warrior Doll Being samurai is your calling, and you are training to be a
    mighty warrior! You are a fearless samurai ready to take on the world.
    Just pick out what to wear and what accessories you need.
  • Find TealyFind TealyIn this game you need to find Tealy. Tealy are weird blue creatures that look a little bit like tiny dragons. You need to find 10 hiding somewhere in the scene. Tealy are not visible directly. You'll need to click on something or someone to trigger events and make Tealy appear. The best way to progress is to just click on everything and see what happens.

  • Avatar 4 Nations TournamentAvatar 4 Nations Tournament Choose your nation and your goal is to shoot the ball into your opponent's goal. You cannot catch the ball during the shootout but instead block it from entering your own goal. Much like ping pong but with air bending skills. Power-ups may also be collected. Good luck and have fun!
  • Lake Fishing 2Lake Fishing 2When you can't escape from the office, escape at the office. Instant fishing relaxation guaranteed!
  • African SnapshotAfrican Snapshot Shoot animals by your camera! fill the gallery by snapshots of african animals! Look for the wanted animal.
  • Ticos Acorn GameTicos Acorn Game Help Tico to collect as many acorns as you can.
  • Swordless NinjaSwordless Ninja Little ninja Mabushi is on a quest to rescue his beautiful girlfirend Miyuki from the vile clutches of the evil Gorbazaki!!!
  • Soccer Style 2010Soccer Style 2010Real skill's not about scoring goals; it's all about how you handle the ball.
  • Hapland 2Hapland 2Restore the power to portal to light the torch

  • Decorate a FriendDecorate a FriendNo one is safe! Turn your friends into wild, wacky, wonderful pieces of art!
  • Vacation in VeniceVacation in VeniceThe beautiful Italian fabrics, the couture clothing stores, the beautiful people - she just loves everything about Venice. She's gone shopping and has lots of fabulous things to try on. Help her choose the perfect outfit for a day out on her vacation.
  • Hostel The Killing FloorHostel The Killing Floor Free the hostages before they get slaughtered!
  • World Class Chef IndiaWorld Class Chef India Welcome to India! We are going to be making Tomato chicken.
  • NitrohaulNitrohaulPhysics and design joined together in nitrohauling bliss…
  • Cartoon HeroCartoon HeroHunt down the gangs of Monster and be the Cartoon Hero.

  • The Evil CockroachThe Evil CockroachCarl created the potion of super enormous hugitude and now he's on a rampage! Help him smash his way through the forest before the potion runs out. Use Right Arrow Key to move Carl through the forest, use the 'S' key to smash items in his path. Be sure to avoid beasties and magic along the way. Run into three of them and Carl will shrink down to his normal size.

  • Fluffy\’s Kitchen Advent...Fluffy\’s Kitchen Advent...Curiosity may not kill the cat, but it will set Fluffy on a fun adventure! Get Fluffy to the door at the other side of the kitchen to win: click the die to move, and complete mini-games along the way! Tip: If you get stuck on a mini-game, you can close it by clicking the X in the top-right corner.
  • Treasure KeeperTreasure KeeperCombine at least 3 gems of the same color to make them pop. Get more points for popping more than 3 gems at once, or dropping gems that aren't attached to anything.
  • LemmiwinksLemmiwinks Help Lemmiwinks get out of the place but avoid getting hit into wall.
  • Crystal RunnerCrystal RunnerMaster the maze to save mankind from the Crystal World!
  • LOLCat EscapeLOLCat Escape I love this place! The yard is full of LOLCats. But you've got to locate the kittehs INSIDE the house. Use your bestest escape skills: For Teh Kittehs!
  • Mole RevengeMole RevengeThis mole's ready to mosey on into a dangerous new adventure!
  • Snowboard SlalomSnowboard SlalomPass the gates as close as possible to get max points.

  • Zombie: Little And GiantZombie: Little And Giantyou participate in an archery-game, try to judge your skills now with this game.

  • Space Base DefenderSpace Base Defender Defend your base as you purchase and mount your weapons to attack incoming waves.
  • Hip Hop Don't StopHip Hop Don't StopHit the beats with some sweet moves to help these girls become superstars!
  • Dancing QueenDancing QueenPress the correct keyboard keys and see this little dancing queen boogie!
  • mina-s-new-roommina-s-new-room Decorate Mina's new room.
  • Batman Mystery of BatwomanBatman Mystery of Batwoman Fight your way through the penguin and save Batwoman before it's too late.
  • Curse Village SurvivalCurse Village SurvivalThe zombies have returned and once again you're survive and fight off the undead!
  • After Years In Dark TunnelsAfter Years In Dark TunnelsYour spaceship has crash-landed on an alien world, and your crew is missing. Can you find your crew and escape? Will you?

  • Pet Home Designer: Pupp...Pet Home Designer: Pupp...The new puppy is super shy and nervous. Help Nick set up his yard so he'll come out of his doghouse and play!
  • Swan RoomSwan RoomFind objects that will help you escape from the room.
  • Rip Roarin RodentRip Roarin Rodent Throw Pip as far as possible. Score points by making Pip bounce off everything in the farm!
  • Kriegs CraftKriegs Craft Select your type of unit and the pathway to send it on as you try to defeat the enemy side.
  • Defend the TowerDefend the Tower Shoot incoming enemies as you defend your tower and upgrade weapons and their accuracy and damage.
  • Yantra A Story of RevengeYantra A Story of Revenge Avenge your clan by killing the shadow demons that burned your village to the ground.
  • Lovele Swipon StyleLovele Swipon Style Try the Swipon Style fashion on cover spread of Lovele.
  • WebbliRacersWebbliRacers Drive through the weird and wonderful terrains of WebbliWorld, picking up coins and completing achievements on each level of this action packed racing game.